10 Best Snowboard Bags

Snowboard Bags

A good snowboarding bag can make your winter life much easier. If you travel far to reach the mountains and own your gear, a bag is a must. Even if you live nearby the slopes, a bag will help you protect your equipment. 

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has been riding for decades. I’ve traveled to many different places to take advantage of my favorite sport, and I’ve used many different snowboard bags over the years. 

The Dakine Low Roller is my pick for the best snowboard bag of the year. This is a solid choice that will give you good protection at an affordable price. It’s also big enough to hold two snowboards, which adds value. 

I’ll show you a few other great options in this post so you can make a purchase that will ensure your boards stay safe and secure when you travel. If you don’t have a bag yet, I’d recommend having one just in case. 

Get your boards out, and let’s go. 

Who Should Get This

If you are a snowboarder who travels to the slopes, you need a good bag. It doesn’t matter if you have to load up the car, jump on a train, or take a flight, a bag ensures your gear won’t get dented or dinged during the journey.

The items are essential for air travel because you leave your gear in the hands of luggage trains and loaders where it might get damaged.

The following options are also helpful for riders with a lot of gear. If you’re a serious boarder, it can be tough to keep track of all your items.

Rather than packing multiple bags or stuffing things into your pockets, a roomy bag helps you store everything in one easy-to-access place.

Top Snowboard Bags

Here are my top picks for the best snowboard bags. 

1. Dakine Low Roller

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Durable, quality construction, lots of pockets, oversized wheels, lockable zipper, removable boot bag, affordable
  • Capacity: 1 board mounted, 2 or 3 unmounted 
  • Sizes: 157/165/175
  • Cost: $$

The Dakine Low Roller is my top pick for the best snowboard bag. This option has everything you need to keep your board safe and lets you bring some extra gear along for the ride. It’s also affordable, making it a solid value. 

The bag is made of a solid and durable 600D polyester material. This will ensure that the bag won’t rip or tear when you leave it with the luggage handlers at the airport or stash it in the basement for the summer. 

It has a main compartment that can store one mounted board with a bit of extra room. You could fit up to 3 unmounted boards in there if you pack wisely. An exterior zippered pocket gives you room to bring extra gear. 

The Low Roller also comes with oversized urethane wheels that make rolling the bag around the airport or ski resort a breeze. These wheels are rugged and durable and will easily last the life of the bag. 

Additional features include a handle-to-handle interface that connects the bag to other pieces of carry-on luggage for ease of use, a lockable zipper to make sure nobody snoops through your stuff, and a removable boot bag that is very convenient. 

It’s not the biggest bag in the world, but other than that, it is a top performer all-around. 

==> You can also get it on Backcountry or Evo or Sun & Ski Sports.

2. EQ Sport Padded

  • Best for: Air Travel
  • Key features: Padded, large capacity, durable outer material, waterproof, smooth-rolling wheels, foldable, 2-year warranty
  • Capacity: 2 boards
  • Sizes: 158/168
  • Cost: $$$

If you are flying to the mountains, you need a bag that will keep your snowboard well protected in case it gets shuffled around during the flight. The EQ Sport Padded snowboard bag will have you covered and is my recommended pick for air travel. 

This one is made of a 600D high-density polyester fabric that is rugged and durable. It can easily deal with the rigors of baggage life and will keep your board protected through the course of many flights. 

It comes with 360-degree padding, so you have a layer of soft material on all sides of the board to keep it from getting scratched or dented up. This padding is also durable and won’t pack out over time. 

Smooth-rolling wheels give you the ability to easily transport your bag and gear from baggage claim to the slope with minimal effort. These wheels are large enough to pull through dirt, gravel, and snow. 

It’s also a larger capacity bag, so you will have plenty of room to pack your boots, snow gear, and any other equipment you want to bring along with you. The bag also rolls up for easy storage in the hotel room when not in use. 

I wish the outside compartment was slightly larger, but the tradeoff is acceptable with additional padding.  

3. Burton Wheelie Gig Bag

  • Best for: Wheels
  • Key features: Multiple sizes available, strong, durable, IXION skate wheel system, side and front handles, lockable zippers, fully padded
  • Capacity: 1 mounted + 1 unmounted/ 2 or 3 unmounted
  • Sizes: 146/156/166/181
  • Cost: $$$

The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is the best snowboard bag with wheels. It features an IXION skate wheel system that gives you excellent rolling abilities when you travel, and they won’t bog down or grind on rougher ground. 

In addition to having such a high-quality wheel and roller design, the bag has many other great features to offer. It’s made from 600D polyester fabric with a TPE backing for durable performance that you can count on. 

The Wheelie also has plenty of room for multiple boards. You can easily fit one mounted board alongside an unmounted one, or three unmounted boards stacked close to one another. The entire bag is padded for added safety and protection as well. 

The main compartment is full-zip style, with the zippers being compatible to fit TSA-approved locks for added security when you fly. It also has an external accessory pocket for keeping extra gear organized and easy to get to. 

Side and front handles make the bag very easy to grab from any angle, and a removable shoulder strap adds versatility if you can’t use the wheels. Internal webbing straps are designed to keep your board secured in place as you travel. 

The Wheelie can get a little heavy if you don’t use the rollers, even though the padded shoulder strap is nice. 

==> You can also get it on Evo.

4. Dakine Tour 

  • Best for: Road Trips
  • Key features: Lightweight, durable construction, removable padded shoulder strap, lockable main zipper, 360 padded 
  • Capacity: 1 board
  • Sizes: 157/165/175
  • Cost: $$

If you want a bag that will keep everything secure and protected for a long road trip or weekend trips to the mountain, the Dakine Tour is the way to go. This is a smaller bag that is affordable and still offers plenty of protection for your board. 

The Tour is constructed out of strong and durable 600D polyester fabric. The seams are sewn together tight, and this bag can withstand steady abuse without worry. 

The main compartment is large enough to fit a mounted snowboard and some smaller extra gear items. Everything will be protected by 360 degrees of padding for reliable cushioning that works. 

It also comes with an exterior zippered pocket for storing extra items or keeping things easy to access when you need them. The main zipper is lockable and uses a durable YKK zipper that will hold up strong.  

A removable shoulder strap is padded for comfort when you need to walk around with the bag stuffed, and the entire thing packs down pretty tight to save space in the car. 

The Tour doesn’t have much extra room for anything other than the basics, and it’s a minimal design.  

==> You can also get it on Evo or GritrOutdoors or Skis.

5. Burton Cinch Sack

  • Best for: Backcountry
  • Key features: Lightweight, low profile, affordable, stuff sack included, durable, cinch top closure
  • Capacity: One board
  • Sizes: One size
  • Cost: $

The Burton Cinch Sack is another minimal bag that comes in handy in the backcountry. If you want a little extra protection while you have your board strapped to your back, this one is recommended. 

The Sack is made out of 600D polyester with a TPE backing for strong and durable performance you can rely on. It won’t rip or tear under heavy use. 

It has a simple design that is very literally a sack that you place your board into. Once the bag is inside, you can cinch everything up with a drawstring to secure the board. 

This lightweight design is great in the backcountry and won’t add weight to your pack while giving you a layer of protection against scratches or dings. 

The Cinch Sack isn’t padded, so it is not recommended for a travel bag. It also doesn’t have any extra pockets for gear or equipment. 

6. Outdoor Master ORCA

  • Best for: Budget Pick
  • Key features: Affordable, waterproof, ergonomic handles, removable strap
  • Capacity: One board
  • Sizes: Fits boards up to 160
  • Cost: $

The Outdoor Master ORCA is another cheap and effective snowboard bag. This one doesn’t offer many extras, but it is highly affordable and will keep your board protected. 

The bag is made out of a durable waterproof fabric that will hold up well under constant use. It is tear-resistant and built to last. 

Ergonomic handles allow you to easily carry the fully packed bag or pack it into a car or van. It also has a removable strap to help you haul it around the resort or from the airport. 

The zippers are high quality and won’t bind or stick. There is a main compartment that is big enough to accommodate boards up to 160cm in length. 

This is a no-frills option that doesn’t feature additional pockets or storage capacity. It’s also not the most durable option on the list. 

7. Dakine High Roller

  • Best for: Storage
  • Key features: Lots of room, strong construction, two exterior pockets, compression straps, oversized wheels
  • Capacity: 1 mounted + 1 unmounted, 3 unmounted
  • Sizes: 165/175
  • Cost: $$$

If you need to bring lots of boards with you or want room to store plenty of extra equipment, the Dakine High Roller is the way to go. 

This large capacity bag gives you the ability to pack one fully mounted board alongside another deck, no problem. You can also pack up to three unmounted boards and still have room for extra gear. 

Two exterior zip pockets give you added storage space to take advantage of. This bag has some of the most expansive outer pockets I’ve seen. 

Oversized wheels make towing all of this equipment around very easy. They are made of urethane and built to last for quality performance on various types of ground. 

You’ll also get 360-degree padded protection to keep everything safe and secure and a removable boot bag for added convenience. 

This extra storage does come at a cost, and this is a somewhat expensive option. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Backcountry or Buckman’s.

8. Burton Wheelie Locker

  • Best for: 2 Boards
  • Key features: Large capacity, durable construction, internal webbing straps, compartmentalized storage, lockable zippers
  • Capacity: Two decks with boots and bindings
  • Sizes: 156/166/181
  • Cost: $$$$

The Burton Wheelie Locker is a go-to option for the regular traveler who wants to carry a couple of boards and plenty of equipment. 

This bag comes with the ability to store two boards easily and has a lower board storage deck to safely keep your spare out of the way when not in use. 

It also has internal storage zippers to keep everything organized and a compartmentalized upper deck that adds to this even further.

Lockable zippers allow for an added element of safety when you’re not carrying the bag. A stowable handle gives you easy access to the rolling design if you have to walk a while from the airport to the resort or car. 

It also has internal webbing straps to keep all of the boards in place and plenty of handles to make your life easier when you need to carry it. 

The downside is that this luxury will cost you. This is the most expensive board on the list.  

9. Element Equipment Deluxe Padded

  • Best for: Padding
  • Key features: Lots of padding, durable construction, water-resistant, padded shoulder strap, rugged carry handles
  • Capacity: One mounted
  • Sizes: 157/165
  • Cost: $$

If you want the peace of mind that extra padding provides, the Element Equipment Deluxe Padded snowboard bag is for you. 

This one features some of the most extensive padding I’ve seen and is a good option for anyone who wants to baby their board. You get 360-degree protection that will protect from all bangs and bumps when you travel. 

It’s made from a 600D PVC coated polyester material that gives you strong and durable protection. Double stitching adds to the durable nature and makes sure none of the padding will fall out. 

It also comes with a padded shoulder strap that is comfortable when you need to carry things and rugged handles that won’t wear out. 

There isn’t much in the way of extra storage with this option, so you’ll have to stuff any gear into the main compartment with the board. 

==> You can also get it on Sears.

10. Burton Space Sack

  • Best for: Low Profile
  • Key features: Lightweight, minimal design, affordable, strong construction, easy to carry, removable storage strap
  • Capacity: 1 mounted, 2 unmounted
  • Sizes: 146/156/166/181
  • Cost: $

The Burton Space Sack is a high-quality, low-profile option recommended for any rider who wants a good bag that doesn’t take up a lot of room or cost much. 

It’s made out of a very strong and durable 600D polyester with a TPE backing for added resistance to rips and tears. This will keep your board in good shape for a long time. 

Even though it’s a low-profile option, the Space Sack will still give you the ability to store a fully mounted board or two unmounted decks at the same time. 

It has a carry handle and shoulder strap that make it very easy to haul around with you. The shoulder strap is removable if you don’t want to use it. 

The Space Sack also comes in a wide variety of sizes, so it will fit nearly every snowboard size. 

It doesn’t come with any extra padding or pockets.

==> You can also get it on Burton or Evo or Backcountry.

How to Choose a Gear Bag for Snowboarding: Buying Guide

Keep the factors in this section in mind when shopping for a snowboarding bag. 


First and foremost, your bag needs to protect your board. It cannot do that if it isn’t strong. You don’t just want quality construction, you also need solid seams that won’t rip or tear if your bag gets tossed around.

That is especially important for airplane travelers because you never know what your bag will go through when TSA handles it. Make sure to get a model with tough zippers as well.


Wheels are another feature to look for. They are essential for people who fly with their gear, allowing them to maneuver or move through crowded airports easily.

If you’re only traveling by car, they aren’t as important. Just know that if you like to stay at big lodges or resorts, even if you aren’t getting there through the air, wheels can come in handy.

Internal Size

For bags, available space also matters. Many people just assume they should get the biggest bag possible, as that will let them hold all of their gear. You don’t always need the biggest – you need one that fits all of your gear properly. 


Pockets are important as well. Though some bags don’t come with any, having a few extra compartments is always nice for boarders with many smaller items.

If you’re someone who loves building up a big ensemble, especially if you have expensive goggles, gloves, or glasses, internal pockets are a must. The features aren’t just handy; they also save space and make it easier to pack up.


There are two different types of snowboard bags: padded and unpadded. Padded bags tend to use polypropylene foam in certain areas to give an extra layer of protection.

Specific models that can carry two different boards sometimes have a divider in the middle to provide even more cushioning and protection. Unpadded options do not have that cushion, but they do tend to be cheaper. That makes them good for boarders on a budget.


Some models utilize compression or internal straps to take their protection to the next level. Both act as safety features that keep your belongings in place once you put them inside the bag.

Shoulder straps can help you carry the bag around if it doesn’t have wheels, and a basic carry handle/strap is essential. 

Snowboard Bag FAQs

Here are some quick answers to a few common questions about snowboarding bags. 

How big of a snowboard bag should I get?

It depends on how many snowboards you want to bring and how much room you want for extra gear. If you only need to pack a single board and minimal equipment, use a smaller bag. If you’re going to pack several boards alongside plenty of gear, get a larger option. 

Should I get a snowboard bag with wheels?

Snowboard bags with wheels are nice for air travel or if you have a heavy bag with multiple boards in it. If you just want something to keep your board protected in storage or while you drive, you don’t really need wheels. 

How much bigger should your snowboard bag be than your snowboard?

I generally get a bag that is at least 10cm larger than the board. This gives you enough room to add extra cushioning or gear if you need it. There is no exact answer to this question, and I just recommend you have a little extra space. 

Can you fly with a snowboard?

Yes. Nearly all airlines will let you fly with a snowboard. You have to check the board as baggage, and that’s why snowboard bags come in so helpful. Always check with your airline to see if they have any particular rules relating to flying with a snowboard. 

Can you bring a snowboard as a carry-on?

I’ve never seen a snowboard allowed as a carry-on by any major airline. They are too large to fit easily in the overhead compartments and must be checked as regular luggage. There is a slight chance some airlines might allow it. 

How do you pack a snowboard bag?

If you have a large enough bag, you can simply slip your board, bindings and all, right into the bag. You then zip it up, and it is ready to travel. If you have a smaller bag, you might need to remove the bindings to pack the bag properly. 

Can I use a snowboard bag for skis?

Sometimes. It depends on the size and design of your bag. I’ve found that skis are typically longer than snowboards, which means they need a longer bag. If you can fit them in the bag, then technically, you can use them. 

Additional Tips

Storing your board in a bag is a great way to keep it protected. However, there are plenty of other ways to cut down on wear and tear when it’s not in use. If you’re curious about how to make that happen, follow the tips listed in this video.

Owning a large bag goes a long way, but just because you have a lot of room doesn’t mean you’re taking full advantage of it. There is a range of ways to make use of space, and they all allow you to pack your items in a much more efficient manner.

There are many ways to travel. While a lot of boarders can simply drive up to the slopes, not everyone has that luxury. If you need to take a plane, this guide covers everything you need to know about snowboard air travel.

My Verdict

My top choice for a snowboard bag is the Dakine Low Roller. I like the size of this option because you can store a board and all the essential gear you need for a trip. It also comes at an affordable price, making it a great value. 

If you need a bag for your snowboard, all of the options on this list are recommended. You will get padding and protection to ensure your board survives many trips alongside room to store other gear and equipment. 

A good snowboard bag will keep your gear in good operating shape for years. It’s a nice measure of protection, so you don’t need to worry about any damage occurring when you travel or your board is in storage. 

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