About Me

Lorry L Snowboarder

Hey, I’m Lorraine, and I’m the founder of SnowboardHow.

I’m a Snowboarding Instructor (certified by Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors), and I was born and raised in Hong Kong, which is a place with no snow at all. 6 years ago I went to an indoor ski resort in Hong Kong with my friend and had my first lesson of snowboarding. After 10 mins I fell in love with this exciting sports.

2018 certified

I was very lucky that my instructor was an ex-professional snow sports athletes plus experienced instructor. So I didn’t even need to think at all then I got all my gears sorted since my instructor (who has became my best friend now) helped me to pick everything.

When I arrived at the mountains, I met loads of people having problems in different aspects… wrong gear… wrong snow wear… no safety senses… so I know how important to have someone giving you some easy to follow tips when you start planning for your first snowboarding trip.

And this is the reason why I started this blog, to share with you some tips I found it really useful for my life as a snowboarder. From beginner to an instructor.

If you love snowboarding, you’ll feel right at home here.

We intended to provide useful guides and tips for all levels of snowboarders to make their planning of snowboarding holiday as easy as possible.

In SnowboardHow.com, we are trying to cover all topics about snowboarding, for example, teaching tutorials, opinions for purchasing gears and clothing, snowboarding holiday planning like recommendations for transportation and ski resorts.

If this is your first time visiting SnowboardHow, I would recommend you to take a look at our centerpiece first. Then depending on your preferences, you can browse around in different areas.

Right… that’s all for what I can think about til now… Thank you for visiting and if you have any feedback or questions, contact me!

I hope you’ll find everything you’re looking for – thanks, and enjoy SnowboardHow!