What to Wear for Snowboarding?

There is nothing quite like snowboarding on some fresh powder on a beautiful mountainside.

However, if you’re not dressed well for the occasion, the experience could be less than perfect. It can get cold up there, and you want to make sure you have the right gear.

But what exactly should you wear when you go snowboarding?

Well, if that’s something you were curious about, this guide is for you. We’re going to go over some gear you want to be sure you’re wearing when you go snowboarding.

1. Quality Base Layer

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The first key to any snowboarding wardrobe is a quality base layer. This includes long underwear, socks, and a top.

The underwear should be breathable and mobile, while also still being able to keep you warm. When it comes to socks, you want ones that are warm (but not too thick) and taller than your boots.

A lightweight, yet warm, shirt is also something you should consider.

In general, going with wool or fleece for your base layer is a good idea. While you can wear three separate pieces of gear here, many retailers and companies sell a base layer set that will include all that you need.

2. Jacket

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Next up, you’ll need a jacket. The jacket should be thick enough to keep you warm, without overheating you or impeding your ability to snowboard well. It should be wind and weather resistant, to protect you from the elements.

The jacket should have solid insulation, and a few pockets to keep things like your phone or a compass/radio.

If you snowboard or ski in different temperatures often, it’s a good idea to get a jacket with a removable liner.

This way it can be worn in several different temperatures, without being uncomfortable to wear.

Generally, you want a longer fit as well, to keep the snow from eventually going up your back.

3. Ski or Snowboard Pants

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When you’re out snowboarding, you can’t just wear a pair of jeans or athletic pants and hope to be warm and comfortable.

Instead, you should pick up a pair of ski or snowboard pants. These are warm and insulated pants to protect your base layer clothing from damage, while also preventing snow from getting in your boots.

These pants are normally resistant to both the wind and water, to keep you comfy and dry. It is a good idea to get to know the waterproof ratings and what they mean before you decide to buy a pair of these pants.

While it can be tempting to get an incredibly thick pair, this could inhibit your mobility.

Instead, find a pair that is light, yet warm, and pair them with a pair of long underwear or insulating pants to go under.

4. Goggles

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Another must-have for any snowboarder are goggles. Your eyes are pretty important to just about everything that you do, so protecting them with goggles while snowboarding is a good idea.

Having goggles will protect your eyes from wind, from snow, from rocks, and other debris.

Many goggles are also tinted or colored in a way that protects your eyes from glare and the sun.

Of course, not all goggles come in the same sizes, so do some research to make sure your goggles will fit your head and helmet.

Some people also opt simply for using sunglasses, but they generally won’t be as effective or secure as a pair of goggles.

5. A Helmet

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While a helmet might not be mandatory everywhere, it is certainly something that you should consider wearing.

Unfortunately, there are many skiing and snowboarding accidents every year, and many injuries that could have been prevented or lessened by wearing a helmet.

Also, in addition to being safer, these helmets can also help keep your ears and head warmed up.

You can find a variety of different colors, sizes, and designs of helmets. So no matter your wants and needs, you’ll have no trouble finding a helmet to make sure you stay safe.

You should also make sure that it is the right size, so it will be comfortable enough to potentially wear for hours at a time.

6. Gloves

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One of the first places on your body to get cold and uncomfortable on your body is your hands. Gloves give you better dexterity while mittens are generally a little warmer.

The choice is yours. Either way, you should aim to get a pair that will have decent insulation and are fully waterproof.

You will likely be touching a lot of snow, and the last thing you want is for your gloves to get wet and stay wet.

While you don’t need snowboard specific gloves or mittens, they might come with some features to keep you warm in the snow.

This can be long cuffs, an internal pocket for hand warmers, or other things.

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you learn what to wear while snowboarding. These gears will keep you warm, dry, and make sure you are comfortable while looking great out on the slopes.

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