Best Snowboard Socks in 2021

This is my review of the best snowboard socks in 2021.

Snowboard socks are more like an add-on for your riding day. Picking a right pair of snowboarding socks can at least offer you comforts, warmth, and dryness, while some can even offer you support and protection.

The good news is: you can get extremely uncomfortable with a pair of wrong snowboarding boots simply because it doesn’t fit the shape or size of your feet. Well, it’s not this case when it comes to snowboarding socks.

A pair of not-so-nice snowboarding socks will normally leave you clammy, cold and sweaty feet. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s not unbearable. Sometimes I just wear a pair of wool socks too when my laundry is not dry yet.

It’s not unbearable, just I always end up with stinky and cold feet after riding all day long.

So it’s a good idea for you to spend some time and effort picking a pair of snowboard socks that best fits you. Read on for more!

Quick Summary

We have briefly summed up our choices for you if you are in a rush for online shopping:

Best Socks for Snowboarding: What to Consider

Sock Material

Merino wool is probably one of the best choices. It’s fine, soft, breathable, moisture wickable, antibacterial, and is able to keep your feet at an even temperature by insulating instead of trapping heat. The natural crimp of the fibers can help in trapping air so as to act as an insulator against the cold environment.

A pair of socks that are made up of merino wool and some other synthetic fibers such as Nylon, Elastane… should be able to keep your feet warm, dry and prevent odors.

Thickness of socks

It’s more a personal choice – some snowboarders prefer thinner, while others prefer thicker. My recommendation is, pick a pair that can fill in the space between your feet and the boot well.

You should be sensitive enough to feel the interaction between the slope and your boots and react to them.

If your socks are too thick and tight, the circulation of your legs may slow down and leads to cold feet and frozen toes.

A pair of lightweight socks, i.e. socks with medium thickness and yet your feet will be wrapped around with cushions is a great choice.

Technology and Features

Compression socks – specially made, tight-fitting, stretchy socks that gently squeeze your leg, can help improve the blood flow to your feet so to keep them warm, reduce muscle fatigue and hence improve your riding performance.

Shin pads – socks with shin pads can solve the problem of shin-bangs. Although most of the time we heard this from a skier, however, a snowboard rider would have this problem too.

Shin bang of snowboarders is often caused by a pair of too big or loose boots, and this often happened to rental boots though.

For example, your feet are size 23.5, but then the rental shop may only carry 23, 24 in their collection – 23 may be too small for you so you get a pair of 24.

In this case, a pair of socks with shin pads will save your day from shin pains, with the extra cushion on your shin.

Heated socks – also refer to battery heated socks, these socks are especially great for those who love backcountry because they are really good at keeping your feet warm, well, for sure they are more expensive too… normally they come with either rechargeable battery system or just simply using AAA or AA batteries.

Most of the heated socks come with different heat settings from low to high. Depending on your settings, the battery life is around 2 – 20 hours.

Best Snowboard Socks: Our Top Picks

1. Lenz Set Lithium Pack RCB 1200 + Heat 3.0 Sock

A pair of really nice battery heated socks that can keep your foot warm perfectly. At the same time, they are made by moisture wicking materials so to keep your foot dry. With prone to tearing paddings can extend the life of the socks, easy to wash because they are machine-washable.

What’s great:

  • Quick charge system to minimize the charging time.
  • With 3 different heat settings and you can control the temperature via your cell phone!
  • Can provide up to 14 hours of heat which is definitely enough for you to ride all day long.

What’s not that nice:

  • Expensive, even with battery heated socks, this is probably the priciest option.
  • Rather ordinary looking socks.

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2. Men’s Athletic Compression Run Socks – CEP Tall Socks for Performance

A pair of snowboarding socks that can keep your foot dry and warm under all conditions. Made of merino wool and water-repellent synthetic fibers, it enables you to enjoy a great balance of temperature and moisture control.

It also comes with a great air flow system to help cool your foot off when they are overheated.

What I also like:

  • Made with compression technology so to improve the blood circulation, prevent muscle soreness and improve your performance.
  • Specially designed so the socks will stay in place for the whole day.

What’s not that nice:

  • Compression socks can be quite tight, some riders may find it unpleasant.
  • They are a little bit more expensive than other snowboarding socks.

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3. Burton Men’s Weekend Midweight Ski/Snowboard Sock

This is a great pair of value socks, and it’s made by Burton! Made with stretchy, breathable, quick-drying material, it’s super comfortable, soft, and with midweight warmth. It’s twice chafe-free toe seams and snowboarding-focused abrasion-resistance.

What I also like:

  • Great price point.
  • Great for non-riding days too.

What is not that nice:

  • They only sell in 2 packs, i.e. you may find the other one not that attractive.

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4. Burton Ultralight Wool Sock Women’s

This is a pair of lightweight snowboarding socks made with quick-drying and odor-resistant material. They are stretchable and breathable, and the Sock Lock panels use abrasion-resistant NanoGLIDE for improved heel hold and longevity.

What’s great about it:

  • Dryride venting systems will allow more airflow to keep the toes drier.
  • Great price point socks.
  • Good looking.

What is not that nice:

  • This is more a sock for spring riding day, i.e. not as warm as other recommendations.

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Additional Tips and Resources

The general rule of thumb is — always buy your snowboard socks before heading to the mountain! I strongly recommend you to buy the socks along with purchasing your jackets, snow goggles, pants, and so on.

When you return from a snowboarding trip, washing your socks carefully can help extend its life, here are some useful tips regarding how to wash snowboard socks:

  • Read the instructions before washing your socks, and follow them!
  • Turn your socks inside out to prevent pilling.
  • Wash them with warm or cool water with a gentle cycle.
  • Use mild detergent.
  • Hand dry or use low heat dryer to retain the elasticity.
  • Use a washing bag.
  • Avoid iron, dry clean, using fabric softener and bleach.

One more question: how often should you wash your socks? Wash them every single day! Some snowboard riders comment that a fresh pair of socks can keep you warmer than a dirty one.

Well, for sure, personal hygiene is also very important too.

Final Words

So that’s all that I wanted to talk about buying the best snowboard socks. Once again, make sure you consider these factors before making your purchase: material, thickness, technology, and features.

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