Best Snowboard Bibs

No matter how often you get to be out on your snowboard or how good you are at the sport, you need to have gear that keeps you protected from the elements. Heavy snow means plenty of powder. It also increases your chances of getting wet and cold if you aren’t properly prepared.

Bibs are the preferred snowboard pant style for many riders because they provide excellent comfort and fantastic protection from the cold. They are a functional and effective addition to everyone’s setup, but they are especially useful to those who like the backcountry. The following options, which excel in terms of quality, comfort, and look, are some of the best snowboard bibs you can find.

Quick Summary

  • The DC Revival Bib is one of the best snowboard bibs around. These are comfortable and offer serious protection from heavy snow and cold conditions. They are also high quality and come with plenty of pockets.
  • Another great option is the Volcom Roan Bib. These have a sleek, stylish look on top of a solid construction that will keep you warm and dry in any condition throughout the season.
  • The Burton Reserve Bib Pant is a great budget option that will perform well in any environment. They have a range of great attributes that help you board and come from a well respected brand.

Who Should Get This?

If you’re unfamiliar with bibs, they are basically snow pants in the shape of overalls. It’s a different style than some beginner riders might be accustomed to, especially if they only know normal snowboard pants that secure around the waist. Bibs come up over your shoulders, which provides more protection from the snow. That is why so many use them in deep powder situations.

That protection makes bibs ideal for the backcountry. Not only are they tough, but the added material also allows for more pockets. I personally find bibs to be a bit more comfortable as well. If you ride in the backcountry often, or are simply looking for a new snow pant style, bibs are a great way to go.

Best Snowboard Bibs: What to Consider


Fit should be your first consideration when deciding which bib to get. Bibs are secured above your shoulder in the same matter that overalls would be. If you’ve never tried them before, it can take some getting used to. That is especially when compared to standard snowboard pants.

I personally love the way bibs fit and wear them more often than regular snowboard pants. They can be more comfortable and free-flowing. Both of those aspects are ideal for me because I don’t want any article of clothing to restrict my movements when I ride. You also don’t need to wear a belt with bib, which adds to their overall comfort.

Added Protection from the Elements

Another reason many choose bibs over regular snowboard pants is because they offer extra protection from the snow and cold. If you’ve ever gotten a blast of powder down your trousers on a big snow day you know that it can lead to wetness and discomfort for the rest of the day. Bibs make that scenario virtually impossible because they sit further up your chest and torso.

That extra length eliminates the risk of snow sneaking in the crease between your pants and jacket, and it also provides an added layer of warmth on your upper body as well. This extra protection is great for riders who run cold or who like to spend a lot of time in the backcountry.

Extra Pockets

Snowboard bibs also offer extra pockets over regular pants. There is a lot more material used in their construction, which means there’s more room to add pockets to the design. This is great if you like to carry additional food or equipment when you ride. For backcountry snowboarding, a few extra pockets will allow you to easily pack extra fuel for long hikes or necessary safety equipment to keep you safe.

Best Snowboard Bibs: Our Picks

1. DC Revival Bib

The DC Revival Bib is one of the best options for snowboarders. The bib is built to tackle serious snow and will provide lasting warmth and comfort regardless of where you head on the mountain. Features such as fully taped seams, a gusseted boot gaiter, and 15k weather defense material keep you warm and dry. Mesh-lined leg venting, elastic suspenders, and an internal waist adjustment add serious comfort as well. You can’t go wrong here.


  • 15k weather defense construction
  • Mesh-lined leg venting
  • Fully taped seams
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Elastic suspenders


  • Not the warmest bibs. You might need a layer underneath in extreme cold

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2. Volcom Roan Bib

Another awesome snowboard bib is the Volcom Roan. This stands out both in looks and performance, two aspects that make it great for any snowboarder looking for a good set of bibs. This model has a slim fit, something unique for snowboard bibs, but is still plenty flexible to help you ride to the best of your abilities. The zip tech pant-to-jacket system works with a compatible jacket and the breathable lining system keeps you dry while out in the backcountry.


  • Modern fit
  • Multiple color options
  • 2-layer shell design
  • Made of a stretch fabric to increase flexibility
  • Mesh-lined zipper vents
  • Boot gaiters


  • Tighter fit not preferred by some
  • Large suspender buckles

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3. Burton Reserve Bib Pant

The Burton Reserve Bib Pant is a great budget option if you want all of the benefits of a bib at a more affordable price. Burton makes quality items, and this is no exception. This model is built with both style and performance in mind. It also features a zippered chest pocket, fully taped seams, and a mesh-lined Test-I-Cool venting. Add the living lining that provides moisture-wicking to keep you both warm and cool, and this is a steal.


  • Affordable
  • Living lining system
  • Fully taped seams
  • Mesh lined
  • Comfortable and stylish


  • Not quite as durable as other options
  • Can run large

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Useful Tips & Resources

One downside to wearing bibs over regular snow pants presents itself when you need to use the bathroom. Unlike normal snow pants that sit at your waist, you can’t always unbutton your bibs when nature calls. That can be annoying when you’re out in the snow. However, if you wear a layer underneath that you don’t mind being seen in public with, you can avoid a pants-off-in-the-cold type situation.

Since bibs are often used by backcountry riders, it’s also good to remind yourself that safety always comes first. There aren’t any ski patrollers or fellow riders to help you in a bind when you are away from the resort. Take a look at these backcountry safety practices for a quick refresher.

Final Words

I love to use snowboard bibs pretty much every time I ride. That is my personal preference, but I would definitely recommend giving them a chance if you’ve only ever used regular snowboard pants before. It is hard to break from the mold, but that often leads to great results. Who knows, you might never go back!

Do you prefer snowboard bibs or regular snowboard pants? Be sure to let us know why in the comments below!

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