Best All-Mountain Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots are a key piece of equipment for every rider. Not only do they offer warmth and comfort when you’re on the snow, but they also directly impact your ability to ride to your full potential. There are many different boots out there for many different styles, but most boarders use all-mountain options.

If you want to explore the many different terrain types and quickly changing conditions seen in the all-mountain style, you need the right boots to handle the task. This guide will take a look at some of the best all-mountain snowboard footwear on the market and then explore them by looking at their attributes, build, and comfort.

Quick Summary

  • The Burton Moto Boa boots are a great option for all of your all-mountain pursuits. These boots are comfortable, and they provide plenty of warmth and protection at a reasonable price.
  • Another solid all-mountain option is the Ride Anthem boots. These have a performance-focused medium flex that allows you to excel in various conditions. They are comfortable and stylish as well.
  • The thirtytwo STW Boa boots are another stand out choice for all-mountain riders. These come recommended for both their feel and function. They also come available in multiple colors to match your on-snow style.

Who Should Get This?

If you like to ride all over the mountain, from the park and powder to the groomed cruisers and serious steeps, you need the best equipment possible. All-mountain boots offer great performance in a wide range of conditions and they are a great choice if you want to experience a little bit of everything without limiting your options.

All-mountain boots also make a good choice for beginners because they offer flexibility without sacrificing performance. They are a style of boots that can grow with you as your abilities improve. If you want a boot that’s specifically designed for advanced performance in the backcountry or terrain park, however, you should get a more stylized shoe.

Best All-Mountain Snowboard Boots: What to Consider


A key consideration with any snowboard boot is its flex. That refers to the amount of movement you get out of a boot once you have it fully laced up and ready to ride. Most all-mountain boots come with a medium flex. That’s good to look for because it allows a boot to be stiff enough for high-end performance while still offering the flex and play you need in the terrain park.

Boot flex is often listed on a scale from 1 to 10. A medium-range that’s good for all-mountain styles of riding could fall anywhere from 4 to 7. Do note that such ratings can vary from brand to brand. You’re never going to get the same flex rating with each shoe.

Lacing System

You must also take the lacing system into account when deciding what all-mountain boot to get. There are three common types of lacing systems: standard, boa, and quick-pull. All perform quite well out on the mountain. The one you pick comes down to personal preference.

Standard lacing is similar to what you would find on normal boots. Lace them up, tighten them, and you’re ready to go. These are easy to adjust but can get loose on the mountain. Boa systems feature a dial that tightens the laces over your feet easily and effectively. Quick-pull styles involve built-in laces that can be adjusted by pulling one section or tab.

Skill Level

Your ability on a snowboard also should be taken into account when looking for snowboard boots. If you’re a beginner, softer flex boots might be a better option because they tend to be more comfortable and forgiving. Look for all-mountain options on the lower end of the flex scale in that case.

If you’re an advanced rider, you are going to want a tighter boot with a stiffer flex. That will allow you to get a better power transfer from your boots to your board, which will then enable you to push your board at a higher level. Look for all-mountain boots a little higher on the flex scale in this instance.

Best All-Mountain Snowboard Boots: Our Picks for 2020

1. Burton Moto Boa

The Burton Moto Boa is a lightweight, comfortable all-mountain boot that will work well for many snowboarders and help them explore every inch of the resort. Built with a Total Comfort construction that makes them easy to break-in, these boots offer all-day comfort right out of the box. A medium flex is perfect for all-mountain riding and the Boa lacing system ensures that your feet stay secure as you push your limits in the snow.


  • Great all-mountain option
  • Lightweight
  • Total comfort construction requires little break-in
  • Boa lacing
  • Medium flex


  • Sizes can run small

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2. Ride Anthem

Another solid all-mountain option for snowboard boots is the Ride Anthem. These boots utilize a firm-but-responsive medium flex to achieve stand out performance in a variety of conditions. Built to handle everything from huge airs in the park to steep and deep lines in the powder, these boots have the ability to take your riding to the next level.

They come with an Intuition foam liner and a Boa H3 lace system to secure your feet comfortably. A grip-lite soul provides excellent on board traction and helps you climb if you ever need to hit a feature twice without waiting in line.


  • Awesome performance
  • Responsive
  • Versatile
  • Intuition liner
  • Boa lacing
  • Grip-lite soul


  • Basic looks
  • Not the best Boa system

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3. thirtytwo STW Boa

The thirtytwo STW Boa is one of the best all-mountain options out there. Their medium-stiff flex is better suited for more advanced riders who want to be able to tackle anything and everything that comes their way. A heat-moldable intuition liner provides lasting comfort, while the over-mold technology makes these boots extra durable. The dual lacing system also adds to the comfort and performance by securing your feet reliably no matter how hard you ride.


  • Heat-moldable liner
  • Durable
  • Excellent response
  • Dual lacing system for comfort and performance.


  • Not the best option for beginners
  • Heavy

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Useful Tips & Resources

The best way to improve your all-mountain snowboarding is to get out on the snow and go for it. Explore new areas of your local resort or go down a run that you have never been on before. Challenge yourself in new ways and your abilities will improve each time you head out.

There is no substitute for repetition and pushing yourself to the limits, but if you want some helpful tips on improving your all-mountain riding, check out this video. Also, if you’re looking for a great all-mountain board to go with your new boots, take a look at how to pick out a good option here.

Final Words

When you get high-quality equipment, it can help take your abilities to the next level. Whether you’re just getting started or have spent many seasons on the snow, the all-mountain snowboard boots listed here are sure to help you no matter your ability. Almost everyone wants the option to vary their riding styles and these boots are a great way to get started on that pursuit.

Do you have a favorite pair of all-mountain snowboard boots that didn’t make this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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