4 Best Snowboard Helmets with Bluetooth

snowboard helmet with speakers

Listening to music while riding can add a lot of fun to the experience, and Bluetooth-enabled options also let you communicate with other people in the snow. 

I’ve seen many different Bluetooth helmets come and go over the last decade that I’ve been working as a snowboarding instructor. I’ve also used a few of these models myself and know what to look for in a good option. 

The POC Obex Spin Communication is my top pick for the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth capabilities. This is a high-quality option that will keep you safe and protected on the snow while also giving you a high-end audio system. 

There are a few other terrific options when it comes to helmets with quality Bluetooth function, and I’ll list all of my favorites in this post. 

Turn up the volume, and let’s get started.  

Do You Need a Snowboard Helmet with Speakers

It’s not a must-have accessory, but there are several reasons why you should consider getting a helmet with audio.

First of all, a snowboard helmet with audio built-in helps reduce pain caused by headphones. If you like to listen to music or make calls when you ride, wearing headphones for hours can be very uncomfortable, and a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth fixes this problem. 

Secondly, it minimizes your belongings. You don’t need to worry about wires and headphones getting in your way. That means the entire listening or communicating process is simplified so you can spend your time riding and not messing with tech devices and wires. 

If you are not a fan of music or you prefer not to listen to songs during your snowboarding trip, then you don’t need such a helmet, and a regular one is enough for you.

Top Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet with Speakers

Here are my top picks for the best snowboard helmets with Bluetooth capabilities. 

1. POC Obex Spin Communication

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Good audio quality, comfortable, lightweight, good construction, adjustable ventilation
  • Construction: ABS shell, polycarbonate, EPS liner
  • Safety: EN 1077-B ASTM 2040
  • Cost: $$$$

My top pick for the best overall snowboard helmet with Bluetooth functionality is the POC Obex Spin Communication. 

The communication system is built directly into the earpads of the Spin and gives you good audio quality and easing pairing to your smartphone or other devices. You can expect easy hands-free controls that will stay responsive in the cold. 

You’ll also get excellent safety considerations and impact resistance, thanks to a rugged and strong design that keeps your head and brain safe. An ABS shell covers a polycarbonate inner layer for the initial line of defense. 

The Obex Spin is also lightweight and comfortable for all-day use. It has an adjustable ventilation system that will let you get extra airflow when you need it and goggle vents to remain fog-free. 

The biggest downside of this option is the price. The helmet is very expensive. 

==> You can also get it on HDO SPORTS or Backcountry or The Last Hunt.

2. K2 Phase Pro Audio

  • Best for: The Park
  • Key features: Comfortable, lightweight, active-matrix venting, dial fit system, K2 Level 3 Baseline audio
  • Construction:
  • Safety: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 2007 B
  • Cost: $$

The K2 Phase Pro Audio is a good option for any park rat who wants a helmet with audio capabilities. 

It is lightweight, so it won’t get in your way when you want to go big while also offering good impact protection in case of a fall. 

The K2 Level 3 Baseline Audio system easily connects to your phone or another Bluetooth device. The system is installed into the headphones and gives you a low-profile speaker that won’t get in the way while delivering clear audio. 

The Phase is also very comfortable thanks to active matrix venting that increases airflow when you heat up and a dial fit system that lets you achieve customized comfort.

The chin strap can be a little uncomfortable.  

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3. Smart4U Smart Ski SS1

  • Best for: The Money
  • Key features: Affordable, wood quality speaker, comfortable, multiple sizes available, one-click answering
  • Construction: ABS outer shell, in-mold EPS
  • Safety: Not specified
  • Cost: $

For an affordable option that still gives you decent impact protection and quality audio, check out the Smart4U Smart Ski SS1 helmet.

This option features a built-in Bluetooth system that includes headphones and a mic. That makes listening to music of making phone calls easy and accessible. The speakers also help to limit wind noise when you ride. 

The helmet is made of a durable ABS outer shell for the first layer of impact resistance with an in-mold EPS layer underneath for added protection.  

The SS1 also comes with a one-year warranty and a battery life of up to 15 hours in standby mode. 

This one doesn’t have a specified safety rating which means it might not be the best option with safety in mind. 

==> You can get it on AliExpress.

4. Sena Latitude

  • Best for: On-Snow Communication
  • Key features: 4-way intercom, removable padding, adjustable venting, 
  • Construction: ABS
  • Safety: Not specified
  • Cost: $$

The Sena Latitude gives you an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family while you ride. It has a 4-way intercom system that offers the best on-snow communication Bluetooth capabilities on this list. 

The helmet uses a combination of speakers and headphones to deliver quality audio so you can chat with anyone else you are riding with. This makes it easy to keep track of everyone. 

It also has solid construction using ABS foam that gives you reliable protection from impacts and plenty of safety in case of an accident. 

The helmet is a little bulky and can be uncomfortable for extended use. 

Best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet: What to Consider

Keep the following factors in mind when deciding which Bluetooth snowboard helmet to purchase. 

Wired vs. Bluetooth

The connection between your phone or media player to your helmet is essential. Generally, it’s divided into two types: wired and Bluetooth. It is hard to say which connection is better because there are always pros and cons.

A wired connection generally has better audio quality and can also have extended battery life. 

However, a helmet with a Bluetooth connection is definitely much more convenient than a wired one. Most helmets with audio, and all of the options on this list, are wireless Bluetooth connection style. 

Functions and Details

Convenience is another crucial factor to keep in mind. You don’t want to be messing with controls and cords when you are riding. A helmet that offers accessible controls that you can use with gloves on is well worth it. 

This also comes down to battery life and function in the cold. You don’t want to be taking your phone out of a pocket if the conditions are terrible, and a good quality system will function without you needing to do this. 

A helmet with a mic that allows you to answer phone calls without taking your phone out is also helpful.

Sound Quality

The music output quality for your snowboarding helmet is important but may not be as important as regular headphones you would wear in other situations.

You have so much to do during snowboarding. You need to focus on coordinating your body parts, balancing, feeling the snow, enjoying the stunning view, etc. You don’t necessarily need the best audio quality. 

While the helmets listed here give you some of the best audio quality in the industry, you won’t get high-end expert audio out of any of them. 

Protection and Fit

A helmet with audio capabilities still needs to fit and function properly. If the helmet isn’t built well, it’s not going to give you the safety and impact resistance you need in the case of a fall or accident. 

Also, get a helmet that fits your head correctly and isn’t too loose. If you get one that bounces around, it might slip off when you fall and not provide any protection at all. Always secure the helmet with the chin strap as well. 

Additional Tips

Here are a few other tips to keep your Bluetooth helmet in good shape and functioning well:

  • Make sure your music is not too loud so you can stay alert to the environment. Safety first!
  • Always try to pair up your phone with the helmet audio before you wear it.
  • Dry up your helmet after use in case of potential water damage.

As I have mentioned in my other article about tips for first-time snowboarders, safety is the golden rule in the snowboarding world. Always wear a helmet and don’t listen to music if you are not a skilled rider.

Make sure you stay alert to your environment and don’t get hurt because you are enjoying your music too much. If conditions are challenging or you are distracted, turn it off. 

My Verdict

The POC Obex Spin Communication is my top pick for the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth capabilities. It will give you excellent protection from impacts while also delivering quality audio and communications when you want to use it. 

Having audio when you are riding is a luxury, but safety is essential. All of the helmets mentioned here provide you with the best of both worlds with those factors in mind.

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