Best Freestyle Snowboard Boots

If you want to get better at a certain style of snowboarding, you need the best equipment possible. The amount of variation in the sport has created a wide variety of choices that can be a bit overwhelming when you’re looking for a particular product. This article will break down some of the best freestyle snowboard boots to help you find an option that will help you go huge and learn new tricks.

Quick Summary

  • The Vans Hi-Standard Pro is a great option for freestyle riders. Comfortable and catering to your freestyle needs, these boots can do a little bit of everything.
  • Another awesome option is the Burton Moto. These boots are popular with many freestyle boarders all over the world. They have a great reputation for their fit and performance.
  • The Head Rodeo BOA is a freestyle boot built to help you stomp landings and work on new maneuvers. Comfortable and forgiving, these are perfect for the park and beyond.

Who Should Get This?

Freestyle snowboarding is all about getting air, stomping landings, and learning new tricks and twists to help you along the way. Whether you live in the terrain park or adopt a freestyle rider’s mentality beyond its boundaries, the boots listed here will help you perfect this riding style. You technically don’t need a freestyle specific boot, but they are fully designed to assist you.

If you’re more of a free rider or all-mountain type, these freestyle boots might be too soft for your needs. While they stand out in freestyle, they won’t deliver the performance or response needed in bigger mountain situations when speed and control are everything.

Best Freestyle Snowboard Boots: What to Consider


One of the biggest considerations when it comes to snowboard boots is flex. When getting a freestyle boot, you want to look for a softer flex. A soft flex is more forgiving and caters to the demands of the style. That will help you perform different tricks and increase your ability to effectively land on the snow after going big. You could consider a medium-soft flex if you want a little bit more response.


Freestyle boots are built to help you remain comfortable while you ride through the park or crush big maneuvers anywhere on the mountain. Comfort considerations, such as a quality footbed for increased cushioning, are important when landing. A nice moldable liner is another aspect of comfort that you should look out for when buying freestyle boots.

Even though a soft flex is ideal for freestyle riding, you still want your boots to be supportive. The more ankle and foot support you get out of your boots, the less chance for injury, and the easier it will be to take off or land. A good lacing system and power strap that wraps around your ankles are also good to look out for in a freestyle boot.

Lacing Style

Lacing style is a personal preference. For snowboard shoes, there are three main varieties: traditional, quick-lace, and BOA. When getting a freestyle model, I would recommend a traditional or boa lacing system. Traditional laces allow you to keep your boots a little looser, which can add some additional flex, and BOA laces are effective when you want extra support and a customizable fit.

Best Freestyle Snowboard Boots: Our Picks for 2020

1. Vans Hi-Standard Pro

The Vans Hi-Standard Pro are some of the best freestyle boots around. While the company is known for its incredible shoes, they also make excellent snowboarding boots. This model is one such example. They are comfortable and feature a medium-soft flex that’s perfect for the park or any other freestyle line you choose.

Other stand out features in these awesome boots are a super comfortable Ultracrush Smartwool liner, powercuff strap for extra stability where you need it most, and a V2 harness for excellent heel hold and feel. The combination of flexibility and support on these boots caters to freestyle riders, and the extra features provide additional stability and performance.


  • Great freestyle boot
  • Powercuff strap
  • Comfortable liner
  • Flexible but supportive
  • V2 harness for solid heel hold


  • Expensive

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2. Burton Moto

Another excellent option for your freestyle needs is the Burton Moto. These boots are a tried and true offering from one of the biggest brands in the snowboarding industry. Burton’s innovation and attention to detail is on full display here. The soft flex works towards supporting your freestyle development and the internal lace design makes for a comfortable, supportive fit.

These boots are also great in cold weather thanks to a Dynolite outsole that uses sleeping bag reflective foil to keep your feet warm all day long. If you’re looking for excellent freestyle performance, comfort, and warmth, these are the boots for you.


  • Excellent freestyle performance
  • Soft flex
  • Comfortable
  • Incredibly warm
  • Trusted brand


  • Internal lace system is not preferred by some
  • Basic looks

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3. Head Rodeo BOA

The Head Rodeo BOA is another freestyle boot jam-packed with exciting features. This is the perfect option for riders who are just getting started and want to have something that can progress with them. The BOA lacing system allows you to get customized fit and comfort with the easy turn of a dial. On top of that, the comfort cuff system increases support and flex on the side of the boot.

Other nice features here include a moldable liner for additional comfort, a liner lace lock to keep things from moving around when you ride, and a Trace outsole that provides a ton of grip and bite if you want to hike in the park. These boots are an awesome choice that will surely deliver quality performance on top of a comfortable fit.


  • BOA lacing system
  • Comfort cuff for additional support
  • Moldable liner
  • Lace lock
  • Trace outsole


  • Not a good boot for advanced riders

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Useful Tips & Resources

Freestyle riding is a ton of fun, but it can take a while to learn the basic maneuvers. Keep in mind that you’re not going to be an expert freestyle rider right away. You need to put in your time on the snow in order to develop the skills you need to really flow out there. A lucky few seem to pick everything up right away, but that’s the exception much more than the rule.

Here are some easy first tricks to learn in the park if you are just starting out. Take your time and always keep safety in mind when learning. With each failed attempt, you will surely improve.

Final Words

Freestyle snowboarding has always pushed the limits of the sport. New tricks are constantly being created/developed by the world’s best freestyle riders, and the industry has followed suit by creating some great new equipment. If you want to fully develop your freestyle skills, it’s hard to do better than the boots listed in the above guide.

What is your favorite feature in the park? Do you have any freestyle riding tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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