5 Best Men’s Snowboard Boots

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There are a ton of different boots out there to choose from. It can be hard to know which option to go with if you have never purchased a pair before or if you want to get a better set than you already have. 

I’ve been a snowboarding instructor for the last ten years. I’ve seen and used many different snowboarding boots during that time and know what to look for when it comes to performance, quality, and value. 

The Burton Ion is my pick for the best men’s snowboard boots for this season. They are a top performer all over the mountain and are also some of the most comfortable boots around. 

In this post, I’ll show you several other options to make an informed buying choice. You can’t go wrong with any of the boots found here, but you might want to base your purchase around your preferences or riding style. 

Let’s get started. 

Who Should Get This

The boots in this guide are all great options for male snowboarders who want extra support while carving through the snow.

Their premium construction and rugged design make them especially useful for riders who like to take on tough conditions or challenging terrains.

They are also great for keeping your feet warm and comfortable in the cold. They have good insulation and a waterproof design that will work in any type of weather condition. 

Top Men’s Snowboard Boots

Here are my top choices for the best men’s snowboard boots of the year. 

1. Best Overall: Burton Ion

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Total Comfort Construction, excellent fit, reliable lacing system, DryRide lining, Life liner
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Lacing System: Speed zone
  • Cost: $$$$

It’s hard to find a snowboarding boot better than the Burton Ion. These will provide you with the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and performance. They have a stiff fit, which is great for intermediate and advanced riders who want to push the limits. 

The Ion comes with a Total Comfort Construction, which Burton has developed to eliminate the break-in period of their boots effectively. This means you can wear these pretty much straight out of the box and get excellent comfort from the first run. 

They also come with a Life liner that uses a responsive layer of polyurethane to give you bounce and cushioning. It’s comfortable and effective. 

A DryRide lining helps to keep your feet warm and cozy and also reduces moisture from building up. 

The only real negative comment I have about the Ion is its price. These boots are extremely expensive.  

==> You can also get it on Burton or Evo or Backcountry.

2. Best Freestyle: Rome Libertin

  • Best for: Freestyle
  • Key features: Boa HeelLock harness, PowerStay strap, heat-moldable liner, molded SkateCuff 3D
  • Flex: Mediu/Stiff
  • Lacing System: Traditional 
  • Cost: $$$

The Rome Libertine is the best men’s freestyle boot. These will have your back when you want to go big in the park or jib and butter up the rest of the mountain. 

They have a skate-inspired 3D molded tongue that provides you with a lot of comfort and support from the ankle up to the top of the boot. They also have a 1:1 lasting ratio for true to size fit. 

Additional comfort is provided by an Ultralon liner that is heat-moldable for a customizable fit. This gives you a solid stretch of cushion to prevent heel bruising and other injuries that can occur when you go huge. 

A Boa HeelLock harness and PowerStay strap help keep your foot supported and secure at all times, as well. 

The Libertine isn’t a great beginner’s option because it’s a little more aggressive. 

3. Best Freeride: K2 Boundary

  • Best for: Freeride
  • Key features: Intuition liner, 3-point harness liner lacing system, articulated cuff, Harshmellow dampening
  • Flex: Medium/Stiff
  • Lacing System: Boa
  • Cost: $$$

For those freeriders out there, the K2 Boundary provides you with everything you need to tackle big lines and explore outside of the resort. 

These are versatile enough to be used in many all-mountain situations but come with a responsive and slightly aggressive flex that will keep you in the driver’s seat when conditions get more challenging. 

A 3-point harness liner lacing system goes a long way toward helping out with ankle support. It keeps your heel in place at the same time, and this support helps to limit foot fatigue to keep you ready to go all day long. 

Harshmellow dampening provides cushioning and impact absorption. It also helps to reduce chatter and bounce at higher speeds. 

The Boundary might not be stiff enough if you only do freeriding, but it gives you versatility in other areas of the mountain because of this. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Tactics.

4. Best for the Money: DC Mutiny

  • Best for: For the Money
  • Key features: Affordable, heat-moldable liner, Impact S insole, wrap lock hardware, good all-mountain performance 
  • Flex: Medium
  • Lacing System: Traditional 
  • Cost: $$

If you want a quality pair of boots but don’t want to spend all your cash, take a look at the DC Mutiny. These boots are solid all-around but come with a very affordable price tag. 

They come with a medium flex that gives you enough response to handle more challenging terrain but forgiving enough to be used in the park and other freestyle pursuits. It also makes them suitable for many ability levels. 

An Impact S insole helps to absorb impact and adds a bit of cushioning where you need it. It also gives you traction for pushing or hiking. 

These aren’t a high-performance option, and the traditional laces can loosen up. 

==> You can also get it on Got Your Gear or Buckman’s.

5. Best Intermediate: Vans Hi-Standard

  • Best for: Intermediate
  • Key features: Comfortable footbed, waffle lug sole, quality construction, V1 UltraCush liner
  • Flex: Medium/Stiff
  • Lacing System: Traditional 
  • Cost: $$

The Vans Hi-Standard (review) is a great men’s boot for intermediate riders. These boots will help you keep improving your skills on the hill and have versatile performance and consistent response. 

They have a V1 UltraCush liner that is exceptionally comfortable and doesn’t take long to break in. Comfort goes a long way toward keeping you out in the snow longer. 

They also have a PopCush footbed made of a single density foam to give you a lot of cushion and help absorb a little impact. Waffle Lug designs on the outsole provide you with plenty of traction and give them that signature Vans look. 

The Hi-Standard doesn’t come with a heat-moldable liner, and I would like to see this version with a Boa lacing system. 

==> You can also get it on Vans or Evo or Backcountry.

How to Choose Men’s Snowboard Boots

Here are a few things that you should consider while shopping for a men’s snowboard boot that fits.


Your boots need to be warm. Insulation keeps your feet warm and adds a layer of protection between your skin and the cold winter environment outside. 

Always get boots that keep out the elements and focus on special features that provide extra warmth. Pay special attention to aspects like insulation, warm liners, and cuffs.


In line with insulation is durability. Your boots take a lot of punishment while you board, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the mountain. Nobody wants to get a new pair of boots every year.

A well-built model will not just protect your feet from the elements, it will also save you trips to the store. Shelling out for premium construction early on will save you money in the long run.


Boots also need to be comfortable. While the above two features add to that, it is imperative to make sure your boots match your feet. There will always be a break-in period where the boots may hurt, but that should go away in a few days.

If pain continues beyond that, it likely means you need to get a better-fitting pair. Too loose can lead to blisters, while too tight will cause general discomfort.

Other Tips

Snowboard boots are not regular shoes. Don’t get a pair assuming they’ll fit in the right way without trying them on. If you go to a snowboard shop before you buy, you can make sure they fit your feet properly. 

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If you don’t know how snowboard boots should fit, or it’s your first time buying your own pair, check out the video below for some tips. 

My Verdict

The best men’s snowboard boots you can find right now are the Burton Ion. These boots are expensive but worth every penny if you want the best of the best in performance and comfort. 

Solid boots are a vital part of any snowboard setup. And the options you’ll find above are all highly recommended for any guys out there who want high-performance, reliability, comfort, and warmth. 

A good pair of boots won’t magically make you a better rider, but they will give you the power to do just that if you put in the hard work and practice out on the mountain.

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