4 Best Oakley Snow Goggles for Skiing and Snowboarding

Oakley Snowboard Goggles

Oakley is a very well-known and respected eyewear brand. They make some of the best goggles for skiing and snowboarding, and they have many models to choose from. 

I’ve used many different goggles over my snowboarding career. Oakley has been one of my favorite brands over the years, and I’ve used several of their models. My students wear Oakley goggles all of the time as well. 

The Oakley Flight Deck is my top choice for any skier or snowboarder who wants to rep this brand. They are one of the best goggles around and offer excellent clarity and anti-fog properties. 

I’ll show you a handful of other top options from Oakley in this post. 

Let’s get after it. 

Who Should Get This

Snowboarders and skiers looking for high-quality options while out on the snow will love the goggles listed in this guide.

They all have all of the features needed for a long day on the slopes and come with a few extra attributes that make them great for new and experienced riders alike.

Another bonus of Oakley is their style. Oakley goggles have a great look and are always noticeable on the mountain. 

Top Oakley Goggles for Skiing or Snowboarding

Here are my picks for the best Oakley goggles for skiing and snowboarding. 

1. Best Overall: Oakley Flight Deck

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Rimless lens, Plutonite lenses, F3 anti-fog coating, HDO lens tech, dual-vented lenses
  • Frame size: Large
  • Lens: Interchangeable
  • Cost: $$$

My top overall pick for Oakley goggles is the Flight Deck. These are some of the best snow goggles in the game and will give you outstanding performance no matter how or where you like to ski or snowboard. 

They are very comfortable and come with an anatomically engineered fit that will mold easily around your face. This gives you a good seal to keep out wind and moisture all day long. 

The rimless lenses give you outstanding vision and a vast field of view. You’ll have nearly perfect peripheral vision to see all of the terrain and changing conditions in front of you. 

Plutonite lenses are very strong and durable and are covered in an F3 anti-fog coating that effectively reduces moisture. HDO lens technology increases clarity and contrast for additional visual enhancement. 

Dual vents work well with the lenses to further reduce fog, and a triple-layer polar fleece foam offers moisture-wicking capabilities and extra comfort. A silicone-backed strap helps you get the perfect fit. 

The Flight Deck is expensive and has a relatively large profile. 

==> You can also get it on Oakley or Evo or Jans.

2. Best Spherical Design: Oakley Fall Line

  • Best for: Spherical Design
  • Key features: Rimless lens, rigid exoskeleton, Plutonite lens, dual vented lenses, silicone backed strap
  • Frame size: Large
  • Lens: Spherical
  • Cost: $$$

If you want to take advantage of a little extra field of view made possible by a spherical design, check out the Oakley Fall Line. These are another quality set of goggles that will allow you to see well in all sorts of conditions. 

They have a rimless lens design that extends peripheral vision to the entire length of the frame. Plutonite lens material is super impact resistant and also helps block out harmful UV rays. These give you excellent contrast and clarity as well. 

A rigid exoskeleton works with a triple-layer foam to give you a comfortable fit that forms around your face to make a perfect seal. 

Dual vented lenses and an F3 coating limit fog from building up and reduce moisture as well. 

The Fall Line can be a bit bulky. The frameless design makes them stick out from your head quite a bit. 

==> You can also get it on Oakley or Evo or Mytheresa.

3. Best Low Profile: Oakley Line Miner 

  • Best for: Low Profile
  • Key features: O-matter chassis, rigid exoskeleton, HDO lens tech, Plutonite lens, sits close to face
  • Frame size: Medium
  • Lens: Interchangeable 
  • Cost: $$$

The Oakley Line Miner is a lower profile option that will sit closer to your face while still giving you plenty of peripheral vision and a decent field of view. 

The O-Matter chassis and rigid exoskeleton both help to create a form-fit in a smaller package. These will sit lower over your eyes and cheeks, but you can still expect solid clarity thanks to the HDO lens technology. 

Plutonite lenses give you protection from UV rays and increased clarity, while the Prizm lens options block specific wavelengths to enhance contrast. 

The interchangeable lens system is nice when you want to adapt to variable light conditions and is easy to use. Dual vents and F3 anti-fog coating do a great job of limiting fog and helping you see clearly at all times. 

The Line Miner can fit a little bit tight with a smaller profile, so be sure to dial in the strap before heading downhill. 

==> You can also get it on Oakley or Evo or Sport Chek.

4. Best for Quick Lens Change: Oakley Airbrake

  • Best for: Quick Lens Change
  • Key features: Comes with two lenses, O Matter chassis, HDO technology, Switchlock tech
  • Frame size: Large
  • Lens: Interchangeable
  • Cost: $$$

The Oakley Airbrake will give you the freedom to easily and quickly change lenses to match your riding conditions. 

They have a Switchlock lens change system that is very easy to use, and you get two lenses when you buy them. The lenses feature a Plutonite material that is very strong and durable. Prizm lenses are available to help you see better contrast and clarity as well. 

The dual-pane lens system comes with an anti-fog coating that works with the built-in vents to limit fog and moisture from building up. 

Triple-layer polar fleece foam adds comfort that combines with the O Matter chassis to give you a snug and secure fit around your face. 

These don’t have as wide of a view as some other Oakley goggles, but that difference is only slightly noticeable. 

==> You can also get it on Oakley or Troy Lee Designs or ChromeBurner.

How to Choose The Best Oakley Snow Goggles That Fit

When looking for a set of snow goggles from Oakley or any other brand, keep the following factors in mind. 


Any snowboard goggles should be tough. Your gear takes a beating out on the slopes, and that goes double for boarders who like to ride through extreme conditions. Water, sleet, snow, and ice can quickly break down eyewear, as can accidents or falls.

Solid construction is a must-have, as are premium materials made to last each and every season.


Your goggles need to have a good fit. That means they should be snug and comfortable at the same time. You never want to get eyewear that’s too loose, as that can let in the cold and make riding quite uncomfortable.

However, you also want something that’s not going to pinch or be too tight. You need a balance. Always look for models that come with extra padding or external protection.


Oakley is a premium brand, not just because of its quality but because of its look. They make extremely attractive eyewear that will always keep you in style.

As such, you should always pay attention to both color and pattern when picking out a pair of their snowboard goggles.


Here are a few quick answers to some common questions about Oakley snow goggles. 

Are Oakley ski goggles good?

Yes, they are. Oakley makes some of the best snow goggles you can find. What I like about the brand is the fact that they have so many different models to choose from. That means you can easily get an option that will work well for your needs or preferences. 

Which Oakley goggles are the best?

The Oakley Flight Deck is my choice for the best Oakley goggles. These will give you excellent performance across the board. They have outstanding clarity, a wide field of vision, and excellent anti-fog capabilities. 

What is the difference between Oakley ski goggles?

There are a lot of differences between all of the goggle models that Oakley has to offer. Sometimes size is the main difference. The lens shape and color can be another difference. Look at the models listed here, and you’ll get a feel for them.

Useful Tips

No matter how well-made your snowboard goggles are, they can break down over time. Proper care prevents that and ensures you get the most from your eyewear. Check out the video below for some tips by Oakley to keep your goggles in good shape. 

In that same vein, you should always make sure your goggles work for you. Oakley is a great brand that makes great products, but you may still run into issues from time to time. This guide helps shed light on such problems and explains how to ensure they don’t happen to you.

My Verdict

My pick for the best Oakley goggles for skiing and snowboarding is the Oakley Flight Deck. These are some of the best goggles you can get your hands on from any brand in the industry, and they are highly recommended. 

Oakley is a well-respected brand, and the above goggles show why. Every model in this guide is well-constructed, durable, sleek, and stylish. Few companies in the snowboarding world can match that standard with their products.

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