Best Snowboard Padded Shorts

Snowboarding is a sport that comes with many risks. Though going off big jumps or zipping down fresh runs is a lot of fun, one mistake can lead to a hard spill or a tough crash. That can then cause scrapes, bruises, or lead to more severe injuries. To prevent that, boarders use protective gear.

Every rider uses safety items to some degree, but one of the more overlooked options are padded shorts. The clothing items give you strategic reinforcements around the legs and waist to ensure that, if you do fall, you don’t come away with deep bruises. We’ll go over the best models below.

Quick Summary

  • Boarders who want slim padded shorts will love the Triple Eight Bumsaver. They are lightweight, flexible, and easily slip under longer pants to create a discreet fit.
  • Few shorts are more comfortable than the ones from Soaring Padded. These are durable but also come with a snug fit, elastic closure, and excellent ventilation.
  • The Ohmotor 3D Padded Shorts offers a wide amount of padding at a lot of different areas around the waist and legs. That makes them perfect for extreme boarders who have a lot of accidents.

Who Should Get This?

The shorts in this guide are made for snowboarders who don’t mind taking a fall. That primarily means park riders who like going off of jumps. If you’re a person who likes to get air, padded shorts can go a long way.

New riders may also like a pair of padded shorts. Even if you take it slow, it’s quite easy to fall or take a spill when you’re just starting out. Extra cushion around your legs helps to make bouncing back that much easier.

Best Snowboard Padded Shorts: What to Consider?


Padded shorts are obviously bulkier than normal ones due to their extra cushion. While that makes them great at preventing bruises, it does mean they might not sit on your body in the same way as regular shorts. Remember, you aren’t wearing these on their own. Do your best to get a pair that sits snugly on your body and that can easily fit under longer pants without bunching up or being too bulky.


Padded shorts are all about protection. That means you want ones that support you in the right areas. Always take notice of where they have extra padding and do what you can to find options made with strong materials. Also, give special priority to models that put a lot of focus into guarding the tailbone, as that area is one of the most injury-prone on your entire body.


Your padded shorts need to be well made, but there are quite a few fun materials to pick from when getting a new pair. Many popular models utilize nylon or polyester, but cotton mixed with a synthetic substance is both soft and flexible. Light cotton is also great, as it provides you with a snug fit that molds to your body shape. Just make sure whatever you get doesn’t irritate your skin.

Best Snowboard Padded Shorts: Our Picks for 2020

1. Triple Eight Bumsaver

The Triple Eight Bumsaver is a great model for boarders who want a lightweight, slim-fitting option that can fit discreetly under longer pants. These shorts are flexible, breathable, and strong. They come with special EVA foam padding to ensure they take the brunt of an impact rather than your body, and they also utilize a special mesh fabric that wicks away moisture and enables you to breathe when you sweat.

These shorts are tough and made to last. Even so, they have a great, comfortable fit thanks to the Lycra mesh fabric construction. They will mold to your body, which makes them easy to wear. The shock absorption works quite well too. In fact, these shorts offer extra tailbone protection so you can jump with little to no worries. Everything in the package is also fully machine washable.

What We Like:

  • Great protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Breathable
  • EVA foam padding
  • Pads key areas
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Shock absorbing
  • Discreet design
  • Lycra mesh construction
  • Many different size options

What We Don’t Like:

  • Small gap points in padding
  • Could be thicker

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2. Soaring Padded Shorts

If comfort is the name of the game, the Soaring Padded Shorts are the way to go. These reinforced pants are incredibly soft, and utilize a special 0.6-inch thick EVA padding on key points to keep you comfortable no matter how hard you fall. There’s a special focus on the hip, butt, and thighs, and the tough material is durable enough to last for years.

Another reason these shorts are so comfortable is their lightweight construction. While they have quite a bit of durability, they also feel great under any outfit and will never weigh you down as you ride. To back that up, they work hard to keep you dry by actively wicking away moisture through a mesh vent strap. That makes these perfect for boarders who work hard or sweat quite a bit. It also reduces odors and inhibits bacteria growth.

What We Like:

  • Incredibly durable
  • Snug, comfortable fit
  • Extremely thick padding
  • Elastic closure
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Mesh vent strap
  • Included logo packing bag

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit bulky
  • Could be more flexible

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3. Ohmotor 3D Padded Shorts

The Ohmotor 3D Padded Shorts are fantastic options for people who want extra protection in key regions. These keep your body protected in two different ways. One, they come with a durable material that absorbs impacts on its own. Second, there’s extra padding placed on the hip, butt, and thigh area to ensure your lumbar and tailbone stay protected. The non-deforming EVA foam here can withstand a lot of impacts over a long period of time.

Beyond the protection, these shorts also have a breathable lining that wicks away moisture and keeps you comfortable after a long day on the slopes. There is also padded elastic on the waist as well as a Velcro sticker closure. Both of those enable you to get the perfect size so your runs are as comfortable as possible.

What We Like:

  • Elastic closure
  • EVA pads for extra protection
  • Impact-resistant
  • Adjustable waist
  • Breathable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Tough construction
  • Velcro
  • Hand washable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can fit a bit large on smaller boarders

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Useful Tips and Information

The padding afforded by the above shorts is a great way to reduce bruises, but staying safe on the slopes is more than just buying the right gear. You also need to follow proper safety tips to ensure you never get caught off guard.

Padded shorts are a great boarding accessory. However, they are not the only one out there. There are many awesome devices on the market that can take your runs to the next level. If you want to see some other options, check out the video here.

Final Words

You have to stay safe while out on the mountain. Though it’s easy to assume that your normal gear will be enough, there’s nothing wrong with getting some extra support to cut down on bruises or hard impacts. All of the shorts in this guide provide key padding in important areas and do so while giving you an easy, comfortable ride.

Do you use padded shorts while snowboarding? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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