6 Best Women’s Snowboard Pants

best women snowboard pants

Snowboard pants are an essential part of life for any rider. The best women’s snowboard pants will give you the perfect blend of function and form, so you can ride hard and look great while you’re doing it. 

I’m a female snowboarder who has been riding for years. I’ve worn many different models of snowboard pants, and I know what to look for in the best models. All of this experience helps me distinguish the top-of-the-line gear from the average option. 

The Burton Vida is my pick for the best women’s snowboard pants. These will give you solid waterproofing and protection from the cold while also offering a lot in terms of comfort. 

I’ll show you all of my top picks in this post so you can make a better choice in regards to what snowboard pants meet your needs as a rider. 

Button up, and let’s get going.  

Top Women’s Snowboard Pants

Here are my top picks for the best women’s snowboard pants.

1. Burton Vid

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Comfortable, high-performance, affordable, Living lining, tailored performance fit
  • Waterproofing: 2-layer DryRide 10K mm
  • Fit: Slim
  • Cost: $$

The Burton Vida is my top pick for women’s snowboard pants. These will give you great value and have you looking good on the mountain. 

You’ll get solid waterproofing and weather resistance thanks to a 2-layer DryRide face fabric and membrane. This face layer is made of stretch polyester for added flexibility, and the membrane gives you 10K mm of waterproofing ability. 

A Living lining provides customize comfort by adjusting the airflow and insulation properties based on the temperature conditions. It has pores that will expand when it’s hot and close up when it’s cold. 

The Vida has a form-fitting slim fit. This looks and feels great without restricting your movement. You can ride hard and free without the pants limiting your ability to do so.

Additional features include quilted handwarmer pockets that can let you warm your fingers up and mesh-lined thing vents that are easy to operate when you need extra airflow. 

The slim fit might not be a preference for everyone, but that’s about the only downside to these solid snowboard pants.  

==> You can also get it on Backcountry or Outdoor Gear Exchange or Buckman’s.

2. Roxy Rising High

  • Best for: Waterproofing
  • Key features: Excellent waterproofing, very durable, jacket-to-pant attachment, neoprene face panel, comfortable
  • Waterproofing: 15K mm Roxy DryFlight
  • Fit: Slim
  • Cost: $$

If you want a little extra protection from snow and moisture, the Roxy Rising High has a lot to offer in terms of waterproofing. 

These pants come with a 15K mm waterproof rating, which is higher than the average option by about 5,000 mm. This is made possible by a patented Roxy DryFlight material that does an excellent job at repelling water. 

They are also pretty breathable, considering how effectively they block out moisture. You’ll get good airflow, and moisture won’t build up thanks to their breathable nature. 

The Rising High also comes with a jacket-to-pant attachment that lets you seal out the snow on a big powder day by eliminating the gap between your upper and lower layers. 

I wish the pockets were a little bit larger, and these pants might be overkill if you don’t ride in heavy snow conditions much. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or DICK’S or Sun & Ski Sports.

3. The North Face Freedom Women’s

  • Best for: Cold Weather
  • Key features: Insulated, comfortable, durable construction, adjustable waist tabs, Chimney venting system
  • Waterproofing: 2-layer DryVent
  • Fit: Standard
  • Cost: $$

The North Face Freedom Women’s pants are an option to consider if you want a little bit of extra warmth when you ride. These come with added insulation to provide a layer of heat retention between you and the outside world. 

A 2-layer DryVent membrane fabric provides you with decent waterproofing that will last after many washes. The Nylon face fabric is strong and durable to keep these pants in shape for years. 

They have a standard fit, so they are loose enough to stay comfortable and not restrict you when you ride. Adjustable waist tabs let you secure the fit just right. 

Additional features include a Chimney venting system to let in extra airflow when you get hot, stretch gaiters to keep snow out of the boots, and reinforced kick patches for added durability.

The bottoms of the Freedom are a little wide, even with the gaiters. They can flap around when you ride.  

==> You can also get it on The North Face or Evo or DICK’S.

4. Burton Avalon

  • Best for: Bibs 
  • Key features: Comfortable, warm, good waterproofing, breathable, lots of pockets
  • Waterproofing: 2-layer DryRide 10K mm
  • Fit: Slim
  • Cost: $$$

If you like bibs, you’ll love the Burton Avalon. These are an excellent set of women’s bibs that look and feel great. 

They come with a 2-layer DryRide face fabric and membrane that give you a stretch fit on the outside and excellent waterproofing underneath. 

A Living lining system adds function and comfort. This material is unique because it can adapt to the conditions around you to provide different insulating or breathable capabilities based on outside temperatures. 

The bibs have a nice tailored fit that isn’t too tight or too loose. They are labeled as a slim-fit item, but bibs are always a little more baggy than pants. 

These might be a bit bulky for anyone who has never worn bibs before. 

==> You can also get it on DICK’S or Evo or Backcountry.

5. The North Face Sally

  • Best for: Budget Pick
  • Key features: Affordable, insulated, waterproof, good fit
  • Waterproofing: 2-layer DryVent
  • Fit: Standard
  • Cost: $

If you want to save some money and still get a quality pair of snowboard pants, check out The North Face Sally. 

These are another solid option for The North Face and will give you good warmth and water protection. A 2-layer DryVent membrane effectively blocks out moisture and will keep you dry. 

The Sally also comes packed with 60 grams of Heatseeker synthetic insulation. This is great for added warmth and comfort. 

They also have lower leg gaiters to keep snow out of your boots and zippered hand pockets to make sure your belongings stay safe and secure when you ride. 

These aren’t the most durable option around, and that’s a definite downside of a budget pick.  

==> You can also get it on DICK’S or Evo or Zappos.

6. Volcom Species

  • Best for: Comfort
  • Key features: Stretch fabric, comfortable, great waterproofing, breathable lining, jacket-to-pant interface, boot gaiters
  • Waterproofing: V-science 15K mm
  • Fit: Stretch Slim
  • Cost: $$

The Volcom Species is one of the most comfortable pairs of women’s snowboard pants around. These won’t restrict your movement in any way, thanks to a stretch fabric build that will give you a full range of motion. 

They also have an exceptional 15K mm waterproof rating thanks to a V-Science waterproof membrane. 

The V-science tech extends into the lining and makes the Species very breathable as well. You also get mesh-lined vents to get extra airflow if you want it. 

They have a slim-fit design, but the stretch fabric makes them feel like you are wearing yoga or athletic pants. They look great, and you will barely notice they are on except when it is snowing, and you stay dry. 

These pants are on the expensive side. 

==> You can also get it on Volcom or Evo or Backcountry.

How to Choose Women’s Snowboarding Pants

Consider the following factors when choosing a pair of snowboarding pants that will work best for you. 

Look and Size

Looks are always an important factor when you are riding. Technically, performance is more important, but we all want to look good too, right?

Many of the pants listed above come in different color options, so you can pick one that works best for your style. You can match it to your jacket or buy your pants first and then work to match things from the legs up. 

Sizing is also important. If you can, try on pants before you buy them to make sure they fit. If that’s not an option, get one in your regular size. 


The most crucial function of a snowboard pant is protection from the elements. It needs to protect you from snow, ice, water, cold, and wind.

Waterproofing is a number one concern against the snow and cold. You need to make sure that any pair of pants you choose comes with good quality waterproofing. 

Your pants should be able to block the water from coming in while at the same time allowing your sweat to pass outside. This is known as breathability and is another critical consideration. 

Usually, a snowboard pant will have a waterproof rating from 5k – 20k mm. The higher the number of the waterproof rating, the better their performance.

There is no specific rating for high-end fabric like Gore-Tex (guaranteed to keep you dry!) and eVent (keep you fully waterproof and breathable).

Seam taping is another measure of protection. Waterproof tape is glued and/or heat bonded to the seam of your pants to block waters from coming in via the areas where pieces of fabric are sewn together.

Tips: Always check the inside of your pants if possible because the seams are sealed on the inside. Some cheap pants have no seam sealing at all. Also, buy from a reputable site if you are buying online and check out their specs before purchasing.


Insulation is another key consideration. This is the amount of extra material included in the pants to keep you warm. 

Most snowboard pants are shells, meaning they don’t come with any added insulation. If you want to make sure you stay warm or tend to run cold when you ride, look for pants with insulation. 

If you choose a shell option, you can always layer up underneath and get added warmth provided this way. 

Must-Have Features

Built-in Boot Gaiters: These keep snow out of your boots and the lower part of your pants. An elastic band under the cuff of the inner bottom part of a snowboard pant (can be other forms, zips, buckles…)

Venting: Normally exists in the form of thigh vents with a zipper. Unzip the vents when you are hot to allow the heat and moisture to go outside and cool you off.

Pockets: Try to pick pants with more pockets, so you don’t need to wear a backpack but still have enough space to put your wallets, sunscreen, hand cream, keys…

Additional Features

Jacket-pants connection: This is a system that connects your pants to your jacket if they’re compatible to create a snow-proof barrier that blocks the snow, ice, water, and wind away. It also serves a significant function in deep powder snow.

Cuff Reinforcement: This is a reinforcement at the cuff in the back (or maybe in the form of a stiff, extra-durable fabric) to protect the pants from wear and tear.

Waist adjustment: Normally exists in adjustable Velcro or elastic bands. This is a great feature that allows you to get a secure and comfortable fit. It’s especially for those who don’t like wearing a belt while riding.

Additional Tips

It’s always a good idea to buy pants made up with Gore-Tex or other high-end fabric, with a zipper on each pocket so you can seal your items safe during riding, and if possible, try the pants in a shop before shopping it online.

In addition, make sure the cuff of your pants is big enough to cover your boots. Wear your layers to ensure the pants are big enough, or else, always buy from an online shop with a free return and exchange policy.

Every time you return from a snowboarding trip, it’s always good practice to repair your pants’ waterproof ability and breathability from time to time.

My Verdict

My pick for the top women’s snowboarding pants is the Burton Vida. There is quite a bit to like about this option, and I recommend them to any female rider. They provide you with the perfect blend of cold weather protection and comfort. 

The other pants I’ve reviewed in this post are also good, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Whichever option you choose, make sure you get a style you like and a fit that won’t hold you back when you ride. 

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