Best Women’s Snowboard Pants

Snowboard pants are another important component concerning both your look and comfortableness on the mountain. There may be fewer factors need to be considered and yet it is a good idea for you to spend some time on planning before you hit the purchase button.

Remember, a wrong pair of pants is so gonna ruin your day on the lovely white mountain! So ladies, read on for how to choose the best women’s snowboard pants that fit you. I’ll also show you a few of my favorites.

Quick Summary

We have summed up our picks for you a bit, just in case you are in a rush for your online shopping!

Below is a short list of important factors you need to take into consideration so you can get a suitable pants and therefore, a happy riding day.

Best Women’s Snowboarding Pants: What to Consider?

The Look and Size

Same as what we need to concern about buying snowboard jackets, the look is always on top of our priority list. Me, being a female rider, the first idea came into my mind while looking for new pants was – “what color should I get this time? Does it match with my Jackets?” Just like our normal daily life, we all want to dress ourselves as nice as possible.

Alright, we all agree that look is very important, however, I would like you to consider of buying a bigger than usual pants for snowboarding. Why? Remember you need to wear all those protection gears underneath dear. Read this post I wrote earlier for the reasons why you need to wear your protection gears. There are protection gears you can wear both under or outside of your pants. Personally I would prefer those I can hide inside my pants.

So yes, pick a color and style you like, just bear in mind to pick a size larger than usual.

Tips: Do not force too hard to get tight pants so you look slimmer, it’s a very bad idea because you need something comfortable so you can stay on the mountain all day long happily!!


The most important function of a snowboard pant is protection. It should be able to protect you from snow, ice, water, cold and wind. It is very likely for you, as a snowboarder to have more chances to sit on snow than a skier; therefore I would say the first factor you should take into account is the Fabric Tech, the most important factor affecting your pants’ waterproof ability and breathability.

Your pants should be able to block the water from coming in while at the same time, allowing your sweat to pass to outside. So yeah, please, try to buy one that’s both with a high waterproof and breathable rating.

Fabric Tech: Waterproof ability and breathability largely depend on the fabric tech, normally a snowboard pant will have a waterproof rating from 5k – 20k mm, the higher the number of the waterproof ability and breathability, the better their performance. However, normally there is no specific rating for high-end fabric like Gore-Tex (guaranteed to keep you dry!) and eVent (keep you fully waterproof and breathable),

Seam Taping: Seam Taping simply means waterproof tape is glued and/or heat bonded to the seam of your pants so to block waters from coming in via the small sewing needles holes, and therefore to keep you dry.

Fully Taped Seams

  • All seams are covered with waterproof tape, leads to the very best waterproof ability
  • Warmer than critical taped seam pants, also more expensive (taping is an expensive procedure)
  • Recommend for backcountry/ expert riders

Critical Taped seams

  • Only the most important or critical seams are taped
  • Not as warm and waterproof as full taped seam pants, less expensive
  • Suitable for all level snowboarders

Tips: Always check the inside of your pants if possible because the seams are sealed on the inside, some cheap pants have no seam sealing at all. Also buy from a reputable site if you are buying online and so you can check out their specs before purchasing.


Insulation refers to the ability of your pants to keep you warm, normally it’s divided into 2 types:

  • Insulated, a pant with a waterproof outer layer and built-in insulation
  • Shell, a waterproof pant without insulation

The higher the insulation weight, the warmer the pant is. It is difficult to tell which type is better since it all depends on your trip and need. If it’s more likely for you to go for trips in springs? A shell is better for you. Or else if you are heading to somewhere really cold? An insulation pant seems to be more suitable.

I always get myself a shell snowboard pant since I love the flexibility. When it’s hot and sunny? I just wear my pants out. When it’s cold and windy? I just simply put double base layers underneath. As I said, I always purchase a size bigger so I have enough room for protection gears and additional layers. But at the end of the day it’s all up to you, We girls always have more than one trousers in our closets right!?

Must Have Features

Built-in Boot Gaiters: Very very very important designs to keep snow out of your boots and the lower part of your pants. An elastic band under the cuff of the inner bottom part of a snowboard pant (can be other forms, zips, buckles…)

Venting: Normally exists in the form of Pit vents with zipper. Unzip the vents when you are hot can allow the heat and moisture to go outside so to cool you off

Pockets: Try to pick a pant with more pockets so you don’t need to wear a backpack but still have enough space to put your wallets, sunscreen, hand cream, keys…As mentioned in my article about picking the best women’s snowboard jackets, try to avoid wearing a backpack is a always one of the golden rules for snowboarding

Additional Features

Jacket-pants connection: It simply means a system that connects your pants to your jacket if they’re compatible so to create a snow-proof barrier that blocks the snow, ice, water and wind away. It also serves great function in deep powder snow.

Cuff Reinforcement: It is quite often for a snowboard pant that comes with a reinforcement at the cuff in the back (or may be in the form of a stiff, extra-durable fabric) to protect the pant from wear and tear.

Bib: Bib is more a personal preference feature, it’s more about you like it or not. However, we can ignore the fact that your may want to get a pant with a bib, right? Here’s some advantages of having a bib: It provides ultimate protection against snow and wind, normally, a pan with Bib are with more pockets. The downside of a pant with bib is: usually it’s more expensive and heavier than regular snowboarding pants
Bathroom issues (specially for girls!)

Waist adjustment: Normally exists in the form of an adjustable Velcro or elastic bands, this is a great feature that offers you flexibility of weight control and adds more layers. It’s specially for those who don’t like wearing a belt while riding.

Best Snowboard Pants for Women: Top Picks in 2020

1. Volcom Women’s Species Stretch Snowpant

This pant from Volcom is great because it’s reasonably priced and has a very nice slim cut. And yet it’s a comfortable shell pants by offering an optimum amount of sketching. It’s also solid in waterproof and breathability, with great zippered vents system and therefore offers flexibility in different temperature conditions. Plus, you’ve got many color options to choose from. The downside is that there isn’t a side or cargo pocket and therefore there is less space to put your stuff. Also, you may need to put more layers on cold days.

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2. Burton Women’s Gloria Snow Pant

A very comfortable, slim cut shell pants with 10k waterproof rating and breathability, it’s reasonable priced and yet with almost all features you want, for example, vents, jacket/pants interface, o yeah, and Many color options too! The downside is that the pockets are not that big.

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3. Roxy Women’s Backyard Regular Fit Snow Pant

A great soft, warm and rather big snowboard pants with all features like vents, jacket/ pants interface, with 10k for both waterproof ability and breathability. The adjustable waist tabs offer more flexibility to different body shape, and I love that they have a lift ticket holder! The downside is: There is no cargo pockets.

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4. DC Women’s Viva 15k Water Proof 5 Pocket Snowboard Pants

A warm, great price point pants with all must have features and 10k for both waterproof ability and breathability plus lots of pockets. The Hem Lift-Up System so to offer more flexible pants length. A looser fit pant so can offer more room for movement.

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Additional Tips and Tricks

It is recommended that you buy your snowboard pants before heading to the mountain or else it could be much more expensive. Also, it’s always a good idea to buy one that’s made up with gore-tex or other high-end fabric, with zipper on each pockets so you can seal your items safe during riding, and if possible, try the pants in a shop before shopping it online.

In addition, make sure the cuff of your pants is big enough to cover your boots, also, do bring your protection gears with you to ensure the pants are big enough, or else, always buy from an online shop with free return and exchange policy.

Every time you return back from a snowboarding trip, it’s always good practice to repair your pants’ waterproof ability and breathability from time to time, same as the maintenance for your other snowboarding gears.

Final Words

Alright ladies, that’s all for what I can think of about how to pick a snowboard pants suitable for you, and I hope you will find this article useful. Just remember: Do take into account of everything before making your decision: the look, functions, features. Then you would be all good to go!

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