Best Powder Snowboard

Powder boarding is something all snowboarders enjoy. There’s nothing quite like carving down a slope of fresh snow. In fact, the deeper, the better! However, as fun as powder riding can be, you cannot get the full experience without the proper equipment.

While most snowboards work fine in powder conditions, some models are much better suited for the task than others. The options listed below are great choices for powder snowboarding and they will each give you great feedback on all of your powder pursuits.

Quick Summary

  • The Gnu Hyperkyarve C2X is one of the best powder snowboards on the market. This model is fully designed to float through deep snow and has great all-around performance characteristics for when it really starts to pile up.
  • For a board that can make a great powder day even better, check out the Bataleon CT. This option’s cutout tail gives it the ability to surf on top of powder far better than average snowboards.
  • The Capita Spring Break is a snowboard designed with powder in mind, which is why it excels in the deep stuff. This board floats extremely well in heavy snow. So much so that you might think you’re surfing.

Who Should Get This?

If you love powder riding, you want a dedicated powder snowboard. While just about any snowboard can work in powder conditions, the options listed here are specifically designed for such conditions. They also have a shape, construction, and design that make them stand out when the snow really starts to fall. If you want to truly experience amazing powder snowboarding, get your hands on one of the choices listed here.

If you’re a beginner or just learning the basics, you might not need or want a dedicated powder snowboard. These boards can also be used in other conditions, but they are really meant to take advantage of deep snow and are best used on those days.

Best Powder Snowboard: What to Consider?


To fully take advantage of powder conditions, you need a unique shape. A powder snowboard should have a directional shape, which means that it’s meant to be ridden in one direction and not used switch. While that might make it less versatile if you love freeriding or the terrain park, the shape increases the board’s abilities in powder by utilizing a cutout or swallowtail design on the tip for better deep snow performance.


Rocker is an important profile shape in a powder snowboard. Sometimes also known as reverse camber, rocker refers to when the snowboard has a profile where the tip and tail come up off of the snow while the center portion stays in direct contact with the ground. That allows for more float in deep snow and can increase the board’s ability to carve and turn on big mountain lines.

Mounting Position

Once you get a snowboard for powder, you should also consider where you’re going to mount your bindings. For a powder setup, you want your mounting position further back towards the tip than you would on a freeride or all-mountain setup. That will shift your weight back on the board and create more lift up front which, in turn, allows you to move and float better in deep snow.

Best Powder Snowboard: Our Picks for 2020

1. Gnu Hyperkyarve C2X

The GNU Hyperkyarve C2X is one of the top powder snowboards around, and it is fully-designed to have world-class capabilities in deep snow conditions. It has a directional shape with a slight cutout in the tail that digs into powder and ensures you have total control in the deep stuff. It’s capable of handling a variety of conditions, but it truly shines when the snow starts to stack up.

The board has a natural floaty feel that allows it to carve with ease. Even so, it is still extremely responsive and has a ton of characteristics you want out of any high-performance snowboard. It features an Aspen and Paulownia wood core for a bouncy and lightweight feel, as well as a rocker/camber hybrid shape that makes it bouncy and maneuverable.


  • Great powder board
  • Directional design
  • Responsive
  • Excellent float
  • Fully designed for big mountain powder riding


  • On the stiffer side for a powder board
  • Camber profile not preferred by some riders

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2. Bataleon CT

Another high-performance powder snowboard is the Bataleon CT. This board rips through powder and comes with everything you would ever need in high-snow conditions. It stands out because, while it excels in powder, the board has a floaty feel that still offers excellent control in a range of other conditions.

A swallowtail cutout in the rear of the board keeps the backend dug in when the snow is deep. That helps keep your tip up and adds to the floaty feel. It also features a directional tapered shape and a medium flex that give it characteristics akin to a surf missile. This is a fun board to ride and can make a memorable powder day truly legendary.


  • Floaty but highly responsive
  • Excellent control
  • Tapered directional shape
  • Swallowtail cutout
  • Great flex and feel


  • Not many, this is a great powder board.

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3. Capita Spring Break

The Capita Spring Break is another solid option for deep snow and a great choice for powder hunters of any variety. This is a shorter board, which makes it highly maneuverable and allows you to zip through tough terrain. It is especially useful in trees or areas where you need to make quick decisions.

This features a lightweight and floaty Surflite 2.0 core. That gives the board a fun feel on powder that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. It has a medium flex and a surf rocker profile that’s directly intended to charge through deep snow with ease without sacrificing general maneuverability.


  • Fun to ride
  • Surf rocker profile excellent for powder
  • Strong and durable
  • Surflite 2.0 core
  • Fuse 3D sidewalls


  • Short (some will love it, others will want more length)
  • Cutout tail tips can ding easily

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Useful Tips & Resources

Snowboarding is always great, but nothing compares to a good day in deep snow. Powder days can be challenging for riders who have never experienced such conditions before, but there are some easy tips you can follow to help you ride better when things get deep. Even though it’s a lot of fun, powder riding can be much more challenging than normal resort conditions.

Always try to keep your weight back on your board so your tail stays above the snow. That will keep you on top of the powder and increase your float. You will also want to make fewer turns, or at least narrower ones, to keep your speed up. If you want to learn some more tips on how to ride well in powder, check out this post.

Final Words

If you’ve boarded in powder before, you know that it is an experience like no other. If you have yet to ride in deep snow, I would highly recommend doing it the first chance you get. You can’t always predict or expect powder days, but when you’re lucky enough to be out in one, you’ll see what the hype is all about.

A good powder snowboard allows you to make the most of the powder days. Do your research and grab one of the models mentioned in this guide so you’ll be ready when the snow starts to fall.

When was your last powder day? How much snow fell and what board were you riding on? Let us know in the comments below!

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