Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings come in several styles. You might have a preference, or you might be a beginner and have no idea what the best option might be. Though there are many choices, rear entry style snowboard bindings are nice because their one strap makes it easy to get in and out of your board.

This guide will look at and analyze some of the best rear entry snowboard bindings on the market. No matter how you ride, chances are there will be something for you.

Quick Summary

  • The Flow Alpha MTN is a top rear entry snowboard binding. It is a solid, all-around option for intermediate riders who like all-mountain boarding.
  • An easy-to-use option that will save you time and effort when you’re strapping in is the System MTN. They are also designed to be durable and responsive in a way that accommodates a wide variety of riding styles.
  • For a women’s specific rear entry snowboard binding, check out the Flow Haylo. These cater to all-mountain and freestyle riders who want good response and quality performance.

Who Should Get This?

Rear entry snowboard bindings are not the most popular style out there, but they are much easier to use than traditional models. If you’ve ever struggled with your bindings while trying to strap in on a cold day, you know they can sometimes fight you more than helping you.

Rear entry bindings are designed so that you can step in and out with relative ease. Traditional bindings have two straps that you need to secure on each foot before you begin to ride. Rear entry simplifies things by utilizing a one-piece design to effectively secure your boot to your board. That makes the strap-in process considerably easier.

Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings: What to Consider

Are Rear Entry Bindings Right for You?

You may already know that you really like or want rear entry bindings. If that’s the case, you can skip this paragraph. However, if you’re not sure what style of bindings are best for you, rear-entry is a good option. Ultimately, binding style is a personal choice, but each model comes with its own pros and cons.

As mentioned above, the biggest advantage of rear-entry bindings is that they are easy to use. This can be appealing to beginner riders or those who have ever struggled when using other types of bindings in the past. A disadvantage of rear-entry is that they will not allow for as much customized adjustment as traditional style bindings. With one strap instead of two, you cannot achieve independent adjustment of your toe and ankle straps at the level you can with traditional style bindings.


As with any type of binding, and any piece of snowboarding equipment, you want to get something that’s built to last. The harsh conditions your bindings will see out in the snow means they will take a lot of abuse. If you ride often, that becomes even more important to consider.

Look for quality materials, such as polycarbonate plastics, that are tough, durable, and able to withstand intense weather conditions without losing any durability or performance. Tough will offer quality performance for many seasons. That will allow you to ride to the best of your abilities and help you save money in the long run.


Flex is an important consideration as well. The term refers to how much give a binding will have when you put pressure on it while boarding. A softer flex is better suited for beginners or those who like to play in the park or ride freestyle. A stiffer flex translates to better response and high-end performance, making it good for advanced riders who demand a lot out of their equipment.

If you’re a somewhat experienced rider and don’t know your exact flex preference, I would suggest going with a medium flex. That will give you the ability to ride all over the mountain, from the park to deep powder, without missing a beat.

Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings: Our Picks

1. Flow Alpha MTN

Flow is a brand that offers a wide variety of rear entry style bindings. In fact, it’s their specialty. That’s why the Flow Alpha MTN sits on top of this list. The patented rear-entry design makes them easy to get in and out, while the secure fit offers excellent response and performance. The padded hi-back and footbed offer plenty of comfort, while the medium flex caters to all-mountain riding.


  • High performance for a rear-entry binding
  • Secure and stable fit
  • Padded hi-back and footbed
  • LSR Ratchets for a customized fit
  • Great for all-mountain riding


  • Buckles can sometimes break after heavy use

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2. System MTN

The System MTN is another top-performing rear entry binding. These are some of the easiest-to-step-into bindings you can find thanks to the ankle strap that automatically opens when you flip the buckle and cinches back down when it’s time to ride. EVA foam padding on the hi-back creates superior comfort and also offers high-density dampening on the footbed. That is then backed by durable polyurethane construction and multiple size options.


  • Easy to step in and out
  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • EVA foam padded footbed and hi-back
  • Multiple size options


  • Hi-back cables can loosen up over time

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3. Flow Haylo

For a women’s specific rear entry snowboard binding, it’s hard to beat the Flow Haylo. Flow excels in their rear entry offerings and these bindings have been built to the needs and demands of riders of all varieties. The lightweight hi-back creates an easy entry, while the Fusion ExoFit PowerStrap provides great stability and performance in a one-strap design. A rockered baseplate increases performance and makes these bindings rip all over the mountain.


  • All-mountain medium flex
  • Reclining hi-back for easy exit and entry
  • Comfortable PowerStrap that caters towards advanced performance
  • Rockered baseplate


  • Buckles could be more durable

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Useful Tips & Resources

In addition to rear entry style bindings, there are two other common styles: traditional and step on. Traditional are the most popular, rear entry the second most, and step in the least common. As I touched on previously, your binding choice comes down to your own personal preference. If you want to learn more about the differences between the three main styles of snowboard bindings, check out this video.

Final Words

Rear entry snowboard bindings are a great option for anyone who wants an easy way to strap in while they’re on the slopes. The bindings listed here are some of the best for this style, and are sure to meet your needs when it comes to comfort, performance, and ease of use. Ultimately, the binding that’s best for you is a personal choice. However, rear entry can deliver excellent response and lessen the time it takes to strap in.

Have you ever used rear entry snowboard bindings before? Let us know in the comments below!

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