3 Big and Tall Snowboard Jackets

Snowboard Jackets for Big Guys

As a certified snowboarding instructor, I’ve worn different kinds of snowboard jackets. This is my review of the big and tall snowboard jackets.

Being a big guy often comes with its advantages, but finding clothes that fit is not one of them. It can be difficult to fill your wardrobe with regular, everyday items, and getting snowboard or winter apparel can be even harder.

Every snowboarder, regardless of their size, needs some solid clothing items. Here is a look at some of the best snowboard jackets for big guys to help you find one that works for you.

Who Should Get This

If you’re a big guy who’s struggled to find snowboarding clothes that fit well, you know that a good jacket can be hard to come by.

All of the options listed here are available in plenty of larger sizes, ensuring they’ll fit riders both big and tall. The jackets are also on the looser side, which gives them even more wiggle room.

The jackets here are great for other riders as well. They are all high-quality and fully waterproof, ensuring they work for snowboarders of all sizes. If you like a baggy or loose-fitting jacket, the following items give you plenty of options.

Top Big and Tall Snowboard Jackets

Here, you’ll see a list of my top recommendations along with a quick review of each snowboard jacket. The goal is to help you get to know the pros and cons of each product so you can make a more informed purchase decision.

1. Best Overall: Burton Covert Jacket

The Burton Covert jacket is an awesome option for any snowboarder, but, as it’s available in sizes up to XXXL, it’s one of the best options for big guys. The jacket has a looser fit and comes in a ton of different styles.

A Dryride two-layer construction with 10k of waterproofing material makes the Covert capable of handling serious storms or cold weather while keeping you warm and dry at the same time. It’s also breathable and flexible, making it perfect for when warmer conditions present themselves as well.

Additional features include critically taped seams, a helmet-compatible hood, a powder skirt, and a media/goggle pocket.


  • Available in sizes up to XXXL
  • Loose fit
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent warmth and weatherproof performance


  • Not all colors available in larger sizes

==> You can also get it on DICK’S or Evo or Skis.

2. Best for All Conditions: DC Defy Jacket

Another great snowboard jacket for big guys is the DC Defy. This is a great looking, comfortable, and looser fitting jacket that comes in sizes up to XXL. In my experience, DC jackets run big, so they have always been a good choice when looking for larger sizes.

A 10k waterproof construction on top of 100g of body insulation makes this another option that will keep you warm and dry in every condition.


  • Available in sizes up to XXL
  • DC jackets run large
  • Warm
  • Excellent weather protection
  • 2-way adjustable hood


  • Not a lot of pockets

==> You can also get it on Evo or Utah Ski Gear.

3. Best for Construction: Volcom L Jacket

The Volcom L Jacket is another solid jacket option for big guys. This one features a 2-layer Gore-Tex construction that does a great job of keeping wind and moisture away from your body. It is versatile in a number of on-snow conditions and built to last.

Sizes are available up to XXL, which means it works for large riders. It has a slimmer fit than the other two options here, but the larger sizes still offer plenty of movement and flexibility.


  • Available in sizes up to XXL
  • Durable and versatile
  • Great weather protection
  • 2-layer Gore-Tex construction


  • A slimmer fit than the other jackets listed here
  • Not all colors available in XXL

==> You can also get it on Volcom or Evo or Backcountry.

Big & Tall Snowboard Jackets: What to Consider

Not sure how to narrow down the choices from the crowd? Take the factors below into account during your snowboard jacket research journey.


An obvious consideration if you’re a big guy looking for a snowboard jacket is size. Not every option out there is available in sizes that go past large. That can be annoying and limit your choices.

Luckily, there are some great jackets that go all the way up to XXXL. Not every color option is available at those sizes (an unfortunate style drawback of being big), but the jackets on this list at least have a size option that will fit almost everyone.


Fit is another jacket consideration for big guys. A larger-sized jacket will have a better overall fit, but the options listed here generally run a bit looser by design. This means they come with extra room and a more free-flowing fit than other models on the market.

You don’t want to be restricted by your jacket. It’s important to get one that gives you plenty of room to twist, stretch, and maneuver.

Weather Protection

In addition to the specific sizing considerations, big guys also need models that will work hard to keep them warm and dry as they ride. You always want a snowboard jacket that’s fully waterproof and windproof to keep the snow and moisture away from your body.

This is crucial to ensuring you don’t overheat as you move around. It also cuts down on sweat, which in turn prevents more serious health problems like hypothermia.

Additional Features

Jackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with each model having its own set of additional features. You might know your preferences in a jacket already but if not, good features to look out for include extra pockets, a powder skirt, wrist gaiters, and a hood.

I like a jacket with a dedicated goggles pocket and a fully waterproof inner pocket that can hold important items like my phone.

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Useful Tips & Resources

Being a big guy doesn’t limit what you can do on a snowboard. It might be harder to find snowboard gear that fits properly and you might be cramped in the car ride up to the mountain, but once you start downhill, all of that doesn’t matter.

Even if you are just beginning, you might want to consider a longer and wider board to match your size.

A larger board can help you feel more stable at high speeds as well as provide better control overall due to increased weight. If you have large feet, the width of your board comes into play.

You never want your feet to hang off the edge of your board because that will cause problems with turning and carving.

Final Word

The jackets listed here are great for any snowboarder, but their looser fit and large sizing options make them particularly suited to big or tall guys. Shopping for larger sizes can be a pain.

If you are big and want to find a snowboard jacket that will surely fit, try one of the above options. You won’t be disappointed, and more importantly, you won’t be cramped into a jacket that’s too small for you.

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