4 Best Women’s Snowboard Gloves & Mittens

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Every snowboarder needs something to keep their hands warm. Without gloves or mittens, you won’t be able to enjoy the time you have in the snow. Good insulation on your hands is vital for staying comfortable when you ride.

I’ve been a snowboarder for most of my life. I’ve used many different types of gloves and mittens over the years, and I know what to look for in a good option. There’s a big difference between the best pairs and an average option. 

The Hestra Heli Women’s 3-Finger Glove is my pick for the best snowboard gloves and mittens. These are a mitten/glove hybrid model that gives you the best of both worlds in comfort and dexterity. 

I’ll show you a few of my other top picks here so you can make an informed choice to keep your hands warm and comfortable while you are out riding. 

Let’s get going. 

Who Should Get This

Regardless of preference or experience level, every female snowboarder will love the gloves listed in this guide. Every model offers excellent protection, insulation, and durability.

They hold up to changing weather conditions and will give you plenty of comfort along the way.

The following options do well in extreme conditions, and they are best suited for female boarders with cold hands.

If you’re someone who often finds themselves with chilly fingers or who can’t seem to warm up, these are the way to go.

Best Women’s Snowboard Gloves & Mittens: Top Picks

Here are my top picks for the best women’s snowboard gloves and mittens. 

1. Hestra Heli Women’s 3-Finger Glov

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Warm, comfortable, durable, solid construction, extended wrist cuffs, velcro closure
  • Style: 3-finger
  • Warmth/Waterproofing: Treated goat leather, polyamide, fiberfill insulation 
  • Price: $$$$

The Hestra Heli Women’s 3-Finger Gloves has a lot to offer and is my top pick for women’s snowboarding handwear. They feature a unique design and solid construction that will keep you warm and comfortable at all times. 

The 3-finger design is a hybrid concept that offers elements of both a glove and a mitten. You get added warmth similar to a mitten because some of your fingers are closer together. You also retain some grip and dexterity features with the split-finger design. 

The Heli is made out of quality materials that give you a solid and durable glove. The shell is made of polyamide and Hestra Triton fabric. This is a rugged and waterproof construction that will hold up well over time. 

The palm is made of goat leather, which I really like. I’m a fan of leather gloves because of the feel and grip they provide. The leather palm allows them to stay soft and pliable, and they will continue to break in over time. 

Additional features of the Heli include extended handcuffs that sit past your wrist and give you added protection against the elements, a snow lock velcro closure that will keep out wind and snow, and a snap hook to keep the gloves together when they are off your hands. 

These are pretty expensive, and you’ll need to retreat the leather material if you want it to retain its waterproofing ability.  

==> You can also get it on BackcountyDICK’S or Moosejaw.

2. Burton Women’s Gore-Tex 

  • Best for: Gloves
  • Key features: Warm, waterproof, breathable, quick-drying, insulated, removable liner, stick grip palm
  • Style: Gloves
  • Warmth/Waterproofing: Gore-Tex. 2-layer DryRide, Thermacore insulation 
  • Price: $$

If you prefer gloves over mittens, it’s hard to find a better option than the Burton Women’s Gore-Tex. These are a high-quality glove that is built to meet the needs of all types of female riders. 

They are made with a DryRide 2-layer fabric shell that gives you the first line of defense against the snow and cold. This is a very waterproof layer that is also highly breathable and will dry quickly if you happen to get it wet. 

A Gore-Tex membrane gives you another level of waterproofing and adds to the strength and durability of the gloves. This material is one of the best around and is guaranteed to keep you dry. 

The gloves also come with Thermacore insulation to add warmth and keep your fingers cozy. It’s synthetic insulation that doesn’t add much bulk or weight. 

Additional features include a removable liner that is super comfortable, a sticky grip palm for added traction, and touchscreen-compatible fingers to operate your devices when you ride. 

I wish the wrist cuffs were just a little longer on these, but that’s my only negative comment. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or DICK’S or Sun & Ski Sports.

3. Outdoor Research Women’s Alti Mitts 

  • Best for: Mittens
  • Key features: Warm, durable, Gore-Tex construction, breathable, waterproof, fully taped seams
  • Style: Mittens
  • Warmth/Waterproofing: Gore-Tex, Fleece
  • Price: $$$

The Outdoor Research Women’s Alti Mitts are the option to pick if you want mittens. These are built to keep you warm and comfortable even when the conditions outside turn nasty. 

They have a Gore-Tex outer layer that will keep you reliably dry at all times. This material runs the entire length of the mitts and goes above and beyond to block out moisture. 

They also have a fleece liner that adds insulation. These mittens are exceptionally warm and are my go-to option on days I know will be well below zero with cold and blowing snow. 

The Alti also comes with fully taped seams to ensure no wind or water seeps in from the outside. They have strong and reliable construction that makes them a durable option as well. 

Extended-length wrist cuffs are a nice touch that helps prevent any snow from creeping in underneath, and a leather palm helps add grip and comfort. 

These are another very expensive option. 

4. Dakine Women’s Camino

  • Best for: Budget Pick
  • Key features: Affordable, warm, comfortable, waterproof, removable storm liner, internal heat pocket 
  • Style: Gloves
  • Warmth/Waterproofing: DK Dry insert, High Loft synthetic insulation
  • Price: $

You can save some money and still get quality handwear. The Dakine Women’s Camino is my recommended budget choice for women’s snowboarding gloves. 

The Camino is very waterproof, thanks to a polyester shell that is covered in a DWR treatment. This is further enhanced by a DK Dry waterproof insert that helps block water from the outside and lets moisture from your hands escape. 

Warmth and comfort are provided by a High Loft synthetic insulation layer that does a great job of keeping you warm. Its low-profile nature works to keep in the heat without adding much bulk. 

I also like the removable storm liner glove insert. You can take these out if the conditions get warm for versatile performance. They also have a touch screen compatible design, so you won’t have to expose your skin to the outside world if you want to send a text. 

Additional features include an internal heat pocket for a hand warmer and a removable wrist leash to keep your gloves attached if you wipe out. 

These aren’t the most durable option, and that’s a tradeoff you’ll face with a budget pick. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Outdoor and Country or Cotswold Outdoor.

How to Choose Women’s Snowboard Gloves or Mittens

Below are some of the most critical factors you should consider when shopping for gloves or mittens. 


Your gloves and mittens need to fit correctly. It’s easy to settle for too loose or too tight models, and if you don’t find the right fit, it can impact your warmth.

Gloves and mittens that are too snug can be quite constricting in a way that limits your range of motion. Ones that are too loose will let in cold air or snow. Always find an option that sits somewhere in the middle.


Gloves and mittens need to be warm, but how much warmth you need is a personal choice. If you’re someone who sweats a lot out on the mountain, you’re going to need less insulation than someone whose hands are always dry and cold.

Get gloves or mitts that fit your particular boarding style. Base the final pick on how hot or cold you get while you ride, as well as the type of conditions you most often see.

Look and Style

Your gloves and mittens should always favor function over form. However, that does not mean they need to go against your style. When picking out handwear, it’s best to choose a brand that matches your mountain look.

Features always come first, but once you know what features you want, it’s a good idea to pick brands that offer colors, patterns, or a sleek, more modern appearance.

Additional Tips

Taking care of your gloves and mittens is incredibly important. Not only will it increase their durability, but it also ensures you get as many seasons out of them as possible. 

If they get dirty during one of your winter expeditions, follow this guide to clean them up, so they’re ready for the next one.

Something else you’ll notice is that all gloves or mittens, no matter how nice or well-put-together, will get wet at some point. That might be from the mountain, or it might be from the wash. Either way, the steps outlined in this video will help you dry them out.

My Verdict

The Hestra Heli Women’s 3-Finger Glove is my top pick for the best women’s snowboard gloves and mittens. I like the 3-finger style of the Heli because it gives you the warmth of a mitten with the added flexibility and control of gloves. 

All of the options you’ll find on this list come highly recommended. I like to have a good pair of gloves and a good pair of mittens. That way, you can wear your mittens on really cold days and the gloves when it’s warmer outside.

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