Burton Feelgood Review

This is my review of the Burton Feelgood snowboard. 

I’m a snowboarding instructor with a decade of experience teaching other riders under my belt. I’ve also been riding for most of my life. I have used the Feelgood as my all-mountain board for several seasons and have first-hand experience with this model. 

The Burton Feelgood is an effective all-mountain snowboard built for female riders. It is one of the best models in the category for intermediate and advanced riders who want high-end performance in a range of different conditions. 

In this post, I’ll give you an in-depth look at this snowboard. I’ll examine every aspect of the model and show you how it stands out from the competition and why it’s such a popular option in the Burton lineup. 

Let’s turn it up. 

Burton Feelgood Overview

The Burton Feelgood is a women’s specific all-mountain snowboard. Burton has sold this model for nearly twenty years, and the latest version represents two decades of innovation and improvements on an already awesome snowboard. 

It’s one of my favorite all-mountain boards for female riders, and I’ve used it for several seasons with excellent results. It will give you capable and effective performance in a wide range of conditions, and this complete versatility helps it stand out. 

The Feelgood is best for intermediate and advanced riders. The board comes with a medium-stiff flex that gives you plenty of power and response when you need it. It’s not forgiving, and beginners should look for another option. 

One of the main reasons this snowboard holds up well under the demands of experienced riders is its Camber profile. This enables you to harness the powerful nature of the board to dominate creative lines anywhere on the mountain. 

A directional shape lends to impressive all-mountain characteristics. The Feelgood looks like a twin at a glance, but the nose is slightly longer than the tail. This gives you a little extra float and the ability to adapt to variable terrain. 

Performance-wise, the Feelgood can do a little bit of everything well. Its stiffer flex and camber profile makes the board shine when you want to take on technical terrain, whether it’s steep and deep or just reaching top speed on groomers. 

I do think the board works better in freeride-focused situations than freestyle riding. However, It can still work in the terrain park thanks to a twin flex that balances its bend across the length of the board and makes it easy to ride switch. 

Burton packed on plenty of high-quality construction elements and design features here, as well. A SuperFly core keeps the weight down without sacrificing strength, and a women’s specific Triax laminate is another nice touch. 

The Feelgood is a reliable option for any female snowboarder who wants room to roam and a board that can help push your limits all over the mountain. It’s not a budget option but is still very much worth the cost, considering everything it will allow you to accomplish. 

Detailed Review

The Feelgood is one of the top all-mountain snowboards for women available. It’s a tried and true model from one of the most respected brands in the industry. With quality construction and above-average performance all over the mountain, this is a recommended pick. 


This board will give you extreme versatility in all types of conditions and is everything you’d expect out of a high-quality all-mountain option. It truly delivers in nearly every kind of terrain, which is why it’s been so popular for so long. 

Before diving into the details, I want to remind any beginner reading this that the Feelgood is not very friendly to newbies. Its stiff flex and camber profile makes it a powerful and aggressive board that is not forgiving at all. This one is for riders with intermediate and up skills. 

If you have experience on the mountain, this board will genuinely help make it shine. If you love to go fast, tackle technical terrain, and find untouched snow in hard-to-reach places on the resort, you’ll have a worthy companion. 

I think the Feelgood excels in slightly freeride-focused situations. The stiffer flex allows you to cut through variable snow conditions while still getting effective edge control and response. The board will respond quickly to initiate turns and carves. 

The camber profile shape caters towards higher speeds and quick maneuvers. It also comes into play when you are coming up on an approach for big airs or other high-flying features. You can expect precision and an almost spring-loaded feel. 

These same features that make the board shine in technical situations may limit its freestyle characteristics just a bit. It’s not as playful as a more flexible freestyle-focused board, although the balanced flex makes it easy to ride switch.  


This board comes with many quality construction features that help it perform at a high level and deliver effective performance when you need it. Burton has a strong reputation for over-delivering when it comes to their builds, and the Feelgood is no exception.

I’ve touched on the camber profile in the sections above, but it’s worth mentioning again here as it forms a more than solid backbone for how this board performs. It also comes with a Squeezebox design that allows a thicker core and thinner tip and tail for maneuverability. 

A Super Fly II core makes for a firm center for the rest of the build. It’s made of lightweight but strong woods that enhanced rigidity without being too heavy. Dualzone EGD adjusts the position of the woodgrain to increase strength to another level while also improving edge control. 

One unique feature of the Feelgood that is pretty sweet is a women’s specific Triax laminate. This is a different fiberglass material than what Burton uses in their other boards and is designed to work with the particular needs of female riders. 

The board also comes with the Channel binding mountain system, which allows you to make easy adjustments to your stance and angles. This is an effective system to use when you want to tweak things on the fly and adapt to variable conditions or riding styles.   

Additional Features

The list of features is long with this snowboard. One obvious benefit of buying a board from a huge brand is that they have years of experience in research and development. That hard work and commitment to progress pay off here. 

The Feelgood comes with Infinite Ride technology that enhances the durability and long-term performance of the board. This involves a machine break-in process before the board is even on the shelf and translates into many seasons of continued use. 

Frostbite edges are another pretty sweet aspect of this board. They are designed to stick out from the side of the board and give you additional hold and control. You can’t really see this visually, but it’s effective and practical when you are riding. 

There is also a carbon I-beam laminate running the length of the board that helps maintain a balanced flex while also working with the camber profile to give you more effective pop and power. 

The latest model is made with Super Sap epoxy that is more environmentally friendly than previous materials used in its construction. It’s a plant-based material that Burton now uses in many of their boards. 


The Burton Feelgood is a good value snowboard, especially for intermediate and experienced riders. It’s not a budget option but has a price tag that fits right alongside other all-mountain boards with similar performance characteristics. 

If you want extreme levels of high-end versatility and have an aggressive riding style, this board can make for a great value. It’s one of my favorite all-mountain boards, and I recommend it to any other female rider with higher-level skills. 

Based on versatility alone, I think the Feelgood is well worth it. When you factor in all of the innovative construction elements and the tried and true history of the model, you end up with a snowboard you know will deliver. 

If you are looking for a freestyle-focused all-mountain board, this one might not quite live up to the standard. It’s capable in the terrain park but is better off in freeride type of situations. It’s also not a good value for a beginner because it’s too stiff and aggressive. 

The Alternatives

There are a few other solid snowboards for women to consider if the Feelgood doesn’t seem like the best option. Take a look at these recommended alternatives below, or check out our best snowboards roundup review to learn more. 

1. Burton Yeasayer

The Burton Yeasayer is another awesome women’s specific snowboard. It has a twin shape and balanced ride that makes it a better freestyle option than the Feelgood. You’ll still get versatility and effective performance outside of the park as well. 

A Flat Top profile makes the board playful and bouncy. It’s a fun feature inside and out of the terrain park. It also comes with a solid construction that adds strength and durability without compromising performance.

2. Lib Tech Dynamiss

The Dynamiss is another one of my favorite all-mountain boards for ladies. It will give you similar levels of expansive versatility to the Feelgood but comes in at an even more affordable price. 

A C3 camber profile allows for high performance that can hold up well at higher speeds and technical terrain. It also has Magne-Traction edges that provide excellent edge control and maneuverability. 

3. Capita Birds of a Feather

This is a fun and effective all-mountain board. With a women’s specific construction and true twin shape, the Birds of a Feather is fun, fast, and more than capable. 

It comes with kevlar bound sidewalls to create a super-strong construction, and carbon fiber boosters help add power and response without increasing weight. 

My Verdict

The Burton Feelgood is one of the best all-mountain snowboards for women. I highly recommend it for intermediate and advanced riders who want versatile and effective performance in any condition that comes their way.

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