Burton Genesis Review

This is my review of the Burton Genesis snowboard bindings. 

I’ve used an almost endless amount of gear during the last several decades of riding heavily. I work as a snowboarding instructor and have tried out the Genesis bindings several times. I also spoke with a few friends who use these to get their opinion. 

The Burton Genesis is one of the best snowboard bindings that provides solid comfort, performance, and adjustability. They have a durable construction with a medium-stiff flex that is versatile and effective. 

In this review, I’ll take a close look at these bindings to give you an idea of how they perform in various conditions and if they match your needs and preferences as a rider. 

Let’s dive into it. 

Burton Genesis Overview

The Burton Genesis is a quality binding choice that can work well for nearly all types of riders. It’s a solid choice for intermediate and advanced snowboarders who want plenty of support and comfort to support their on-mountain experiences. 

The bindings have a medium flex that sits in the sweet spot between comfort and performance. They are stiff enough to give you quality power transfer and control while providing enough flex to increase versatility in freestyle situations.

They aren’t quite a beginner’s option but could work well for a rider who has the basics of the sport under their belt and wants to start working towards progressing to the next level. The Genesis is a popular binding for a good reason – they get the job done. 

The Genesis is designed with a great blend of comfort and control. The hi-backs feature a natural ergonomic lean that is focused on working with the natural bend of your legs to help increase performance organically. 

The overall construction of the bindings is solid, and they are both durable and practical. Burton did a good job creating a binding that can hold up well under heavy use without being too stiff for the average rider. The result is fun and effective. 

You’ll also get plenty of adjustability, which is a critical factor for any high-quality binding. The hi-backs and straps are all fully adjustable so that you can tweak things just ride for comfort and performance. This also increases versatility by allowing you to adapt to the conditions. 

The buckles and straps stay in place as you ride for effective hold. This helps you stay engaged and in control, no matter where you like to ride. Hammock straps hold your feet in place without creating too much extra weight or bulk. 

These bindings are pretty expensive, and that keeps them from being a great value. They will give you solid performance all around and do well with comfort and adjustability in mind. You’ll just have to pay up for those luxuries. 

Looking at the big picture, I think the Genesis is a good choice for intermediate and advanced riders who want a performance binding that is also playful. All-mountain riders and freestylers who want a little added response with appreciate this model. 

Detailed Review 

The Burton Genesis is a nice binding that works in various situations for a range of riders. This versatility gives the model and broad scope that applies to all-mountain conditions. They are also very comfortable and playful without being too soft. 


The Genesis is capable of working well in a variety of different situations on the mountain. This versatility makes them an excellent binding to pair with your favorite all-mountain snowboard and allows you to explore every inch of the resort and beyond. 

They provide an in-touch board feel that is noticeable from the get-go. Bindings are like the steering wheel between your body and your board. The Genesis helps you turn on a time and react to anything that comes your way quickly. 

The medium flex gives a nice blend of higher-end performance while still allowing for a playful experience. Unless I’m trying to focus on freeride lines, I think a medium flex is an ideal spot for a binding that helps you ride hard with fun in mind. 

You’ll also get a good feel from edge-to-edge with these mounted on your board. They give you solid power transfer and response. I noticed similar performance in groomed and powder conditions while using these bindings, and it’s nice to know they can do both well. 

They are not a high-performance option in any one particular area. They do many things well but aren’t quite stiff enough for a true freeride binding while being too stiff for full-on freestyle. That’s the trade-off for all-mountain versatility and a decent trade if you ask me.  


There is no denying the comfort that the Genesis provides. These bindings are well constructed to give you superior flex, feel, and hold across the board. They effectively hold your feet in place without any strain or issues. 

A vital part of this comfort is the FullBed cushioning that comes standard on the model. This feature is included on most of Burton’s Re:Flex bindings, and it gives you a layer of B3 gel and dual-density EVA that is like walking on a cloud. 

This soft and supportive baseplate lets you stay comfortable, no matter how you tweak or twist the bindings. It’s a performance consideration as well that increases board control while limiting foot fatigue along the way. It’s a great design that makes the bindings stand out.

The Zero-Lean hi-backs also help increase comfort levels. These are adjustable, allowing you to dial in your preferred stance and lean. They have an ergonomic design that works with the natural shape of your body to keep you engaged without wearing out. 

The Genesis also offers a large amount of shock absorption. If you pair these bindings with a quality boot, your feet are going to thank you. They give you a natural level of cushioning without sacrificing board control and precision.   


You’ll get a tremendous amount of adjustability with the Genesis bindings. They can be tweaked and twisted to your liking in several ways. This can help you adjust to the terrain and conditions you are riding in while also keeping you comfortable. 

The Hi-Back is adjustable, so you can set the angle forward or back to match your preferences or the style of snowboarding you are doing on any given day. These are easy to adjust on the fly and give you enough forward lean for the halfpipe and other freestyle situations. 

Adjusting the forward lean doesn’t require any special tools, and that makes tweaking things on the go a breeze. The bindings also come with a sturdy hammock strap that is simple to adjust over the top of your foot. 

The toe strap has a unique construction that adds to adjustability and comfort. You wouldn’t think that toe strap tech is that big of a deal, but Burton spent some time with this one, and the SuperGrip Capstrap 2.0 is effective. 

The main buckles are easy to use and give you a quick locking and unlocking mechanism that comes in handy getting on and off the chair lift. These have an Insta-Click design that helps the ratchet system work well. They will stay in place and can be used easily with gloves on. 


The Genesis is a good overall binding that will give you quality performance, comfort, and control. But this all comes with a higher cost that keeps me from ranking them as a great value. If money isn’t an issue, then go for it. 

You do get many high-end features and tech, backed by Burton’s reputation for quality and customer service. This justifies the cost somewhat and does enhance the overall value of the bindings to a degree. 

They are durable and will last you for quite a while. I have no issues with how well constructed and designed the bindings are. I just don’t think they are quite worth how much they cost. You can find similar options at a lower price. 

If you want a very comfortable binding that you know will provide you a large amount of versatility, these bindings could be a perfect choice. If you want a cheaper option with similar performance, there are other bidings out there.

The Alternatives

There are plenty of options in the world of snowboard bindings. Check out any of the recommended options below for an alternative to the Burton Genesis. 

1. Union Force

The Union Force is similar in performance and versatility to the Genesis but comes in at a considerably lower price. These are a solid set of bindings that will give you plenty of support all over the mountain. 

I like the extruded 3D aluminum heelcups because they do a great job of keeping your feet in place and help increase power transfer across the board. The Force is also well constructed and super durable. 

==> Read our detailed review of Union Force to learn more.

2. Burton Lexa X

The Burton Lexa X will give you similar performance to the Genesis, but it’s a women’s-specific design that lady riders can appreciate. You’ll get high levels of performance, comfort, and adjustability with these mounted on your board. 

They have a SensoryBED baseplate that helps increase comfort and shock absorption by using B3 gel. They also come with the same SuperGrip Capstrap 2.0 toes strap that does a great job holding things in place. 

3. Jones Mercury

This is another outstanding all-mountain binding that I recommend. The Mercury will give you tremendous versatility to let you explore new terrains or push your limits to the next level. 

They have a playful and powerful flex, and the NOW Skate Tech baseplate was built to mimic a skateboard truck in terms of performance. 

My Verdict

The Burton Genesis is a solid all-around snowboard binding. It earns high marks when it comes to performance, comfort, and versatility. They will work well for intermediate to advanced riders who want a comfortable yet responsive setup. 

They are a bit overpriced but still make for a good value. You can find a similar performing binding for cheaper, but maybe but they probably won’t be as comfortable as the Genesis.

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