Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag Review

This is my review of the Burton Wheelie Gig snowboard bag.

I’m a certified snowboard instructor who has been riding for decades. I’ve also traveled to locations all over the world to ride and have experience using a variety of bags. I’ve used the Burton Wheelie Gig bag and know how it holds up. 

The Burton Wheelie Gig bag is one of my favorite snowboard bags. It has a super solid construction, plenty of storage, and is easy to haul around with you when you need to go chase powder. 

I’ll give you an in-depth review of this bag based on my first-hand experience with it in this post. I’ll tell you everything I like about the bag and a few minor issues to keep in mind as well. The goal is to help you make a better-informed buying decision. 

Let’s get rolling.

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag Review

The Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard bag is one of my favorite bags to travel with as a snowboarder.  It’s a very practical and durable option that will let you keep all of your gear organized while preventing any damage along the way. 

Snowboard bags don’t need to be fancy to get the job done. I typically like a simple bag that doesn’t have many bells and whistles. The most important thing I look for is a solid construction to keep my precious boards safe and secure. 

The Wheelie Gig bag meets or exceeds all of my parameters when it comes to protecting my equipment. On top of that, it’s packed full of other features that come in very handy when you are traveling. 

The bag is completely padded to provide your gear with plenty of protection as you travel. If you have ever worried about what will happen to your boards when you drop them off at the airline counter, this model will help you worry less. 

It’s fully padded to keep everything inside well-cushioned. Even if the bag does take a fall or get mishandled, its contents will remain safe, and this padding is very effective at limiting the chance of damage. 

The outer layers of the bag are made with a very strong and durable 600D polyester. This material is your first line of defense against damage and is resistant to wear and tear. It’s a rugged design that is practical and long-lasting. 

The Wheelie Gig bag also has webbed straps that help keep your boards from moving around when in motion. This is another excellent feature for protection, and the velcro straps are super-strong and won’t come undone. 

Another critical design feature of this bag is the fact that it has wheels. This will help you move quickly around the airport or resort without having to throw everything on your back or shoulder. The wheels are well built and can easily roll over many different surfaces. 

On top of a solid construction and very effective design, the bag also comes available in multiple sizes to match your needs. This gives you the versatility to pack effectively without a ton of extra and unnecessary space. 

Detailed Review

The Burton Wheelie Gig snowboard bag is a high-quality option that I thoroughly recommend for any snowboarder who travels often. It’s ideal for airplane trips and will keep your gear safe, secure, and ready for action no matter where you roam. 


This bag is very well constructed to give you plenty of peace of mind that your gear will stay out of harm’s way when you travel. I don’t trust putting my favorite boards in every bag, but I’d throw even the most expensive option in this bag without worry. 

The Wheelie Gig gets its name because it obviously has wheels. This is the most important construction element for many riders, so it’s worth touching on first. Quite simply, the wheels really work and will let you lug your gear over just about anything. 

It utilizes an IXION skate wheel system to deliver reliable performance. These skateboard-inspired wheels are super durable and strong. They won’t lock up or drag, and you can expect solid performance at every turn. 

The bag is also fully padded to give you high levels of protection. You won’t need to worry if a baggage handler drops the bag or other gear gets piled high on top of it. The padding provides plenty of cushioning to keep the contents in good shape. 

It also comes with internal webbing straps that allow you to secure your boards in place and prevent them from moving around during travels. This is an important construction feature because even a little bit of movement can result in damage. 

The Wheelie has side and front handles built right into it to carry the bag if you can’t roll it easily. These straps are rugged and will let you tug and pull without ripping or tearing. It’s another fantastic design element. 


The Wheelie Gig bag has plenty of room for your snowboards and additional gear. It’s an ideal size that lets you pack just about everything you need for a snowboarding trip without the need to throw an extra suitcase in the mix. 

It’s big enough to pack three snowboards stacked on top of each other. Keep in mind this would be without the bindings attached. If you want to keep your bindings on during travel, you could probably back one board with them and one without. 

The webbing straps help you keep any boards you do pack securely in place and help increase storage efficiency. This practical design feature helps you stay organized while also expanding the protection the board offers. 

The Wheelie also comes with several different pockets to allow you to store additional gear or travel items. The main compartment comes with fully-zippered access that makes it easy to pack and unpack. 

There is also an external zippered accessory pocket on the outside of the bag that gives you quick access to smaller items or anything you need when you travel. This increases storage capacity without adding much size to the bag. 

You can also choose from several different sizes to match the size of your board. The Wheelie Gig bag is available in 146cm, 156cm, 166cm, and 181cm sizes. If you want extra storage space, you can always get a size or two larger than your boards for added room.  

Additional Features

The bag doesn’t come with a ton of extras, but it really doesn’t need them. I like the simplicity of the Wheelie and the fact that it simply gets the job done without many bells and whistles. After all, it is a bag and not a fancy equipment item. 

You get a few features worth mentioning because they increase performance and add a bit of extra value. The lockable zipper pulls are a nice touch that adds an element of security. These fit TSA-approved locks as well for easy access at the airport. 

It also comes with a removable should strap. This has a double-cush design that is very comfortable and gives you the needed padding for those times when you have to carry the bag rather than wheel it around. 

It’s also available in multiple colors, so you can get a design that matches your style on the slopes. I’m a fan of the camouflage option, but there are also a few solid colorways that look pretty great. 


The Burton Wheelie Gig snowboard bag has a pretty affordable price, making it a solid value choice for anyone. There are cheaper bags out there, but I don’t think you’ll find an option for wheels at a better price. 

If you want a reliable way to transport multiple boards, this option is a great value. You get excellent padding and a secure way to pack all your gear so it won’t slide around during transit. A strong construction and lasting durability add value here too. 

If you only need to pack a single board and don’t need extra room for gear, this option might not be as good of a value. Like I said earlier, there are cheaper options out there. In a pinch, sometimes simplicity is the way to go. 

Still, this bag is one of the best snowboard travel carriers you can find. It comes backed by excellent customer service and will give you reliable performance to keep your gear safe and secure at all times. 

The Alternatives

The Burton Wheelie Gig snowboard bag is my favorite option, but it’s not the only choice you have. Check out these recommended alternatives if you want to shop around. 

1. Dakine Low Roller

This is another pretty sweet snowboard travel bag. It has room to carry two boards, with one of them mounted with bindings. It’s fully padded to give you plenty of protection and has an external pocket for added gear. 

The Low Roller also has an effective handle and roller system that allows you to roll your gear around the airport or resort with ease. It’s available in multiple color patterns and makes for a trusted travel companion. 

2. Burton Space Sack

For a simple but still very effective way to travel with your snowboard, check out the Burton Space Sack. This is a low-profile option that’s good for a quick trip. You don’t get a lot of extra padding or storage space, but it’s very affordable. 

3. Burton Wheelie Locker

The Wheelie Locker is the ultimate travel bag for snowboarders who go on extended trips. This one comes with an entire extra layer of storage room to allow you to pack all your gear in one place. It’s expensive, but worth it if you travel all the time. 

My Verdict

The Burton Wheelie Gig is a recommended choice for any snowboarder who travels. It has plenty of room for your boards and equipment while providing you with fully padded protection to keep everything safe and in place as you travel.

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