Capita Outerspace Living Review

This is my review of the Capita Outerspace Living snowboard.

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has spent the last ten seasons working winters up in many ski resorts. I have a lot of first-hand experience with different types of snowboards and know how to assess what they can do on the mountain accurately.

The Outerspace Living is a board that I thoroughly recommend because of the versatility and effective performance it gives you on the snow. It’s one of the best all-mountain options out there and is also priced to buy. 

In this post, I’ll dive into all the details to show you everything I like and a few things I dislike about the board. From how it’s built to how it rides, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision. 

Let’s cruise. 

Capita Outerspace Living Overview

The Capita Outerspace Living is a top contender for the best all-mountain board currently available. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one to any rider, and it has everything you want and need when it comes to exploring every inch of the mountain. 

This is a board that is more than capable in nearly every situation you’ll find yourself in. While some all-mountain options excel at either providing a bit of added freestyle or freeride performance, this one can do it all. 

On top of all the high performance that the board has to offer, it’s also flat-out fun to ride. Maybe it’s endless versatility or effortless power and control, but either way, this model does somehow make you feel like you blasted up on a rocket ship into space. 

The Outerspace Living is one of the best options a rider could choose for a daily all-season, one-quiver option. It will allow you to crush every line you can find at the resort and even work for all but the most intense off-piste situations. 

A true twin shape gives the board abilities in the park and other freestyle situations but doesn’t limit power or response. It will stay stable at higher speeds even with a medium flex that isn’t always known for reaching full throttle. 

I also like how easy and effortless the board is to ride. This makes it a good option for beginner or intermediate riders looking to have fun without being overwhelmed. It may lack a bit of high-end technical performance that only expert riders will notice. 

Capita also did a fantastic job with the construction and design of the Outerspace Living. It’s super strong and durable to live up to constant abuse and has some innovative tech and materials that explain in-depth below. 

For how much I’ve hyped up this board, you’d think it will come with a hefty price tag, right? Well, you’d be wrong. This is a highly affordable option on top of everything it can do in the snow, making for an outstanding value. 

Detailed Review

The Capita Outerspace Living is an amazing all-mountain snowboard that will give you exceptional versatility in any condition or terrain. It’s a fun board to take just about anywhere while also representing a solid value. 


This board is a proper do-everything all-mountain option. Some all-mountain boards come with limitations or need a disclaimer about what they can’t do. This one should come with a warning that tells you it can very literally do it all. 

A true-twin shape and medium flex give you excellent freestyle performance. This board can rip through the terrain park and let you explore every feature your skills will allow you to hit. It’s playful but responsive and reacts quickly when you need it to obey. 

In more technical situations the Outerspace Living also shines. You can take it down steeps and it will have your back. Responsive turning ability and excellent edge control come into play when things get challenging, and the board gets high marks there as well. 

With plenty of rocker in the tip and tail, this one also floats like a dream in powder. Its playful nature also comes out when the snow starts to stack up. You won’t need to worry about getting a dedicated powder board with this one strapped on if you don’t want to. 

I’m also impressed with the freeride capabilities of the board, especially considering its twin shape and medium flex. It might not have the extreme power and stiffness that big-mountain freeriders want, but it holds its own with the best all-mountain options in that regard. 

The Outerspace Living is a true all-mountain model that lives up to that distinction better than the average snowboard in the category. This one can take you anywhere and doesn’t come with many weak spots.  


Capita has a reputation for creating boards that can take a beating while still giving you high-end performance. This model lives up to that standard and is constructed with quality materials using an innovative design. 

The board comes with a Resort V3 profile that is designed to give you above-average all-mountain performance. You get camber underfoot to generate power and pop in technical situations or the terrain park. 

Reverse camber extends to the outer-foot areas to let you get a solid grip while still floating above deeper snow. The tip and tail are heavily rockered to provide surf and float in powder while increasing maneuverability in the park. 

A true twin shape and twin flex give the board a balanced feel no matter where you want to ride. This makes riding switch very easy and achievable, something that beginners and intermediate-level riders are sure to appreciate. 

An FSC Certified Dual Core provides a solid center for the rest of the build. This design also works to provide a consistent flex and feel across the entire length and width of the board. It’s lightweight without compromising strength and is made of Poplar and Beech woods. 

A Superdrive base is another nice touch that adds speed, durability, and outstanding performance along the way. This is unique because it blends aspects of a sintered and extruded base to give you unmatched abilities throughout it all. 

Additional Features

The Outerspace Living comes with several additional features that add to its solid all-around performance and excellent value. It doesn’t have as many features as some other models in the lineup, but the ones mentioned here are pretty sweet. 

The board comes with full ABS1000 sidewalks. This effectively holds everything together when you are riding to increase durability and performance. 360-degree steel edges wrap around the entire board for added grip and control as well. 

It also comes with a unique laminate construction that plays a significant role in performance and durability. Carbon Kevlar struts are used to hold the core with the other layers, and this material provides an unreal level of strength while balancing flex. 

Another laminate layer uses a blend of biaxial fiberglass to work with the Kevlar and the core to give you three levels of solid construction. This helps increase torsional rigidity while keeping the flex stable from edge to edge. 

Magic Bean resin is also used throughout the construction. This sounds like something out of a kid’s fairy tale, but it’s actually an effective resin used to hold the board together that is much more eco-friendly than standard epoxy used in other boards.  


The Capita Outerspace has a lot to offer any rider who chooses to use it on the mountain. I’ve explained how it rides and how it’s built above, but you also need to know that this one comes in at a very affordable price, making it an excellent value. 

The board is priced lower than the average all-mountain option while providing far above-average performance. That alone gets a good value ranking, but when you also factor in the solid construction and versatility it offers, this value is hard to beat. 

Any rider looking for an extremely capable all-mountain option that can truly keep them company in any terrain or condition will find this board a great value. It’s up there with the best of them and is one of my favorite models in the category. 

If you are a larger rider or someone who doesn’t like freestyle riding at all, this one might not be the best choice. It can still work in those situations, but you might be better off with a stiffer, more aggressive option to meet those needs.

The Alternatives

While I highly recommend the Capita Outerspace Living, it still might not be the best option for your particular needs or preferences. Check out some of the other high-quality alternatives below if you want more options. 

1. Capita Defenders of Awesome

This is another solid option from Capita, and it makes for a quality all-mountain option. It’s really fun to ride and has many of the same high-end construction features of the Outerspace Living. It’s also affordable and makes a good value. 

The board will give you fairly aggressive all-mountain performance without being too much to handle. A V1 Resort profile gives you a lot of versatility, and the Dual Blaster V2 core is solid and durable. 

2. Lib Tech Skate Banana

The Skate Banana is another one of my favorite all-mountain boards. I like how this model rides, and it provides you with highly versatile performance that effectively pushes your riding abilities to the next level. 

The banana rocker gives the board a very playful nature that is just a blast to take into deep snow and the park. It’s on the softer side but still capable in a variety of different terrains and conditions. 

==> Read our detailed Lib Tech Skate Banana review for more.

3. Never Summer West Bound

This one is a more aggressive all-mountain option that can be better for expert-level riders who like to charge hard. It comes with a durable and strong construction alongside a fusion rocker camber profile for versatility.

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My Verdict

The Capita Outerspace Living is a top option for an all-mountain snowboard. It’s a high-quality model that delivers impressive versatility while also coming in at an affordable price. That combination makes it a solid choice for any style or ability level of rider.

About Lorraine
I'm a certified snowboard instructor. My first experience with snowboarding occurred at an indoor resort. One run had me hooked, and it has turned into a lifelong passion ever since then. I'm here to share with you some of the tips and advice I have learned along the way.

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  • Pete

    Hi Lorraine I am also a beginner and can’t decide between the lib tech skate Banana and the capita outerspace. I work around the mountains and eventually would like to be able to spend more time in backcountry eventually. The local shop has the lib tech so that has been up the top and what the recommended.

    Thanks in advance

    • Lorraine

      Hi Pete,

      I think you are spot on with going with the Lib Tech Skate Banana. The Capita Outerspace Living is a solid board, but if you plan on getting out into the backcountry, I think you’ll have a little more fun and better performance with the Skate Banana. Hope you’re having a solid season so far!

  • Max

    Hi Lorraine, I’m a beginner and want to buy my first snowboard, I choose from two models capita pathfinder reverse and capita Outerspace living, I will ride on prepared tracks (all mountain), Which board will be easier to learn and progress on?

    • Lorraine

      Hi Max,

      I think the Capita Outerspace Living is a solid choice to help you progress. The same features that make it an excellent all-mountain option will help you explore different terrains and conditions. You’ll be able to take on new challenges as they come, and you feel ready for them. You might want to change boots and bindings once you reach higher ability levels, but that board will have you covered for a while.

      Hope you have a great winter, and good luck out there!