Giro Ledge MIPS Helmet Review

This is my review of the Giro Ledge MIPS helmet.

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has been riding for decades. I’ve worn many different styles and models of snowboard helmets over the years and have worn the Giro Ledge MIPS for a few seasons. 

This is a solid all-around helmet that will give you plenty of comfort and safety when you are on the mountain. It’s not the most high-tech option out there, but you get MIPS safety at a very affordable price, which is a win in my book. 

In this post, I’ll give you an in-depth look at the Giro Ledge MIPS to help you make an informed buying decision. I’ll highlight all of the features that make it such a comfortable and practical pick while also listing some areas that need improvement. 

Let’s get to it. 

Giro Ledge MIPS Overview

The Giro Ledge MIPS is a solid choice for any rider. It’s a basic helmet that comes at an affordable price while still giving you all of the necessary safety and comfort features to keep it firmly on your head all day long. 

There are many options out there, and some of them are way too bulky in size and appearance, in my opinion. The Ledge is sleek and has a smaller profile that won’t get in your way when you ride.

This helmet has a great fit that will work for nearly any size rider. It fits true to size, so you won’t need to size up or down to get that perfect fit. It’s available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large as well. 

Hardshell construction gives you a solid first layer of protection against impacts. This is a standard design feature that is common because it works. The outer shell layer is molded to spread out initial contact, and the EPS foam liner underneath provides additional cushioning. 

The Ledge also comes with MIPS technology, a high-tech system that works to increase head protection from impacts by reducing the effects of hits from all directions. It’s a high-end safety feature that usually comes with a higher price – but not here.

This model also earns high marks when it comes to comfort. It’s light in weight, so it won’t tire out your neck or head when riding. It also has an excellent ventilation system that uses stacked vents and a Super Cool system to keep you dry while preventing overheating. 

It isn’t a flashy helmet, so it might not meet the needs of riders who want to stand out in the style department. Still, it’s available in multiple colorways to give you plenty of options if you want to match your jacket and pants. 

The best feature about the Ledge is that it has a budget-friendly price that nearly everyone can afford. That, combined with excellent comfort and safety, makes it an outstanding value, and this is an easy one to recommended.

Detailed Review

The Giro Ledge MIPS is a quality helmet that gets a high ranking because of its affordable price while still giving you plenty of comfort and safety along the way. It’s a recommended choice that can work for any rider in any situation. 


This helmet utilizes a simple but effective construction to give you a safe experience on the mountain. It doesn’t have many high-tech or innovative features, but it’s going to have you covered if you take a nasty wipeout. 

The outer layer of the Ledge uses a hard shell construction to provide a solid first layer of protection against any impact. This outer shell is molded to make it strong and durable without any noticeable weak points. 

An EPS foam layer attached to the outer shell provides a lot of cushioning while also working with the hard shell to spread out impacts. These work well together to give you a design that will stay in place while keeping you safe. 

Another integral part of the helmet’s construction is the MIPS tech. For anyone that doesn’t know, this stands for Multi-Directional-Impact-Protection-System and uses three different layers to keep you safe from impacts no matter where they originate. 

MIPS is built using two different liners and a layer between them that is flexible. These two layers can move independently during violent impacts, keeping your head in place while the helmet does its thing. It’s a great safety design and a nice feature to have. 


Safety is the most crucial consideration when choosing a helmet. The purpose of this item is to keep your head safe from violent impacts, which are an ever-present threat when you are snowboarding. 

The Giro Ledge provides you with plenty of impact resistance and safety to limit the risk of severe injury due to head impact. It meets CE EN1077B safety standards, a common ranking system that every helmet should meet. 

MIPS construction plays a significant role in safety as well, and this feature increases the helmet’s effectiveness quite a bit. MIPS helps deflect impacts from various angles, so no matter where your head lands, it’s going to have added protection. 

A good fit is also essential with safety in mind, and this helmet will stay in place on your head without slipping and sliding around. Just remember to keep the chin strap on snug and secure, and you’ll have solid protection from all sides. 


The ledge is also a highly comfortable helmet that is easy to wear for extended periods. Its lightweight build won’t weigh you down, and I didn’t notice any issues with the helmet being too tight or restricting. 

It has a lower profile which is another thing that I really like. It’s not bulky, allowing you to turn your head very quickly to see anything and everything coming your way when you ride. This increases your peripheral vision, which improves comfort when riding. 

The helmet also has excellent ventilation that will keep your head dry and allow moisture and heat to escape easily. This is crucial for anyone who likes to ride tough or tends to overheat when on the mountain. 

Stack ventilation helps to keep your goggles from fogging up. This feature utilizes a vent right above where your goggles sit to increase their natural ability to allow heat to escape. Super Cool vents are built into the helmet to pull in cool air while allowing old air out. 

An Auto Loc 2 Fit System is another nice feature that increases comfort. This is a self-adjusting system that lets you dial in the perfect fit within seconds. It uses an elastic band and straps to wrap around your head and stay in place. 

Additional Features

There aren’t a ton of additional features to mention with the Ledge. Its basic design helps keep it at an affordable price while still giving you a lot of safety along the way. However, a few extras do play a role in comfort and performance.

First off, the helmet is fully compatible with Giro goggles. If you pair these two items together, you’ll get an excellent fit that will help keep you fog-free while also adding comfort. It’s a way to get you to be brand exclusive, but I think it’s worth it in this case. 

The Ledge will also be compatible with aftermarket audio systems, so you can listen to your favorite tunes when you ride. These systems are sold separately, but it’s still a solid feature to look for in a helmet.    


One of my favorite things about this helmet is its affordable price. Most MIPS helmets will cost you at least a few hundred dollars, but this one falls in well below that. It’s a great value for just about any rider, and I highly recommend it. 

The helmet can work for just about anyone, and the budget-friendly price makes it an easy choice. Its value is increased to another level by all of the comfort and ventilation features that Giro built in. 

It might not be the best option for riders who want the most innovative features or a more modern design. The Ledge is simple in its style and performance. It’s highly effective, but it doesn’t stand out in any way other than its price. 

This helmet is a recommended choice that I think is probably the best budget-friendly model you can find. You won’t be disappointed if you choose to rock the Ledge. 

The Alternatives

There are plenty of helmet options out there, and even though the Giro Ledge MIPS is a recommended choice, it’s good to shop around. Here are some other quality alternatives to explore. 

1. Smith Vantage MIPS

This is one of the top helmets out there and will give you outstanding levels of safety and comfort. It’s a lot more expensive than the Ledge but features some of the latest tech and innovations in helmet design. 

It comes with a Hybrid SL shell construction to give you an excellent first layer of protection. It also has 21 vents to provide you with amazing airflow and keep you comfortable in any type of weather. MIPS construction adds plenty of safety as well. 

2. Giro Emerge MIPS

The Emerge is another quality option from Giro that is well worth exploring. It’s comfortable, affordable, and provides all of the safety features you need to stay safe no matter where you ride. It also comes with MIPS construction for multi-directional impact protection. 

3. Oakley MOD 5 MIPS 

The Oakley MOD 5 MIPS is another candidate for one of the best snowboard helmets you can find. This is a highly effective model that will keep you safe while providing high levels of comfort along the way. 

Its MIPS system effectively gives you heightened safety, and a modular brim system helps reduce goggle fog. It also has a BOA closure system for a customized fit. 

My Verdict

The Giro Ledge MIPS is a simple but solid snowboarding helmet. This model will give you plenty of safety and comfort at a very affordable price. I think it’s an effective choice for just about anyone, and this one comes highly recommended.

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