How to Snowboard Moguls

Snowboarding moguls can be intimidating. I know a lot of pretty experienced snowboarders who don’t like to ride them at all. But if you know how to ride them correctly, they can actually be a lot of fun. 

I’ve been snowboarding for decades and am also a certified snowboarding instructor. I’ve helped many different riders learn how to ride moguls, and I know through first-hand experience how to do this. 

This post will show you how to snowboard moguls. I’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you want to hit bumps. I’ll also give you some other helpful information to improve your riding. 

Let’s jump in. 

Do Snowboarders Like Moguls? 

Most snowboarders do not like moguls. Moguls are typically more of a skier thing, and I know a few really good snowboarders who absolutely hate the bumps. For many people, they just aren’t that fun to ride when there is other terrain to explore. 

I don’t personally hate moguls and have had some fun riding bumps. I wouldn’t say that I love them, but I think knowing how to ride them is a good skill that serious snowboarders should learn how to do. 

Do Snowboarders Cause Moguls? 

Both skiers and snowboarders cause moguls. Moguls occur when people take the same line down a certain slope and start to carve out the hill. The natural paths that skiers and snowboarders make result in the bumps that you ski turn into moguls. 

How to Snowboard Moguls

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you want to snowboard moguls. Make sure you are at an intermediate ability level or beyond before you attempt to ride through moguls. 

Step 1: Take a Lesson

The best way to learn how to snowboard moguls is to take a lesson with a good instructor. They will help you navigate the bumps much better than if you just try them on your own. You’ll also get hands-on advice to improve your form and technique. 

Step 2: Pick a Line

Before diving into a mogul run, it’s important to pick a line you want to ride through. This will help you stay focused and give you a game plan for when you want to make your turns. It can help you react quickly and stay ready for quick turns. 

You don’t have to stick to the line completely, but having a rough idea will keep you focused on the run and make sure you don’t miss a turn and wipe out. 

Step 3: Keep Your Knees Bent and Your Body Engaged – But Relax!

Riding bumps requires you to turn really quickly. So you need to keep a good snowboarding stance going at all times. You want to bend your knees and keep the rest of your body engaged and ready for action. 

But at the same time, you also want to keep everything relaxed, so your body responds when you need it to. If you are tense or rigid, you will struggle when making quick turns. The balance of being engaged yet relaxed can take some time to get used to. 

Step 4: Stay Focused and Adapt

Moguls are basically like an obstacle course. You never know exactly what is coming your way, so you need to keep your eyes on your surroundings and adapt quickly to changes. You can’t straight line and go fast through moguls without things turning bad in a hurry. 

Picking a line is a good way to stay focused, but you can also adjust this line on the fly as you go through the bumps. It’s always good to plan a few turns ahead, so you can anticipate as you go and adapt along the way. 

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

You won’t become an expert mogul rider in a single day, so don’t get frustrated if you struggle at first. Take your time. Even a little bit of progress is still progress. If you want to get good at riding moguls, you will need to practice. 

When I was learning to ride bumps, I would hit a mogul run or two every time I was on the mountain. This helped me develop the needed skills while still enjoying other areas of the mountain.

How to Snowboard Steep Moguls 

When you are riding steep moguls, you need to take every step mentioned above to heart. You’ll need to react quicker and be even more adaptive, but the same basic steps apply. Pick a line, keep your body ready but relaxed, and let it rip!


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to snowboarding moguls.  

Are moguls harder for ski or snowboard?

Snowboarders usually find moguls to be harder than skiers. It’s easier to make quicker turns on skis than it is on a snowboard.

Do ski resorts make moguls?

Ski resorts don’t really make moguls unless it’s for a competition. Moguls occur naturally as skiers and snowboarders ride down a slope, carving through the snow and following the paths made by others. 

What’s the best type of snowboard for moguls

There isn’t a specific type of snowboard made for moguls like there is for skis. But a more narrow and shorter board can help you make quicker turns, which is ideal when riding in the bumps. 

Final Thoughts

Snowboarding in moguls is a challenge, but there is still fun to be had in the bumps. If you want to learn how to ride them, take all of the advice in this post and put it into action on the mountain. Take your time, and you’ll be bouncing through the bumps in no time.

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I'm a certified snowboard instructor. My first experience with snowboarding occurred at an indoor resort. One run had me hooked, and it has turned into a lifelong passion ever since then. I'm here to share with you some of the tips and advice I have learned along the way.

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