Union Contact Pro Review

This is my review of the Union Contact Pro snowboard bindings. 

I’m a CASI-certified snowboarding instructor, and I’ve been teaching for the last ten years. I’m a pretty big fan of Union bindings and have first-hand experience with the Contact Pro, using it on several of my setups over the years. 

The Union Contact Pro is a high-quality option for freestyle-focused riders who want no limits to hold them back. They deliver high-performance in a wide range of situations while offering exceptional comfort. 

In this post, I’ll detail the important traits you need to know about if you are considering these bindings. I’ll show you all of the reasons I think they are a great pick and let you know about any potential downsides as well. 

Time to get rolling. 

Union Contact Pro Overview

The Union Contact Pro is a high-level binding for high-level riders. These can live up to the needs of even the most demanding snowboarders while providing versatility and comfort along the way. 

Union is one of my favorite binding brands, and this model is probably the best model that I have used. They are marketed as a freestyle binding with all-mountain capabilities, and I think that’s an accurate assessment, at a glance anyway. 

I think these bindings are capable of being used for just about any setup. While they do have a freestyle lean, they are equally at home on a technical freeride line or when you want the versatility and freedom that comes with all-mountain riding. 

Medium flex gives you plenty of power, response, and control while allowing enough give for those big freestyle maneuvers. This helps increase the overall versatility while also making them suitable for a wide range of ability levels. 

The Contact Pro has a playful yet powerful performance that allows you to take advantage of anything that comes your way. These bindings cannot be contained, and that spirit is on full display when you want to hit the mountain hard. 

Inside or out of the terrain park, these will deliver exceptional freestyle performance characteristics. They have some natural forward lean that keeps you engaged and shock absorbing abilities to dampen impacts when you go huge. 

I also like how they hold up when you want to push the throttle up to the max or bomb a backcountry line. They will work with your board to enable you to dig in and go for it. This controlled aggression is essential when the going gets tough. 

The bindings are made using high-quality materials that result in long-lasting performance and durability. They can take a beating and still deliver everything they did when brand new. Easy adjustments and strong hardware enhance things on another level. 

The Contact Pro is also relatively affordable for high-performance bindings, making them an exceptional value. The price is right, and these will give you outstanding results. I highly recommend these bindings to just about every rider.

Detailed Review

The Union Contact Pro is a top contender for one of the best snowboard bindings you can find. You can expect high-performance in a wide variety of on-snow situations. They also are very well built and represent a great value. 


These bindings perform well in various situations and can work for just about any style of riding. They have a freestyle focus, but that doesn’t limit what they can do in other areas of the mountain at all. 

A medium flex gives them the versatility you would expect out of an all-mountain binding. But rather than versatility without a focus, these can eat up the terrain park or dive into a day of freeriding. I don’t think there is anything they can’t do.

In the terrain park, you’ll get a powerful and responsive experience that will give you the ability to go as big as you can. The powerful nature allows you to generate a lot of speed on an approach or in the halfpipe. 

When you want to crush other areas of the mountain, you’ll be glad you have the Contact Pro on your side. They give you a tremendous amount of response and power transfer that is useful when things get technical. 

I also like how the bindings perform on a big powder day. They will keep you in control but still allow enough play to let you surf and float all day long. This is a great blend of capabilities that enhance amazing conditions. 

The CP3 Duraflex material that these bindings are made up of allows them to stay responsive in all sorts of weather conditions. The material keeps the same amount of flex no matter how cold or warm it gets. 

The Union Pro is comfortable anywhere you want to take it. It’s probably better suited for intermediate and advanced level riders, but I think it can also help beginners push their limits to the next level.


The bindings also have quite a bit to offer when it comes to comfort. They aren’t a super soft and flexible option, but they still give you all of the support and shock absorption you need to ride hard and ride often. 

They also come with a full-bottom bushing system that is made of a thermoformed EVA foam material. This helps to reduce impact and vibrations to allow you to ride longer and harder. It’s like shocks on your car but on your snowboard. 

The Duraflex material that is used in the construction also comes into play with comfort in mind. These bindings maintain their flex no matter what type of condition or weather you are riding in, which means reliable comfort anytime and anywhere. 

3D aluminum heelcups work to keep your boots centered and in place when you ride. This can reduce foot fatigue by limiting the movement of your boots and preventing any slippage from happening. It’s a simple but effective design. 

If you are using a comfortable pair of snowboard boots, the Contact Pro will highlight whatever cushioning or shock absorption is already on display. In a way, they magnify comfort levels, and that is pretty cool. 


The bindings have plenty to offer in terms of adjustability as well. These are well built, and the solid construction leads to exceptional hold and a secure fit. You can expect these to easily work with any type of boot or size of foot. 

A hexgrip toe strap gives you several different positions to keep the front of your feet in place. This ability to adjust the toe strap is unique and allows you to customize things based on any preferences you have or the conditions of the day. 

They also come with a Forma Elite Direct Connect ankle strap. This is another innovative design feature that takes a minimalist approach while still keeping your feet safe and secure. These straps hold tight, even with less material used in their construction. 

The strap buckles are made out of aluminum for strong and lightweight performance that is easy to use in the cold with gloves on your fingers. This material is also lightweight, which means it won’t cause any wear and tear to your boots. 

Grade 8.8 hardware is used throughout the construction of the Contact Pro. This means that all of the straps and buckles won’t wear out or loosen up, even under heavy use. You’ll be able to keep things tight and secure season after season.  


You would expect the Contact Pro to come with a pretty hefty price tag for all of its fantastic performance and versatile capabilities. The great news is, you’ll get reverse sticker shock when you see what they cost. 

They are some of the most affordable high-performance bindings you can find, which also makes them one of the better values around. With everything they have to offer and a relatively low price, I recommend them to just about anyone. 

If you are the type of snowboarder who likes to roam all over the mountain and needs a binding that can keep up without sacrificing an inch of performance, these make a great value. They can work for multiple styles and ability levels as well. 

If you are a true beginner and don’t have much experience on the snow, these might be slightly too aggressive and aren’t as good of a value. They can certainly help push your limits, but they can hold you back if you’re not up for the challenge. 

The Alternatives

Here are some good alternatives to the Union Contact Pro to check out if you want to see what else is out there. 

1. Union Force

The Force is another high-quality option from Union. These can also be used in various situations and provide you with the versatility needed for all-mountain riding. A slightly stiffer flex makes them suitable for more experienced riders. 

You will benefit from a Stage 4 Duraflex ST baseplate that provides even response and control. Multi-density thermoformed EVA bushings add a layer of comfort and shock absorption. 

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2. Burton Cartel

This is another one of the top all-around snowboarding bindings you can find. The Cartel will give you amazing performance and comfort attributes that you can rely on in a wide variety of different situations. 

SensoryBED cushioning will keep your feet comfortable and in good shape, while a canted highback works with your body’s natural shape to increase response.

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3. Ride C-8

The C-8 is another great value and has a simple but effective design that many snowboarders like. A reversible ankle strap gives you the ability to adjust things based on your style preferences, and an EVA base pad gives you added cushioning. 

My Verdict

The Union Contact Pro is one of the best all-around snowboard bindings you can get your feet into. These will deliver exceptional performance nearly anywhere on the mountain and come highly recommended. It’s tough to dislike what this model has to offer.       

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