Adidas Tactical ADV Review

This is my review of the Adidas Tactical ADV snowboard boots.

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has used a vast amount of different equipment and gear related to the sport. I haven’t used the boots reviewed here myself, but I spoke with a few fellow riders who have to understand how they hold up. 

The Tactical ADV makes for a solid pair of snowboard boots. They have an all-mountain focus with an exceptional style that is sure to stand out on the mountain. They aren’t cheap, but they provide plenty of comfort and performance. 

I’ll go in-depth on the features and traits, both good and bad, that you can expect out of these boots in this review. 

Time to get started. 

Adidas Tactical ADV Overview

There are still plenty of snowboarders out there who might scratch their heads at the thought of an Adidas snowboard boot. The brand is better known for off-snow athletic wear, and these boots can appear like a novelty item. 

I can assure you that the Tactical ADV is far from a fad. These are a quality pair of all-mountain boots that provide exceptional comfort and performance to keep you supported in all sorts of situations. They also look super cool. 

The biggest asset these boots have going for them is when it comes to comfort. They are supportive and cushioning without sacrificing an inch of performance. They fit well out of the box and have a minimal break-in period. 

They also feature some excellent construction and use high-quality materials that reflect Adidas’ commitment to athletes of all varieties. These boots are built to perform, but they are also made to last, even under regular use. 

One of the keys to the outstanding performance and comfort of the Tactical ADV is a Boost Midsole. I’ll take a closer look at this in the detailed review below, but it’s a design feature that is beyond effective. These are some of the most comfortable boots around. 

They also excel in the style department. These boots just look cool. They stand out from the competition and are sure to generate some attention when you ride. With a blend of street and snow style, the Tactical ADV is impressive inside and out. 

A medium-stiff flex makes them suitable for many different styles and ability levels of riders. They have an all-mountain focus but can be used in some freestyle and less aggressive freeride situations. 

My biggest gripe with these boots is their high cost. You’ll pay for all the comfort and style they have to offer, and this keeps them from being a great value. You also don’t get much in terms of additional features, another bummer considering their price.

Detailed Review

The Adidas Tactical ADV is an above-average snowboard boot. It’s a versatile, high-performance option that also offers superior style. It’s also an expensive boot that the average rider might not be able to afford. 


These boots are marketed as an all-mountain option. They are versatile all over the mountain and deliver good support and responsive performance in many different situations. They can work for most ability levels but don’t have a beginner-level focus. 

A medium-stiff flex is ideal for all-mountain pursuits. This gives you enough stiffness to maintain effective power transfer and control in challenging big mountain situations with enough flex to be capable as a freestyle option. 

They have a natural fit that molds around your foot, translating into quality control and good movement from your boots to your bindings. The boots stay stable and supportive no matter how you like to ride. 

Traditional laces might be the only performance issue I can see with the Tactical ADV. For all the advanced-level innovation they possess, you’d expect a BOA system or at least something more than the basic. 


These are some of the most comfortable snowboard boots you can find. When you combine their excellent performance and superior comfort, it makes for a fantastic on-snow experience that any snowboarder can appreciate.

The Boost Midsole is one of the top comfort features worth mentioning. The idea behind it is that the footbed is designed to bounce back and return energy to your foot after applying pressure. You can’t feel any ‘bounce,’ but the comfort it provides is apparent. 

A gold-level Ultralon foam liner gives you heat-moldable customization that is a must for any higher-end boot. This gives you additional support that keeps your feet cushioned while preventing fatigue and increasing performance. 

They also have an articulated cuff shell that works with the 3D-molded tongue to give you a natural fit that doesn’t take much breaking in. You can expect noticeable comfort from the get-go, and they seem to get better over time. 

Another significant aspect of how all the comfort features work together is that it results in a very durable boot. They don’t tend to wear out or get softer or more flexy over time.   


These boots look cool, and there is something to be said for the attractive style they have to offer. The boots are eye-catching and alluring with a blend of the storied Adidas old-school look and a nod to evolving snowboard styles. 

Style doesn’t have much to do with performance. You shouldn’t make a buying decision based exclusively on how a boot looks. But when you know they earn high marks in the performance department and also look amazing, it’s a win-win combination. 

The three-stripe Adidas logo pops out and sits at the heart of how they look visually. A patterned blend of colors works like magic if you go with the white on blue colorway. The all-black option is sleek and stylish as well.

They have an aggressive but laid-back look that makes for a statement on the mountain. Other riders are sure to ask you about these boots when you have them laced up and strapped on. They are noticeable without being too flashy. It’s a sweet spot that I appreciate.  

Additional Features

One fairly glaring downside to the Tactical ADV is that they don’t offer much in terms of additional features. While that’s not a very big deal when you take all they have to offer into consideration, you’d expect a few extras when you see their price. 

They do come with a slip-free backstay that uses a rubber material to help keep your boots and bindings in contact with one another. It’s a solid design feature that increases power transfer and is effective even in the snow and cold. 

The soles are pretty aggressive and provide solid grip and traction. That’s not an innovative additional feature, but it comes into play if you are hiking to hard to reach places or simply want the extra grip to keep you from sliding around the parking lot. 

Other than that, what you see is pretty much what you get. The boots don’t have any special lacing system and unique tech to mention. Simple is great when it is effective. And these boots work. I just wish they had a few more additional features.  


Another potential downside, depending on how you look at things, is how much the Tactical ADV costs. They are an expensive high-end option that is far from a budget boot. This keeps them out of the hands of the average rider and brings down their overall value in my eyes.

While they have plenty to offer in terms of comfort, style, and performance, you’re going to pay quite a bit to get all of those. You can find similar all-mountain boots that give you comparable performance at a much lower price. 

The comfort that the boots provide might justify their cost to some riders on their own. Throw the solid style on top of that, and you can start to see why they cost so much. If you have the cash, I think they are entirely worth it. 

If you are on a budget and need to purchase a bunch of other gear, I’d save your money and go with a cheaper all-mountain option. These boots are great, but you can find alternatives that will cost you half as much. 

The Alternatives

Here are some recommended alternatives to the Adidas Tactical ADV. All of the boots you’ll see below will work for many riders and offer similar performance features. You can also read our snowboard boots review to learn more options.

1. Burton Ion

The Burton Ion is one of the only snowboard boots out there that rivals the Tactical ADV in terms of comfort. Unfortunately, these boots are even more expensive. But they are another phenomenal high-end option that’s worth choosing if you have the money. 

They have a Total Comfort Construction that effectively eliminates the break-in period, and a Speed Zone lacing system gives you a customized fit. They are also super durable and come with Burton’s outstanding customer service and reputation. 

2. Vans Hi-Standard

The Hi-Standard is another snowboard boot model from a well-known shoe brand. They offer great style and performance at a more affordable price. These are a good option for all ability levels and give you versatile and effective performance. 

They aren’t quite as comfortable as the Tactical ADV, but they are more than worth it for the price. Durable, effective, and stylish, the Hi-Standard sets a standard for a more budget-friendly all-around snowboard boot.

==> Read our detailed review of Vans Hi-Standard to learn more.

3. Thirtytwo TM-2

These boots are another top all-around performer that I thoroughly recommend. They will give you solid performance in various conditions, from freestyle lines to big mountain bowls – and everything in between. 

Medium flex provides you with the perfect blend of support and comfort. They have ultra-soft energy foam cushioning that helps prevent foot fatigue. They also look pretty darn cool. 

==> Read our detailed review of Thirtytwo TM-2 to learn more.

My Verdict    

The Adidas Tactical ADV tactical is an awesome all-around choice for a snowboard boot. They are versatile, comfortable, and stylish – everything you want and need out of a quality option. 

They are expensive and lack additional features, but you won’t be disappointed if you can work them into your winter budget.

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  • Javier

    Good read. I was under the impression they didn’t make these anymore… where could one find these?

    • Lorraine

      Hey Javier, I’m not exactly sure where they are available if the link in this post isn’t working. But I’ll look into it and let you know where else they might still be for sale.