Thirty Two TM Two Review

This is my review of the Thirty Two TM Two snowboard boots.

I’m a snowboarding enthusiast, and I’ve been riding most of my life. Over the last decade, I’ve worked as a certified snowboarding instructor, and I know how to judge equipment and gear accurately. 

In my opinion, the TM 2 is the best snowboard boot that Thirty Two makes, and I’ve heard that from many other riders that I know. They are very versatile and give you high-quality all-mountain performance while still offering plenty of comfort along the way. 

I’ll provide you with a detailed review of my thoughts and experience with these boots in this post. I’ll show you why they are a recommended choice and help you make an informed buying decision. 

Let’s get to it. 

Thirty Two TM Two Overview

The Thirty Two TM Two is a solid snowboarding boot that earns high marks overall, especially with performance and comfort in mind. These boots are more than capable in a wide variety of situations, and they come highly recommended. 

This is a very versatile option that meets the standard of the top choices in the all-mountain category. They will give you plenty of power and response while still allowing for a bit of play and give if you want to scale things back. 

A medium-stiff flex makes the TM Two a good option for intermediate and advanced riders who want reliable performance and precise control. They are a bit too stiff for beginners but can work for any skill level outside of that. 

Well-rounded performance is noticeable as soon as you lace these boots up. They stay firm and supportive to deliver a responsive feel you can rely on. If you pair them with a stiff set of bindings, you can easily handle technical terrain. 

I like these as an all-mountain snowboard boot with a freeride focus, but they can still do alright as an aggressive freestyle boot. The stiffness caters to powerful riding and will give you the necessary control to create smooth and steady turn initiation. 

The TM Two is also very comfortable. They come with a heat-moldable performance liner that gives you a customized fit and a few other features that aid in keeping your feet healthy and happy. 

Traditional laces seem like an odd choice for a high-performance model, but I don’t think this takes away from everything the boots have to offer. The laces will stay tight and give you the support and hold needed for all-day riding. 

The most significant downside of the TM Two is a high price tag that falls in line with the rest of the best all-mountain boots out there. They also don’t have very good traction, so I wouldn’t want to hike with these in the backcountry. 

Despite a higher cost, I still think they make a good value. You get what you pay for, and the TM Two provides substantial amounts of comfort and performance that is easy to get used to. 

Detailed Review

The Thirty Two TM Two is a high-quality all-mountain boot that delivers plenty of performance. They have a solid construction that makes for a comfortable ride, with a stiff enough flex to meet the needs of more experienced riders. 


These boots are a do-it-all type of model. That’s what you would expect with any all-mountain boot worth its weight, but the TM Two provides serious versatility that makes it a favorite option for many riders. 

The medium-stiff flex translates into higher-end performance. This is great for experienced riders who want a reliable and responsive performance all over the resort. They have good power transfer and work well in challenging conditions. 

I think the boots can hold their own in the most technical terrain you are likely to find at the resort. In steep and deep freeriding situations, you’ll get plenty of power to stand in command and control your board. However, a lack of traction makes them not ideal in the backcountry.   

They are also capable as a freestyle boot, although they might be a bit too stiff for hardcore park rats. You get a little give, and they have plenty of cushioning to help with shock absorption when you want to stick a perfect landing. 

The TM Two is a contender for one of the best all-mountain boots around. I think they provide the best performance of any traditional lace model I’ve seen, and their ability to handle variable terrains and conditions is borderline unreal.   


These boots are flat-out comfortable, especially for being a more performance-focused model. They have a sweet blend of these two essential characteristics, and they complement instead of taking away from one another. 

A performance liner helps create a customized and fully supportive fit. It’s made of dual-density Intuition foam and is heat-moldable to match the natural contours of your feet while creating good arch support and ankle hold. 

You also get a performance footbed that is made from a high-quality foam material. This helps further support your feet and adds a solid layer of cushioning as well. The footbed helps limit fatigue while increasing shock absorption. 

The TM Two also features an over-mold construction that fixes a critical problem with other models in their lineup – durability. This makes the boots retain their flex and support even after hundreds of days on the mountain. 

These boots are easy to wear and easy to break in, which means you’ll be ready to ride as soon as you take them out of the box. You can expect reliable comfort that will last when you are wearing them.  


I think the TM Two is one of the most stylish boots that Thirty Two offers. They have a sleek look that looks modern without being too flashy or overdone. These will easily blend into whatever style of clothing you are already using when you ride. 

Traditional laces give the boots a somewhat old-school appeal, but the rest of the construction looks modern or even progressive. They are on the slimmer slide, which is great if you want to avoid the look or feel of a big, bulky boot. 

The foot area features a blend of faux leather and mesh-like material. Under the mesh is a hint of color and design, which increases their subtle style. The result almost makes the boots look a little holographic when you look at them from different angles. 

On the upper section of the boots, you get a wave-like design cause by these two materials working their way up to the cuff. It’s easy on the eye, and the curves create a smooth vibe that is a nice touch. 

Additional Features

The TM Two doesn’t come packed with extra features but still has a few worth mentioning that help increase the already solid construction, performance, and comfort they offer. 

The sole is made with STI energy foam to increase comfort and adds a lot of cushioning and shock absorptions. This is good for riders who like to go huge and want to make sure their feet have a nice landing pad when they return to earth. 

A performance internal harness increases stability and hold. This feature is nice for more technical situations where you need your boots to follow every movement your feet make. It also helps keep your heel in place without slipping or sliding around. 

A 3D molded tongue is another nice touch that helps keep the laces locked in place while creating consistent flex throughout the boots. A performance backstay helps to lock in your upper ankle area for increase response as well.  


The TM Two is not a budget option, but I still think it makes for a pretty solid value when you consider all of the comfort and quality performance it can offer to all types of riders. 

If you are an experienced rider who needs power and response and wants a comfort-focused fit, these are hard to beat. They give you the best of both worlds with those factors in mind. 

If you are a beginner or exclusively a freestyle rider, these are not the best option. A stiffer flex makes them a little less forgiving for these types of riders, and something with extra give will better meet these needs. 

The Alternatives

All of the alternatives you’ll see below are recommended. These are all high-quality models and offer slightly different performance or value attributes than the TM Two.

1. Thirty Two Lashed

This is a more affordable option from Thirty Two that still delivers plenty of comfort and good all-around performance. They aren’t the most durable option but will keep your feet in good shape no matter how you like to ride. 

A heat-moldable liner gives you a customized fit, and a molded footbed increases arch support to aid in performance and feel. Traditional laces keep your feet lashed in place, and an STI energy foam sole increases shock absorption.

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2. Burton Imperial

The Imperial rivals the TM Two in its blend of both comfort and performance. These come with a GripLITE backstay that provides solid energy transfer while also helping to reduce foot fatigue when you are riding tough. 

They also come with Burton’s Total Comfort Construction, a unique feature that eliminates the break-in period and makes the boots ready to roll right out of the box. 

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3. DC Travis Rice BOA

If you are looking for extremely high-level performance attributes, check out the DC Travis Rice BOA. These boots are super responsive to give you precise and control and power when challenging conditions are the norm. 

These are professional-level boots that are for experienced riders who demand perfection. They are stiff but still comfortable enough to wear all season long. 

My Verdict

The Thirty Two TM Two is a solid all-mountain snowboard boot that delivers high-quality levels of performance and comfort. They are versatile to work in any type of condition and are a recommended option for most riders.

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