Thirty Two Lashed Review

This is my review of the Thirty Two Lashed snowboard boots.

I’m a lifelong snowboarder and have been working as a certified instructor for the last decade. I’ve used many different models of boots over the years, and I know what to look for in a high-quality pair. 

The Thirty Two Lashed is a classic boot that has been around for a long time. It is simple but effective and makes for a decent option for all-around performance and quality comfort. These are not the most durable boots around but are very affordable. 

I’ll dive into the details below to provide you with a full review of these boots. My goal is to help you make an informed purchasing decision and better understand how the Lashed performs on the mountain. 

Let’s rock. 

Thirty Two Lashed Overview

The Thirty Two Lashed is an affordable classic snowboard boot that offers all-mountain performance and plenty of comforts. It’s a solid option for any rider on a budget and can work for all ability levels

These boots aren’t going to give you super high-end performance in any area, but they do have practical versatility that allows you to explore anywhere on the mountain. I think they are a better beginner/intermediate option, but I’ve seen advanced riders use them too. 

They have a simple construction and design that won’t stand out but still deliver everything you want out of a capable and comfortable boot. This helps to keep the cost down without sacrificing much performance. 

The Lashed does stand out when it comes to comfort. These will give you a genuinely comfy fit and feel, and that’s probably the best attribute. The Team liner is heat moldable to provide you with a customized fit that offers plenty of support. 

A medium flex gives the boots enough response to go after more technical terrain while still being fully functional in the terrain park. It’s a good balance for all-mountain riding and beneficial for riders who want to grow and progress their skill level. 

The simple construction is evident when you look at the Lashed. Traditional laces give them a classic look, and even though this is old-school, you get reliable tightening that will stay secure when you are out bombing runs. 

I think the boots perform at their best for people who have a more laid-back approach to their riding. These are far from aggressive and are not an option to go with if you want to pursue big-mountain or freeride lines

Durability issues are a risk here. These boots have been known to pack out fairly quickly, and I don’t think you’ll get more than a few seasons of solid use out of them before the liners wear down, and performance suffers. 

Still, they are very affordable, and that keeps them as a recommended choice for any boarder on a budget. The Lashed also costs significantly less than other quality all-mountain snowboard boots while providing well-rounded performance. 

Detailed Review

The Thirty Two Lashed is a quality boot with a comfortable fit. They don’t stand out in terms of performance but still offer versatility and effective response in various conditions. These are an affordable all-mountain option for any rider to consider. 


Versatility and the ability to adapt are what you should look for in an effective all-mountain snowboarding boot. While the Lashed isn’t a high-end performance model, it still gives you decent all-around capabilities that riders of all kinds can appreciate. 

Medium flex gives the boots range, and they offer reliable all-mountain performance. A decent response will let you generate power in more technical situations when you want to dig in for a carve or make a quick maneuver. 

If freestyle riding is more your style, the boots are flexible enough to provide you with the give you want when jibbing around the terrain park or spending some time in the halfpipe. I like these better in freestyle situations than freeride. 

They also do well in powder conditions, and the easy-going nature of the Lashed comes into play when the snow starts to pile up. With a comfortable fit and flexible but solid hold, they can help add to the surf and float of your powder board. 

Experienced riders who demand flawless performance will be left wanting more. If that sounds like you, I’d go with a different option. But for decent performance across the mountain at an easy-to-like price, these boots are a win. 


The Lashed stands out when it comes to comfort. They have a comfy fit and feel that is easy to break in and will give you excellent support. If comfort is your main priority, these boots will provide what you are looking for. 

A Team liner gives you heat-moldable customization to ensure your feet are fully supported when you ride. The liner is made of dual-density Intuition foam, which is pretty much the industry standard for high-quality boots. 

Built into the liner is an internal harness that adds to the support while keeping your heel firmly planted in the boot. This feature works to provide comfort and performance and does an excellent job at both. 

The footbed is also designed with comfort in mind. It is molded to naturally work with the shape of your feet while also providing arch support. Custom footbeds are always worth looking into, but the Lashed provides a solid starting point to keep things simple. 

The comfort is evident when you wear these boots, but I need to mention the durability issues again. As the boots start to pack out from regular use, they aren’t nearly as comfortable as when they are brand new. 


These boots have a classic style that is basic but also easy on the eyes. If you like a simple look that’s not flashy, these will hit that spot. They won’t stand out on the mountain, but I think they look good, regardless. 

Traditional laces give the Lashed the classic style feel. They have well-stitched seams that help reduce bulk and overall have a reasonably minimal profile. This is great if you don’t want a bulking boot or like to crank your bindings on tight. 

They are also available in a few different colorways. If you want a loud option, check out the yellow version with a large Thirty-Two logo on the lower outside portion – it makes them almost look like a snowmobile racing boot. 

The lower portion of the boots features a multi-panel design that adds a bit of texture without being overdone. Higher-up is a mesh-like material that is a little more flexible to give you extra wrap around the above-ankle area of your leg. 

Additional Features

The classic and straightforward nature of the Lashed means that you don’t get a ton of extras. This also helps keep the price down. Who needs bells and whistles when you have an effective and comfortable boot, anyways?

The STI Evolution foam sole is a great feature. It’s another comfort-focus attribute that gives you extra cushioning without adding much weight. This foam can also wear out over time, but it does its job until then.

A 3D molded tongue provides a consistent flex throughout the boot and works well with the traditional laces to make lacing easy and effective. This is a standard feature but is always nice to have. 

A performance backstay gives you more rigidity in the spine of the boots, increasing power transfer and response along the way. A heel hold kit provides another measure to keep your feet firmly planted as well.  


The Lashed is a very affordable all-mountain boot that makes for great value. Even though it doesn’t provide super-solid durability, the boots give you a ton of comfort and versatile performance in a wide range of conditions. 

For any rider on a budget, these will be a good value. They can work for all ability levels and give you decent performance from deep powder into the terrain park. If comfort is a top priority, the value is apparent as well. 

If you are an experienced rider who wants high-level performance, the Lashed is not a good value. They are affordable but are not stiff enough to give you precise power and control when conditions get real.

Usually, I wouldn’t recommend boots with apparent durability issues, but I think these boots’ comfort and affordable price warrants an exception. 

The Alternatives

Here are a few good alternatives to the Thirty Two Lashed. All of the boots below come recommended and are high-quality options. 

1. Thirty Two STW BOA

The STW BOA is a softer boot than the Lashed and makes for a good beginner or freestyle option. These deliver plenty of comfort while still giving you support and heel hold to learn the basics or perfect new tricks in the terrain park. 

BOA lacing gives you a quick and easy way to get ready to ride, and an Intuition heat-moldable liner leads to customized comfort. They also come with a comfort harness that helps keep your heel down. 

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2. Vans Hi-Standard

This is another very affordable pick that still provides solid performance all-around. They have a medium flex that works well for all-mountain riding and come with traditional laces for a classic look. 

A V1 UltraCush liner gives you solid support even though it’s not heat-moldable, while the waffle lug outsole provides a lot of traction on the snow or your board. These have similar levels of comfort to the Lashed. 

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3. DC Phase

The Phase is one of the most affordable decent-quality boots around and is highly recommended if you want to save some money and still get good performance. They are simple, but they can still get the job done. 

My Verdict

The Thirty Two Lashed is an affordable and comfortable boot that can work well for all types of snowboarders. Durability is an issue as the liner starts to pack out, but these are still worth it if you want impressive cushioning, support, and versatility.

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