7 Best Action Camera for Snowboarding

Action Camera for Snowboarding

Nothing beats being out on the mountain with powder under your board and the wind rushing by as you blast downhill. An action camera can help capture this amazing feeling for future memories or share with family and friends. 

I’m a snowboarding instructor who has been riding for most of my life. I’ve used several different action cameras over the years, and I know what to look for in a high-quality option.

The GoPro Hero 9 is my top pick for the best action camera for snowboarding. This model will allow you to capture amazing 5K HD video footage while being solid and durable enough to handle rough winter conditions. 

There are a few fantastic options out there to choose from, and in this post, I’ll show you all of my favorites so you can make a pick that works best for your needs. 

Time to hit record and get after it.

Who Should Get This

An action camera is perfect for those who want to record their snowboarding journey or take some great photos. Anyone who rides, no matter their age, will be able to get some value out of an action camera.

These can also be used for filming a variety of other outdoor hobbies and activities, such as hiking, swimming, surfing, skiing, and many others. Anyone who loves being outside, and documenting their adventures, will get a lot of use from an action camera.

If you already have a camera or phone that you want to use, or your friend already has an action camera, you might not necessarily need one for yourself. However, be careful using your phone because you may never find it if dropped in the snow.

Top Action Camera for Snowboarding

Here are my top picks for the best action camera for snowboarding. 

1. GoPro Hero 9

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Durable design, waterproof, front and rear touch screens, image stabilization 
  • Resolution: 5K HD Video/20MP Photos
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cost: $$$

The GoPro Hero 9 is my top overall pick for the best action camera for snowboarding. This is a great camera overall and has a rugged design that can capture quality images out in the snow. 

The camera is fully waterproof and ready for action. You don’t need to do anything special to get it prepared for the snow. You can take it out of the box, put it on your helmet, and hit record. It’s also waterproof down to 33 feet if you ever want to take it swimming or snorkeling. 

The Hero 9 allows you to shoot video at up to 5K HD resolution. This means you can capture movie-quality images when you are out shredding through deep powder or in the park. You also have the ability to get 20MP photos for additional quality content. 

It comes with a touch screen on the front and back for easy-to-operate controls that you can take advantage of in the cold. In addition, image stabilization helps to keep your shots smooth while you ride tough. 

It’s a little on the expensive side, but well worth it, in my opinion. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart or Adorama or B&H Photo Video.

2. Insta360 One X2

  • Best for: All-around use/versatility  
  • Key features: Waterproof, 360-degree recording, easy to use, steady cam mode, touch screen
  • Resolution: 5.7K 
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cost: $$$$

The Insta360 One X2 is a workhorse of an action camera that can do a little bit of everything well. Whether you want to record your next big trick or document the beautiful scenery, this model will have you covered. 

I really like how sturdy and stable this camera is. You can easily use it on its own without a mount or harness to capture footage while snowboarding, and the steady cam mode ensures you don’t have to deal with blurriness while doing so. 

The One X2 is also waterproof and can take a tumble into the snow without worry. And if you want to take it with you on summer adventures into the water, you won’t need a special case or equipment to capture underwater footage. 

5.7K 360-degree capture is pretty amazing and allows you to get the entire mountain around you for unreal shots that will impress your friends. The touch-screen is easy to use, and the integrated app makes unlocking its potential a breeze. 

If you want the snow kit, which includes a harness and unicorn helmet mount, you’ll end up paying extra. But it can be worth it if you want to capture all of your snow-filled fun on the mountain.

==> You can also get it on B&H Photo Video or Walmart or Clifton Cameras.

3. GoPro Max

  • Best for: 360-degree footage
  • Key features: Dual-lens 360 camera, HyperSmooth image stabilization, digital lenses, 360 audio
  • Resolution: 6K video
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cost: $$$$

If you want the ability to record 360-degree footage for maximum effect when you ride, the GoPro Max is for you. This is another amazing camera from GoPro that is fully built for adventure. 

The Max features three different cameras in one. You can use a single lens and shoot footage similar to the Hero models, or you can use multiple cameras to capture 360-degree footage in incredible 6K resolution. 

It also comes with HyperSmooth stabilization to keep all of your shots smooth and easy to follow. This technology works and will make for amazing videos, even when you are out there riding tough. 

It’s very expensive, but if you want the best of the best, this is an excellent option to consider. 

==> You can also get it on GoPro or B&H Photo Video or Henrys.

4. Nikon KeyMission 360

  • Best for: Camera Quality
  • Key features: 360 capability, extremely high photo quality, waterproof, freezeproof, solid construction
  • Resolution: 4K video/29MP photo
  • Waterproof: Yes 
  • Cost: $$$

The Nikon KeyMission 360 has one of the highest quality cameras you’ll find in an action camera. This one gives you the ability to capture 29MP photos, which is pretty astounding. You’ll get amazing image quality time and time again. 

On top of the solid image capture features, the KeyMission also allows you to shoot 4K UHD video in a 360-degree field of view. This makes it a reliable option for any rider who wants to capture every angle possible. 

It’s also fully waterproof and freezeproof right out of the box. So you won’t have to worry about using an external cover to protect the camera from the snow and cold. It’s ready for action and will do its job well. 

The KeyMission is lightweight and durable, so you can easily wear it on your helmet or chest mount without it getting in your way. 

4K video is a little behind the video capabilities of the top GoPro models, but the camera makes up for this with the high MP photo feature. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart.

5. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

  • Best for: Budget Pick
  • Key features: Affordable, waterproof, wide-angle, durable, comes with mounting kit, wireless remote control
  • Resolution: 4K video/16MP photo
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cost: $

The Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera is my pick for the best budget option. This one will give you quality video and photo capabilities at a very budget-friendly price.

You’ll be able to shoot in 4K HD video to capture all of your on-snow escapades, whether you are neck-deep in powder or free-flying through the park. You can also shoot 16MP photos to get high-quality images all over the mountain. 

A wireless remote control lets you make adjustments on the fly, and a 2-inch screen is easy to see when you want to check in on your footage over the course of the day. 

It also has a durable construction that is waterproof up to 33 feet. Just make sure not to get the remote control wet; it’s not waterproof. The camera also comes with two batteries and several accessories you can take advantage of. 

It doesn’t have the best image stabilization, and that’s a sacrifice you make with a budget pick.  

==> You can also get it on AliExpress or Walmart.

6. AKASO Brave 7 LE

  • Best for: Value
  • Key features: Affordable, good image and video quality, dual-display, electronic image stabilization, comes with accessories
  • Resolution: 4K video/20MP photo
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cost: $$

The AKASO Brave 7 LE makes for a very good value action camera. Moreover, it comes at a relatively affordable price while still giving you excellent resolution for both videos and photos. 

You can capture crystal clear images with a 20MP still camera alongside high-quality 4K video. 4K is pretty average for newer action cameras but is still more than enough to get great shots. 

The Brave also comes with electronic image stabilization that gives you a gimbal-like performance to enhance your video recording capabilities while you ride. 

It also comes with two rechargeable batteries and a number of valuable accessories like mounting kits and a waterproof housing. 

This one has a shorter battery life than the GoPro options.  

==> You can also get it on Akaso or B&H Photo Video or Walmart.

7. DJI Osmo Action

  • Best for: Waterproof
  • Key features: Durable construction, dual screens, wide-angle lens, RockSteady stabilization
  • Resolution: 4K video/12MP photo
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cost: $$$

If you are looking for extra waterproofing capabilities for your snow or underwater adventures, check out the DJI Osmo Action.

This action camera lets you capture 4K videos and 12MP still photos. You won’t need to worry about blurry images or videos thanks to RockSteady stabilization tech that uses EIS and algorithms to deliver super-stable performance. 

It’s also waterproof to 11 meters, making it a fun accessory to take underwater with you. This also makes it more than a reliable option if you are out in heavy snow often. 

The Osmo also has batteries that are designed to function well in colder environments. You’ll get solid performance in temperatures as low as -10C. 

The video angle is a little narrow at 145-degrees, so your ability to capture wide shots is somewhat limited. 

==> You can also get it on DJI Technology or AliExpress or Adorama.

How to Choose The Best Action Camera for Snowboarding

Here are some essential factors to keep in mind when shopping for a good action camera to use while you ride. 


Because this camera will be taken with you on many adventures and likely dropped a time or two, it is a good idea to find one that is durable. 

It should be made out of solid materials and capable of taking some hits. If it becomes unusable after a single drop, it likely won’t last very long in the hands of a snowboarder.

Photo and Video Quality

The primary job of this device will be to take photos and shoot videos. Therefore, you always want to make sure that it has a quality camera. 

It should be able to get clear photos and videos, even in potentially inclement weather. Look for one that comes with features to improve your videos and pictures or allows you to customize them better.

Battery Life

Another thing to consider is the battery life of the camera. If you want the camera to last your entire day out there in the mountains, you should buy one with long battery life. If you constantly have to charge your device instead of using it, you will undoubtedly miss some great content.


Here are some quick answers to a few common questions relating to action cameras. 

What cameras do snowboarders use?

It depends on the person. The most popular brand that I see on the slopes is GoPro. They have many different models to choose from, and all of them are very well made. The other brands you’ll see on this list are commonly used as well. 

How do you record someone snowboarding?

If you want to record yourself or a friend snowboarding, the best way is to wait downhill from them on the run. You can then capture footage as they ride down the run. Of course, you can also get an extension stick to film yourself, but I think this gets in the way. 

Is GoPro good for snowboarding?

Yes. GoPro is one of the best action camera brands around. They have some of the most durable and highest-quality cameras in the industry. They also have many models to choose from, so you can find an option that works best for you. 

Useful Tips and Resources

Getting a camera is easy, but knowing how to capture a great video isn’t always as simple. See the tips shared in this article, and you should get some good results from your action cam as you snowboard on the slopes.

Before you take the camera anywhere, you want to make sure it is fully charged up. There are few things worse than planning a fun day of shooting videos or taking photos, only for the camera to be dead.

Not only that, but you want to make sure that you take care of the action camera and keep it clean. If it is full of dust, dirt, or irresponsibly transported, it could hurt how well the camera can work.

Also, because there are several attachments, tools, and equipment related to action cameras, it is good to research if any of those could help improve your content.

In most cases, you’ll be able to find some items that will help you get the most from your action camera.

My Verdict

The GoPro Hero 9 is my pick for the best action camera for snowboarding. This model will give you excellent video and still images, is built to last, and provides you with a number of other capabilities that can come in useful when you ride. 

Any of the options you find on this list will work well for snowboarding. They all have waterproof and weatherproof performance alongside a strong construction that will hold up for a long time in bad weather. 

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