4 Best Budget Snowboards

Budget Snowboard Under $200

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a decent snowboard. There are many good budget options out there (some even cost less than $200) that can work for beginner riders who don’t need high-end features and performance.

I’ve been a snowboarding instructor for the last ten years and have seen hundreds of different boards during that time. I know of a few great budget options, and I want to share those with you in this post. 

The best budget snowboard you can find right now is the Rossignol Circuit. This is a solid all-around option that is very affordable. 

There are some really cheap snowboards out there, but they are more like toys for kids. In this post, I’ll stick to budget boards that can be used easily at the resort and will meet the needs of beginner to intermediate riders. 

Bundle up, and let’s get started.

Who Should Get This

Anyone looking to save some money without sacrificing quality will appreciate the options listed here. If you are already familiar with snowboarding, you know that it isn’t a cheap sport. 

If you can find deals on any piece of equipment, you’ll be able to get out on the snow without too much of a cost. These boards also make great gifts for someone who might be on the fence about learning how to snowboard.

Unfortunately, the highest quality snowboards come with a higher price tag. All of the options listed here are decent, but they are not professional-level boards geared towards high performance.

If you’re an advanced level rider who needs the best performance possible, you might be better off looking for a different option than those listed here.

Top Cheap Snowboards

All of the boards you’ll find on this list are quality options that come in at a wallet-friendly price. They aren’t high-performance snowboards, but they will get the job done.

1. Best Overall: Rossignol Circuit

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Good option for improving skills, AmpTek rocker profile, no-catch edge, affordable
  • Shape: Twin
  • Flex: Medium

The Rossignol Circuit is one of the best budget snowboards on the market. It’s a very affordable option that is fun to ride. It’s a good option for beginner to intermediate riders who want a board that can grow with them. 

The AmpTek Auto Turn rocker profile is a great design feature that makes for an enjoyable ride. It allows you to stay on top of deeper snow and has a no-catch edge that makes turning and carving a breeze. 

The board also has a directional all-mountain flex that makes it very versatile. This is another excellent feature with progression in mind that lets you explore any area of the mountain that you are ready for. 

It’s also durable thanks to a glass fiber construction that increases torsional resistance and adds a little flex reinforcement. 

This isn’t a good option for experienced riders because it is too soft for more aggressive riding styles. 

2. Best Low Price Option: Chamonix Lognan

  • Best for: Budget
  • Key features: Sidewall construction, camber profile, durable construction, strong but lightweight core.  
  • Shape: Twin
  • Flex: Medium

If you want an affordable option, check out the Chamonix Lognan. This is another decent budget board that is the cheapest on this list. 

The Lognan is a versatile option that will allow beginner and intermediate riders to explore groomers, powder, and the park. It has a camber profile that is responsive and keeps you in control wherever you ride. 

The twin shape makes it fun to ride in the park and when you want to switch. A strong but lightweight poplar wood core increases durability but also adds pop and response. 

Being an extremely budget board, you won’t get a lot of high-performance characteristics, which can be a big downside for more experienced riders. 

3. Best for Women: Salomon Lotus 

  • Best for: Women
  • Key features: use of Low-density fibers, flat out camber, easy and fun to ride
  • Shape: Twin
  • Flex: Soft

The best budget women’s specific board is the Salomon Lotus. This is a fun board to ride that offers plenty of performance attributes right alongside. 

This board uses ow-density fibers which means it’s lighter than most options. It also has a true twin shape which is great for park rats or when you want to explore the mountain in a freestyle fashion.

Even though the Lotus is still a budget board, it’s on the upper end of the budget spectrum. It can also be a little soft for big-mountain conditions. 

==> You can also get it on Salomon or Evo or Utah Ski Gear.

4. Best All-Mountain: DC Focus

  • Best for: All-Mountain
  • Key features: Stratus core, catch-free edges, beveled edges, forgiving flex, easy to control
  • Shape: Directional
  • Flex: Soft/Medium

The DC Focus is a quality all-mountain budget board that will keep you in control and balanced all over the mountain. 

It has a directional shape and a softer flex that makes the board good for freestyle or beginner riders. It’s versatile enough to take on steeper slopes and into the park on the same day. 

The Focus also has a rocker profile that keeps you up on top of the snow and is very playful by design. It’s easy to turn and has a catch-free edge design that comes in handy when you are just learning. 

The soft flex isn’t ideal for aggressive or experienced riders. 

Best Budget Snowboard: What to Consider

Take the following considerations into account when you are shopping for a good budget snowboard. 


The most significant consideration when getting a budget board is the price. If you’re looking to save some cash as you start to collect all of your gear, getting a board in this price range can save you hundreds of dollars right from the start.


Sometimes, cheap products mean poor quality. While there are certainly some cheap snowboards out there, the options listed here come highly recommended as they provide good quality at a low price.


Performance is another consideration to be aware of when getting a budget snowboard. Many lower-priced options sacrifice their performance to cut costs.

However, the ones in this guide manage to combine solid performance with a fun, stable ride. They should work for every non-advanced boarder. If you need the highest performance out there, you’ll need to spend some extra money.


Most budget snowboards come in a twin shape. That means the board is nearly symmetrical from tip to tail. Such a shape is good for beginners or riders who like freestyle boarding.

Directional shapes that cater to high-performance and stability at increased speeds are not often available under $200. If you have a preference in the shape of your board, know that twins are by far the most common cheap option.


Here are a few quick answers to some commonly asked questions about budget snowboards. 

How much does a decent snowboard cost?

A decent snowboard will typically cost anywhere from $200 to $300 or more. The price can vary, and higher performance options will cost a lot more than that. But you can almost always get a good board for a few hundred dollars. 

Where can I get a cheap snowboard?

You can find new cheap snowboards on Amazon or other online retailers. You can also find used options at the snowboard shop and sometimes get a good deal on last year’s models. Craigslist is another good option for used boards.

Do snowboards go on sale?

Yes. And a sale is a great way to get a high quality board for a lower price. Frequently, shops will sell the previous year’s snowboards at the start of the current season. Look online or call your local shop to see if they have any sales happening. 

Additional Tips

One thing you might want to consider when looking for a budget snowboard is buying a used model. See my recommended places to buy used snowboards.

You can often find a good deal on an older board that someone’s getting rid of, and your local shop might have discounts on last year’s models as well.

This is a good way to save some money while getting your hands on a quality board. Check out CraigsList in your region to see if there are any used boards for sale.

My Verdict

You don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money to have a great time snowboarding. The true essence of the sport is simply to be out in the snow enjoying what you love. And for a solid budget board, the Rossignol Circuit is hard to beat. 

You don’t need the best equipment to have a great time in the snow. If you get too caught up in what’s “best,” you might forget that each run is an absolute joy. These budget snowboards are great for those who need to cut costs or who want a quality, affordable option.

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