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Snowboarding is a sport enjoyed by people in all walks of life, all around the world. If you’re reading this post, you’re likely a beginner who’s just learning the basics of how to ride. If that’s you, welcome to the club! Stick with it and your skills will progress rapidly in no time at all.

Whether you are actually reading this because you’re a beginner or shopping for someone who is, inexperienced riders need quality equipment to help them learn how to snowboard safely and effectively. We’re going to list some of the best beginner snowboard options below and explain how they’ll help your ability and excitement out on the snow.

Quick Summary

  • One of the best beginner boards on the market is the Burton Instigator. Burton offers a wide variety of boards, but this one is easy to handle due to its solid performance and sturdy build.
  • The Solomon Sight is another great entry-level board. Featuring a soft flex that’s both playful and forgiving, this board can help you progress from your first run towards tackling larger features as your skills improve.
  • For a board that’s great for beginners but will also allow you to push yourself, check out the Arbor Element. This is a board with a history of performance and reliability that newcomers will learn to appreciate.

Who Should Get This?

If you’re just learning how to ride, it’s important that you don’t get in over your head too quickly. Some people are naturals on a snowboard, but others need to be patient in order to learn the skills, form, and technique needed to succeed. That’s why it’s important to get a good beginner’s board that will be flexible and forgiving enough to allow you a little grace during the learning period.

If you get a board that’s above your ability level, it can be too much to handle. The beginner options listed here are designed to be stable, playful, and responsive enough to let you learn the basics without needing to take on aggressive or intimidating terrain. If you feel like you’ve learned the basics and are beyond a beginner’s skill level, you may want to look at other options.

Best Beginner Snowboard: What to Consider


A board’s flex goes a long way towards its on-snow characteristics. Softer boards are better suited for beginners because they tend to be more forgiving and easier to control. When searching for a beginner snowboard, look for an option that’s soft and flexible. Most board manufacturers will display a board’s flex on the sticker or in the description online.

As you get better at riding, you can steadily increase your board’s stiffness. A stiffer board will be more stable at high speeds and generally more responsive. It takes more power and skill to fully control a stiff board. If you feel like you’re ready for a stiffer board after riding a beginner option for a while, move your way up to a medium flex board and see how that goes first.


I would recommend a twin shape for beginner riders. This is a common shape for many snowboards. It looks symmetrical from the tip to tail. You don’t necessarily need to get a completely symmetrical board, but an option that leans that way will allow you to get a feel for turning and help you to ride switch (riding with your unnatural foot forward).

Twin shaped boards allow beginners to develop new skills and explore different riding styles. They also tend to be a little bit slower, which is also nice for beginners because it keeps them under control.

Rent Before You Buy

Though you might want to go out and buy your first snowboard right away, you might want to consider renting gear for a while before you purchase your own. That will give you the chance to experiment with different models so you can find the option that works for you. If your rental shop has any of the boards listed here, give them a shot before you spend the money.

Best Beginner Snowboard: Our Picks for 2020

1. Burton Instigator

One of the best beginner snowboards out there is the Burton Instigator. Burton has a solid and trusted reputation in the world of snowboarding and they offer something for just about every type of rider. This board is designed with beginners in mind and will help you quickly learn the basics. A soft, playful feel is made possible through a flat top bend in the board alongside a convex base that allows you to stay under control while having fun.


  • Easy to ride
  • Designed with beginners in mind
  • Playful but steady
  • Soft flex
  • Trusted brand
  • Twin shape


  • Not a high-performance board

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2. Solomon Sight

The Solomon Sight is another option that makes for a great entry-level board that will help you get better on the snow. This board has a slight directional twin shape that makes it great for the beginner who wants to learn how to ride fast while working on other elements at the same time. A cross profile allows for easing turning and effortless maneuvering, while a soft flex makes this board forgiving and playful.


  • Great control
  • Directional twin shape
  • Quality construction
  • Medium-soft flex
  • Playful and forgiving


  • Can ride fast

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3. Arbor Element

If you’re dedicated to the sport and want a board that’s going to help you push yourself to the next level, check out the Arbor Element. This is one of the most popular models from Arbor because it has a sleek design and premium features that make it a perfect beginner to intermediate option. You can expect all-around performance and excellent response from this board. It’s also easy to control and maneuver, two aspects that help you improve over time.


  • Classic design
  • Good option to grow with your skills
  • Quality construction
  • Fun to ride


  • Can be a little too much for really inexperienced riders

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Useful Tips & Resources

The best advice I can offer to new snowboarders is to stick with it. You’re going to have days when you get frustrated or feel like you are not improving, but you will also have days where you’ll make enormous breakthroughs that will increase your ability and excitement. Just hang in there. Only a select few are able to become really good without years of practice.

Learning the basics of the sport is essential for every rider. Taking a lesson with a good instructor is highly recommended. If you have a friend who knows what they are doing, they can offer some help as well. Check out this post for some good beginner tips.

Final Words

If you have even the slightest interest in snowboarding, you should try it out. It’s one of my most favorite past times and I know this sentiment is shared by millions of other riders around the world. The boards listed here will help you figure out the skills and techniques needed to make your first turns or land your first big air. You might fall flat on your face, but we’ve all been there. Dust yourself up and keep at it.

Do you remember your first day snowboarding? Was it difficult or were you a natural? Let us know in the comments below!

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