How Long Does it Take to Learn Snowboarding?

Learn to Snowboard

Any new skill, no matter what it is, takes time to perfect. Snowboarding is no different.

You can’t expect overnight success in any endeavor, and if you want to become really good at something, you have to put in the time and effort to get there. That is especially true in snowboarding.

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to learning the slopes. Some get it right away, some take a while to find their snow legs.

Even so, many ask the question: how long does it take to learn snowboarding?

Quick Answer

There is no exact answer to how long it will take for you to learn how to snowboard.

The basics can be picked up in a couple of days, especially if you’re a natural or take a lesson with a good instructor.

If you want to get to an advanced or expert level, it can take years of steady boarding.

I would say that most people can get to an intermediate level after one season if they put in around 20 to 30 days on the mountain.

How to Get Better at Snowboarding

Some people are naturally gifted at snowboarding. If you have experience with other types of boardsports like skateboarding or surfing, you might pick it up quite quickly because a lot of the balance and technique needed for those sports also apply to snowboarding.

If you’re new to snowboarding and have never done a similar activity, it can take you a while to get a good feel for it. Either way, the key to improving is practice.

The only real way to get better is to spend more time on the snow. The more time you spend actually snowboarding, the quicker the learning curve will be.

If you really want to learn to ride, you need to take every chance you have to get out on the snow. Even if it’s a struggle at first, the more time you put into it, the more results you will see.

How you spend your time on the snow also matters. If you only get a few runs in before you take a break in the lodge, you aren’t going to progress as quickly as if you spend every minute you possibly can on the mountain.

For most people, the more runs you get, the quicker you will learn.

Factors in Learning

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are some key aspects that will influence how quickly you learn. Some of these are subtle and some are quite important.

Each rider learns at their own pace, but focusing on the following will get you there faster.

Your Attitude

Attitude is a big factor when it comes to learning how to snowboard.

The sport can be difficult and frustrating at first. You’re not going to be an expert on your first day, so you need to stay patient and keep your focus on the bigger goal. If you have a positive attitude, it will make the difficulties seem far less frustrating.

If you have a bad attitude, it will be much more difficult to get better.

Frustrations can quickly lead to burn out, which in turn causes you to quit. A bad attitude is a new snowboarder’s worst enemy.

Even if you’re having a bad day or are struggling to learn a new technique, you need to keep your head in a good place. Attitude is a key aspect of learning.

Your Gear

Even though you don’t need the best and most expensive gear when you’re learning, you want quality equipment that’s going to help you improve.

A good rental shop will be able to hook you up with high-quality beginner boots and a snowboard that matches your abilities. You want to be comfortable, but you also want your gear to perform well. Take some time to research solid pieces of equipment.

Your cold-weather gear is also very important. You need outerwear that is going to keep you dry and warm while you learn.

If you are too cold, it will be much harder to stay focused and motivated. Good gloves and goggles are extremely important. A warm jacket and fully waterproof snow pants go a long way as well.

Be Patient, Breakthroughs Will Come

Another factor that will determine how long it takes you to learn how to snowboard is your ability to stay patient.

You will have days where it feels like you might not be getting any better, but then you will have a day where you make a major breakthrough and things just seem to fall into place.

Both of these are necessary experiences and they are all part of the learning process.

You need to stay patient even when things aren’t going your way.

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Final Thoughts

If you really want to learn how to snowboard, I would highly recommend taking lessons with a qualified instructor.

If you can commit to a handful of lessons, they will give you the skills and technique needed to learn quickly. An instructor will also give you encouragement and advice as you ride. That is something you can then take with you as you get better.

Figuring things out on your own is important as well. If you stay patient and dedicated with a good attitude, you can learn how to snowboard in no time.

However, the exact time it takes is different for everyone. Stick with it and you will get results. Don’t give up. Once you learn how to ride, you’re in for a lifetime of fun and excitement on the snow.

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