4 Best Men’s Snowboard Gloves

Men’s Snowboard Gloves

No matter what skill level you are or the type of style you like to ride, you need to have a good pair of gloves when you snowboard. Cold fingers can ruin a great day in the snow very quickly, and gloves prevent this so you can have fun all day (and season) long. 

I’ve been a snowboarder for decades and have been a certified instructor for the last ten years. I’ve used many different gloves during that time and have seen my students use many others. 

The best men’s snowboard gloves currently out there are the Dakine Kazu Kokubo Team Excursion. These gloves are fantastic and will keep your hands warm for season after season of cold weather. 

I’ll show you a few other options in this post because there are always other choices to match the needs of different riders. I’ll review some of the best snowboard gloves for men, so you can make an informed decision on which option is best for you.

Get your paws out, and let’s get them covered. 

Who Should Get This

Snowboarding gloves are essential for anyone who is actively snowboarding or wants to get involved in the sport.

They can also be used for other types of winter sports like skiing as well. Most can even be used as standard winter gloves when you’re out for a walk or going sledding.

If you already own a decently warm and versatile pair of winter gloves or aren’t much of a winter sports fan, you might not need to pick up some gloves specifically for snowboarding.

Best Men’s Snowboard Gloves: Top Picks

I would never recommend getting a cheap pair of snowboarding gloves. You want an option that will last for a long time and provide plenty of warmth along the way. Every glove you’ll find here will do just that. 

1. Dakine Kazu Kokubo Team Excursion

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Gore-Tex waterproofing, comfortable, very warm, goat leather palm, 4-way stretch shell, hook and loop cuff closure
  • Insulation: 170g Primaloft Gold
  • Materials: Gore-Tex, nylon, goat leather, wool blend liner
  • Fit: Cuff over wrist

One of the best men’s snowboarding gloves you can get is the Dakine Kazu Kokubo Team Excursion. I love these gloves and think that just about any rider will feel the same way.

These gloves are the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and durability. You can reliably use them for any type of weather conditions, from extreme cold to warmer days, and get serious performance throughout it all. 

They are both extremely waterproof and breathable thanks to a Gore-Tex liner and a durable water repellent palm made entirely of goat leather. These two materials also add a good amount of durability and strength. 

A 4-way stretch soft shell makes the Kazu Kokubo very flexible, and you will have good dexterity when you want to strap in or grab something from your backpack without taking the gloves off. They also have a cuff closure for added warmth and comfort. 

These gloves are relatively expensive and might be out of the budget of the average rider. But they are worth it if you can afford them.   

==> You can also get it on Sun & Ski Sports or Outdoor Action.

2. Flylow Savage

  • Best for: Low Profile
  • Key features: Extremely comfortable, DWR treated cowhide, durable, limited lifetime warranty
  • Insulation: Primaloft
  • Materials: Cowhide, nylon, 
  • Fit: Over the hand, low profile

The Flylow Savage gloves are a personal favorite. I’m a big fan of lower-profile gloves when conditions allow, and they don’t get much better than these. 

You can expect serious comfort thanks to a flexible and soft cowhide construction. This material is triple-baked and then treated with a durable water repellent coating that adds extra warmth and protection from the elements. 

Ample amounts of Primaloft insulation provide warmth. They also have an impact foam on the back of the hand that traps heat and adds an element of safety against impact. 

I also really like the tight-fitting wrist cuffs. It will keep the glove in place even if you are riding hard and blocks snow and wind from getting in.

The downside is that these aren’t the best option for extremely cold days. You will probably want an option with more insulation if your hands get cold quickly.  

3. Burton Prospect

  • Best for: Budget
  • Key features: Ergonomic fit, affordable, waterproof, screen grab touchscreen palm, removable wrist leash
  • Insulation: Theracore
  • Materials: Dryride 2.0, synthetic fibers, brushed microfiber
  • Fit: Over the wrist

If you are on a budget, the Burton Prospect is a solid snowboarding glove that won’t break the bank. These are a decent set of gloves from a reliable brand, and you’ll get quality at an affordable price. 

The Prospect is made out of a Dryride 2.0 membrane that provides good waterproofing characteristics to block out snow and cold. Thermacore insulation mixed with a brushed microfiber lining increases the warmth all-around. 

The gloves also come with a Screen Grab Toughgrip palm that lets you use your smartphone or other electronic devices without taking your gloves off. A removable wrist leash is another nice feature that gives the gloves a customizable feel. 

There are some budget sacrifices made with insulation and waterproofing. These are the most durable gloves around, and you’ll be lucky to get two full seasons of use without seeing some decent wear and tear. 

4. Hestra Heli

  • Best for: Extreme Cold
  • Key features: Very warm, extremely durable, comfortable, quick-drying insulation, eagle grip design, adjustable wrist cuffs
  • Insulation: G-loft
  • Materials: Goat leather, Triton fabric, 
  • Fit: Long, over the wrist

The Hestra Heli is another one of the best snowboarding gloves available and is particularly useful if you often ride in the extreme cold. 

The gloves are made of a blend of goat leather and Triton fabric. This gives them amazing wind and waterproofing capabilities. It also makes them highly durable, and these gloves will last you for many seasons of regular use. 

G-loft insulation is another excellent feature included in the Heli. This is Hestra’s proprietary design of quick-drying insulation that will keep you warm even if you get wet. 

They are also extremely comfortable with an eagle grip design that will allow you to grip and hold anything you need to on the mountain. 

These gloves will keep you warm and comfortable without fail, but they will cost you a pretty penny. They are the most expensive option on this list. 

==> You can also get it on Backcounty or Evo or Moosejaw.

How to Choose Men’s Snowboard Gloves

Here are several factors you should consider while shopping for men’s snowboarding gloves.


An important consideration when buying snowboard gloves is their insulation. The more insulation in the glove, the warmer it will be.

Some people will want thicker gloves that keep their hands warmer, while others will prefer a lighter glove to reduce the potential of sweating. There is no right or wrong answer, and even having one of each could be a good idea.


There are various materials that snowboard gloves can be made out of, and you need to do some research on which you prefer.

Generally, they are either leather or synthetic. Leather will usually hold up to difficult weather conditions better, while synthetic materials are often more comfortable.

Additional Features

While you might think all gloves are essentially the same, there could be many additional features that specific gloves might have.

Removable liners, straps, gaiters, and even pockets for hand warmers are good examples of features to look for. Take time to think about the extra features you want most, and look for a glove that has them.

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Useful Tips and Resources

Before you head out on any snowboard adventure, you want to make sure your gloves are dry.

Putting on gloves that are still wet can often be colder and more uncomfortable than not wearing any at all.

After you return from a snowboarding trip, it’s a good idea to put your gloves in a place that will allow them to dry out safely.

Also, make sure you know how a snowboard glove is supposed to fit. If you end up buying the wrong size or kind, wearing them could be a nightmare.

If you’re not exactly sure how your snowboard gloves should fit, be sure to check out this video for some assistance.

Final Verdict

Gloves are a critical piece of snowboarding equipment. You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to getting a good pair. If you want a high-end option, the Dakine Kazu Kokubo Team Excursion is one of the best.

I always have a couple of different pairs of snowboarding gloves in my closet. I like a heavy-duty pair for cold weather days and a lower profile option when the sun is out, and conditions are warmer. 

You don’t have to get several pairs, but you can’t go wrong with any of the gloves I’ve mentioned here. They are all built to meet the needs of even the most aggressive riders.

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