Best Park Snowboard

You can technically take any snowboard into the terrain park. The halfpipe, kickers, and other features will not discriminate against or judge you based on your board.

However, if you want to truly tear it up in the park and maybe get the attention of some other riders, you need a snowboard that’s specifically made for the area.

This list will break down some of the best park snowboards to help you crush it on rails, jumps, and in the pipe.

Quick Summary

  • The Capita Defenders of Awesome is a truly amazing park board. It is beefy enough to take a beating, but also lightweight to make sure you catch just a little more air. A great option for park rats who spend most of their day perfecting tricks.
  • Another great park board that is built to be tough and playful is the GNU Forest Bailey Head Space. This board is great for riders who love to hit it hard in the park but still pursue some freestyle runs as well.
  • The Solomon Huck Knife has a true twin shape that’s ideal for the park on top of a quad camber. Aggressive and responsive, it is one of the best options for more experienced park riders.

Who Should Get This?

The boards on this list are designed for the park. They all have attributes that make them ideal for those who like to ride on rails, hit big airs, and jib all over the mountain. That being said, they are intended for riders who live for focusing on those maneuvers over other riding styles. If you want to excel in the park, any of these options will work well and allow you to push your limits as far as you’re willing to go.

If you’re a beginner or someone who only likes to go to the park from time to time, a different style of board, such as an all-mountain variety, might be better for your needs. These boards can be ridden outside of the park, but they are not intended for big-mountain or backcountry purposes.

Best Park Snowboard: What to Consider


Snowboards come in various shapes, but most fit into two distinct categories: twin or directional. A twin shape will be mostly symmetrical from tip to tail, while a true twin shape will be completely symmetrical. That is ideal for the park because it makes it much easier to ride switch. You don’t always need a true twin for a park board, but you will want to avoid directional shapes because those will limit what you’re able to do.


Profile is another important consideration when getting a park snowboard. However, it’s a bit more subjective than shape. Profile refers to a board’s shape when you look at it from the side. Rocker and camber are the two descriptive terms you need to know in relation to the profile of your board. Personal preference and your riding style also come into play here.

Boards with a lot of camber are explosive and responsive, making them great for aggressive riders who like to go huge off of kickers. Camber also allows you to generate more push and flex out of your board. A flatter board with a rockered profile is a little better for rails and can have a feel more similar to a skateboard. Most park boards incorporate elements of both rocker and camber. Experiment with different profiles to figure out what’s best for you.


Your board’s flex is also something to take into consideration. A soft board is better for beginners who are just getting a feel for what park features they like. They are also more forgiving and easier to maneuver. A stiffer board will give you more control and response, especially at high speeds. That makes them good in the pipe and for advanced riders.

There is no exact flex that works for every rider in every situation. What’s best for you comes down to preference and feel. As such, you might need to try out several different boards to figure out your ideal flex. A medium-soft flex is a good starting point to look for when getting a park snowboard.

Best Park Snowboard: Our Picks for 2020

1. Capita Defenders of Awesome

One of the best park snowboards currently on the market, the Capita Defenders of Awesome features a true twin shape perfectly suited to spinning and stopping in any direction you wish. In addition, the kevlar bound sidewalls are able to hold up to repeated rail abuse. This model also has a medium flex and a slight camber, both of which give it plenty of power and play when you need it most. This is a great park board for most riders.


  • Kevlar bound sidewalls
  • Quantum drive base
  • Medium flex
  • Responsive but playful profile


  • None, this board is awesome

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2. GNU Forest Bailey Head Space

For a versatile board that will deliver high performance in the park but can be put to use all over the mountain, check out the GNU Forest Bailey Head Space. It has an asymmetrical twin shape that will deliver a high-flying response in the park, but still has enough durability to hold up for big mountain conditions as well. The hybrid camber/rocker profile also gives you the best of both worlds in terms of control and power. This is a playful board that delivers inside the park.


  • Freestyle camber hybrid profile
  • Versatile
  • Playful and responsive
  • Magne-traction edge
  • Medium flex


  • Not a great beginners board

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3. Solomon Huck Knife

The Solomon Huck Knife is another amazing option for a park board. This one has a true twin shape with a quad camber profile that delivers unreal performance in the park whether you’re reaching for the moon or learning to land for the first time. It features an equalizer radius that makes it fun and agile while carbon stringers built into the laminate layers create additional pop. An all-around monster of a park board that’s great to ride.


  • Great park board
  • True twin shape
  • Quad camber profile
  • Equalizer radius
  • Carbon stringers


  • Aggressive so not ideal for beginners

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Useful Tips & Resources

If you ride in the park you need to make safety a big priority. Your protection should be an important factor for every style of riding, but the risks increase even more when you take to the park. Always wear a helmet and make sure landing areas are free and clear of other riders before you approach any feature. An injury can ruin a season and potentially risk your life. Always be careful no matter where you ride!

There is some basic etiquette to the terrain park that you should also know about if you don’t already. Check out this video to learn about the rules and respect that every rider should honor.

Final Words

The best way to get better in the park is to get out there and get after it. Always keep safety in mind but also remember that sometimes you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to improve. By getting your hands on one of these amazing snowboards that excel in the park, you’ll absolutely be able to enhance your skills this season.

What is your favorite snowboard trick? Have you stuck this one in the park? Let us know in the comments below!

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