4 Best Snowboard Bags With Wheels

Snowboard Bags with Wheels

A snowboard bag can go a long way towards helping you transport your gear while also keeping it safe from any possible damage from travel. A bag with wheels is a must if you pack a lot of equipment or travel often. 

I’m an avid snowboarder who has been riding for decades. I’ve traveled to many different places to pursue powder, and I’ve used a few different snowboard bags with wheels along the way. 

The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is my pick for the best snowboard bag with wheels. This is a strong, durable, and large capacity option that will meet the needs of most riders. It’s one of my favorite bags I’ve ever used.

I’ll show you a few other awesome roller bags here so you can choose an option that works for the number of boards you want to carry or your budget. 

Let’s get rolling.  

Who Should Get This

These snowboard wheelie bags are great for anyone looking to make transporting their gear and snowboard much more manageable. The wheels allow you to take the weight off your back and shoulders and roll your snowboard around instead.

If you don’t snowboard much or already have a suitable way of transporting your board and gear safely and efficiently, you might not need to purchase a dedicated snowboard bag.

Top Snowboard Bags with Wheels

Here are my top picks for the best snowboard bags with wheels:

1. Burton Wheelie Gig Bag

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: IXION skate wheel system, strong, durable, lockable zippers, fully padded, side and front handles
  • Capacity: 1 mounted + 1 unmounted/ 2 or 3 unmounted
  • Sizes: 146/156/166/181
  • Cost: $$$

The best overall snowboard bag with wheels is the Burton Wheelie Gig Bag (review). This thing is made to roll and will give you an easy way to carry all of your snowboards and gear with you, wherever your travels take you to next. 

The bag features an IXION skate wheel system that utilizes technology from skateboard design to help you have a freewheeling experience. This means you’ll get reliable performance that can roll over many different types of ground, from pavement to gravel. 

It’s made from a solid 600D polyester fabric with a tear-resistant TPE backing that gives you quality protection in all types of situations. The material does a great job as the first line of defense for your boards. 

The Wheelie also comes with a ton of storage space, which is another reason why I like it so much. You can easily fit a few unmounted boards with room to space or back an additional deck alongside your mounted setup. 

You also get an external accessory pocket for extra gear, lockable zippers for added safety, and multiple handles to help you move the bag if you are not wheeling it. 

The only drawback is that this bag is quite expensive. 

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2. Dakine Low Roller

  • Best for: The Money
  • Key features: Durable, plenty of pockets, oversized wheels, affordable, removable boot bag, lockable zipper
  • Capacity: 1 board mounted, 2 or 3 unmounted
  • Sizes: 157/165/175
  • Cost: $$

The Dakine Low Roller is another awesome bag with wheels. This is a smaller capacity option than the Wheelie, but it still has plenty of room for a few boards and all your gear. It’s also pretty affordable, which is why it’s high on the list. 

The Low Roller uses a construction of 600D polyester to provide a solid layer of protection between your boards and the world outside. This is a durable material that won’t rip or tear when you put it on an airplane. 

Even though it’s a smaller bag, you’ll still have room for one mounted board, or at least two unmounted boards stacked close to one another. It also has an exterior zipper pocket so you can stash extra gear. 

The urethane wheels are built to last and can take a beating without skipping a beat. These are oversized to give you excellent rolling over a variety of different terrains. It also comes with a lockable zipper and removable boot bag. 

This isn’t the largest capacity option on the list but is still a great roller bag. 

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3. Dakine High Roller

  • Best for: Storage
  • Key features: Lots of room, strong construction, two exterior pockets, oversized wheels, compression straps
  • Capacity: 1 mounted + 1 unmounted, 3 unmounted
  • Sizes: 165/175
  • Cost: $$$

Another great roller bag for any rider who travels a lot is the Dakine High Roller. This is similar in design and construction to the board I mentioned above but has a lot more space to store extra gear and equipment. 

The High Roller is the best bag for storage because it gives you enough room to pack a few snowboards easily. You also get a lot of pockets to help you store extra clothes, equipment, or anything else you want to bring along when you travel. 

Two exterior zip pockets give you a lot of room to stow any items you want quick access to. This bag really functions like a suitcase that also happens to store a snowboard or three. It’s awesome. 

Oversized wheels come in handy when you need to roll around the airport or get from the car to the ski lodge. They are built to withstand regular use and plenty of impacts. 

360-degree padding ensures that everything you pack with is safe and secure at all times. 

The extra room does come at a cost, and this is another expensive option. 

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4. EQ Sport Padded

  • Best for: Air Travel 
  • Key features: Very well padded, large capacity, strong construction, waterproof, smooth-rolling wheels, foldable
  • Capacity: 2 boards
  • Sizes: 158/168
  • Cost: $$$

The EQ Sport Padded snowboard bag is my recommended option for anyone who travels by plane frequently to snowboard. 

This option is well padded to keep all of your boards and gear safe from damage when you fly. It’s also made of a 600D high-density polyester fabric that is very rugged and durable. This bag is built to travel, for sure. 

Another excellent design feature is the smooth-rolling wheels taking the weight off your shoulders and onto the pavement. They are large to handle unsmooth surfaces and are also durable enough to last for years. 

The Sport also has a large capacity so you can bring plenty of other gear with you when you travel. It’s a nice size for a weeklong snowboard trip, and you can easily fill this up without worrying about items sliding around. 

It has a pretty small outside compartment, which limits what you can store there. 

How to Choose Snowboard Wheelie Bags

Keep the following factors in mind when you are shopping for good snowboard bags with wheels. 


One of your first concerns and considerations when it comes to choosing a snowboard bag is the material. The bag’s material will directly influence how durable it is and how well it protects your board. It should be strong but also relatively light.

You should also consider looking into a waterproof bag to protect your gear from potential damage.

Wheel Quality

For you to get the most out of your bag, it should have high-quality wheels. Some bags come with small wheels that will struggle in the snow, while others will easily maneuver on any terrain. Generally, larger wheels are better and come with higher quality.


While the primary role of this bag will be to carry and protect your snowboard, that’s not all that it needs to do. You likely have many other things you need with you for your snowboarding adventures, from goggles to gloves.

Finding a bag with pockets can ensure you stay organized and have a place for everything.

Useful Tips and Resources

While the wheel bag is designed to protect your gear, you also need to take time to make sure you protect it. You should keep the bag clean and make sure that it is stored and transported safely.

Be sure to also familiarize yourself with all that the bag can do before using it. Also, be sure that all of your gear is inside your bag before you leave on a trip.

If you are struggling with how to pack your snowboard bag, consider checking out this video.

My Verdict

The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is my pick for the best overall snowboard bag with wheels. This is a high-quality bag that will give you plenty of room to store a few boards and some extra gear. And the smooth-rolling wheels will allow you to travel with ease. 

Whether you need a snowboard bag with wheels for your upcoming trip, or you just want to make transporting your board easier, any of the bags mentioned above are a great option. They are high-quality, easy to use, and durable enough to take anywhere.

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