Burton Mission Review

This is my review of the Burton Mission snowboard bindings. 

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has been riding for decades. I’ve used many different types of bindings over the years and know how to assess performance and comfort accurately. I also have first-hand experience with the Mission bindings.

The Burton Mission bindings are an excellent all-around snowboard binding. They will give you quality performance in various conditions and can work for all ability levels and styles of riders. They are also very affordable. 

This post will dive into a detailed review of these bindings. I’ll show you why I think they are such a quality binding and highlight some key construction and performance attributes that make them shine. 

Bring it on. 

Burton Mission Overview

The Burton Mission is a favorite snowboard binding choice for many riders. These give you a lot of versatility in what you can do on the mountain, and they can be effectively paired with the board of your choosing. You’ll see solid results no matter what your focus is. 

Burton is well known for delivering quality and performance in all of their gear. Those characteristics are on full display with the Mission, but these also come in at a very affordable price. That’s a difference between these bindings and some other top performers. 

Versatility is made possible by a medium flex that gives you enough power and control to handle technical terrain. They are responsive and enable a quick power transfer from boot to binding to board. This makes them effective all over the mountain. 

They are also forgiving enough to give you the ability to grow and push your limits. Super-stiff bindings can hold a beginner or intermediate level rider back, but these are meant to help you develop and progress your skills. 

The bindings are also some of the most comfortable I have ever used. Burton’s Re:Flex binding system is a vital part of this comfort, and they give you a lot of cushioning without compromising performance. It’s a great combination that is readily apparent. 

The bindings are exceptionally well designed and give you reliable performance even when you put them through constant use and abuse. They are built to last and feature strong and durable construction materials that hold up under pressure. 

The design features continue to shine with the effective straps and buckles that come standard with the Mission. These allow you to get a precise fit that won’t loosen up when you ride. You can easily strap in and expect things to stay tight no matter where you ride. 

Another reason these bindings are so popular is their very affordable price. They make for a great value because they give you high-end performance and comfort at a near-budget price. This is a big reason why I give the Mission such a high ranking. 

I don’t have many negative comments about these bindings. They might not be a great option if you are an aggressive freerider who spends your days in the backcountry. Other than that, these are a good option for just about any rider. 

Detailed Review

The Burton Mission is a superb snowboard binding. They are versatile enough to work with all ability levels and styles of riders while offering superior performance and comfort characteristics. The benefits continue with their affordable price tag. 


The Mission is an all-around good choice for a binding. They can give you above-average performance in a range of conditions and are built to adapt to any style or riding preferences that you might have. 

Mount these on your favorite all-mountain board, and you can take advantage of everything that comes your way. They have a medium flex that will directly translate into increased all-mountain performance that will extend your range. 

If you are a more aggressive rider, the bindings are still stiff enough to provide an adequate response and power transfer on more technical terrain. They might not be a focused freeride binding, but they will work when the conditions get gnarly. 

If freestyle riding is your thing, the Mission will also shine. They are forgiving enough to allow for a playful nature when you want to venture into the terrain park. Plenty of cushioning will also come in hand when you go big and need a soft landing on the other side. 

I also like the Mission because their versatility allows them to be effective for all ability levels. These bindings will help you grow as a rider and work with you to improve your skills. 

The Mission does lack some stiffness that expert-level riders might seek. The same features that make them highly versatile can limit effective response if you are charging hard down tricky terrain.  


These are some of the most comfortable snowboard bindings that I have ever used, and I’ve heard many other riders say the same thing. They won’t cause any foot fatigue or awkward position issues and enable you to ride all day long without worry. 

They feature Burton’s Re:Flex binding system, a unique and innovative design that intends to boost comfort alongside performance. This system includes a minimal base plate that reduces the binding weight to create a natural flex and feel. 

Cushioning is another essential aspect of binding comfort, and the Mission stands out in this regard. They come with a FullBED cushioning system that sits on top of the footplate and reduce impacts and vibrations as you ride. 

You’ll also get plenty of support and flex out of the highback. No matter how you have the bindings set up, the single-component construction makes for a stable and secure experience that extends comfort up to your leg. 

Another cool feature that caters to rider comfort is a zero-lean canted highback engineered to match your legs’ natural bend. This allows you to stand and ride naturally without worrying about if your gear is holding you back.    


The Mission also has plenty of features that increase adjustability and allow you to dial in the perfect setup to match your needs on the mountain. They almost have a customized feel, which is impressive for such a cheap binding. 

The straps are all well constructed and built to hold your foot into place securely. A Reactsrap construction is designed to match the shape of your boots for a firm and stable grip that stays in place when you ride. 

The toe strap features a Supergrip Capstrap that keeps things minimal while also delivering superior foothold and security. This strap is easy to adjust, and you can get things dialed just right in a matter of seconds. 

There is also a flex slider feature that allows you to make quick work of strapping into and out of the bindings. This allows the strap to slightly flex so you can easily pull up with your gloves on. 

Smooth Glide buckles are also included on all of the straps. These ratchet-style buckles are incredibly effective. They will stay in place securely once you have them pulled tight and are made of durable material that will last.  


Another one of the most significant selling points with the Mission is their affordable price. These are almost budget bindings that give you the performance and comfort of models that cost nearly double. 

That makes them an excellent value that I would recommend to virtually any snowboarder. They are versatile, well constructed, and extremely comfortable. Combine all that with the low price, and it’s a winning situation. 

If you want a versatile and effective binding but don’t want to pay top dollar, the Mission is one of the best options around. These can last you for years and help you develop new skills. They can also work on many different types of boards. 

If you are a backcountry rider with high-level performance demands, these will probably fall short. They just aren’t stiff enough to give you tremendous levels of power transfer and response. 

The Alternatives

The Burton Mission are some of the best snowboard bindings out there, but that doesn’t mean they are your only option. Check out some of these recommended alternatives if you want to make an informed buying decision. 

1. Burton Genesis

These are some of the highest performance bindings that Burton offers. They are a good option for experienced riders who want the best of the best and demand precision, response, and effective control in technical situations. 

While they are more than capable of meeting the needs of advanced riders, the Genesis also comes with a significantly higher price than the Burton. They are well-constructed and worth it; they just aren’t a budget option.

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2. Union Force

The Union Force is another excellent all-around binding that comes in at a pretty affordable price. These are a popular option with many of my friends, and I’ve used them a handful of times with great results. 

They feature an Extruded 3D aluminum heelcup for comfort and magnesium ratchets that hold up under extreme cold. These provide you with good levels of performance and comfort.

==> Read our detailed Union Force review for more.

3. Jones Mercury

If there is a rival to the comfort level of the Mission, the Jones Mercury is it. These bindings are another super comfortable and high-performance option that gives you outstanding performance in many conditions. 

They feature several tech innovations like a Control Flex highback, 3D AuxTech toe straps, and tool-free strap adjustment.  They aren’t a budget option, but you get high quality all around. 

My Verdict

The Burton Mission is one of the best all-around snowboard bindings you can find. With an amazing blend of performance, comfort, and value, these are an option that can work for just about everywhere. It’s hard to find another option that earns as high of marks in all those categories.

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I'm a certified snowboard instructor. My first experience with snowboarding occurred at an indoor resort. One run had me hooked, and it has turned into a lifelong passion ever since then. I'm here to share with you some of the tips and advice I have learned along the way.

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  • Chris

    Hey! Great review can you help me solve a debate in my head? Can you compare these to the burton cartels? 2021 – 22 models of both. I rode for years then took about 15 years off due to a knee injury.. Getting back out there thinking about the cartographer board just need help settling the binding wars… thanks a ton!! East coast all mountain rider I’d say intermediate level of skill..

    • Lorraine

      Hi Chris,

      The Burton Cartels are a solid choice for a binding, and they compare to the mission in several ways. The Mission sounds like a better choice for you, in my opinion, after reading your response here. They are better suited to intermediate riders and have more flex than what you’ll find with the stiffer Cartel.

      Especially since it sounds like you are just getting back into riding after some years away from the sport, the Mission will give you a more well-rounded performance and be a little more forgiving. If you want something that will challenge you and get you up to advanced level performance – the Cartel would do the trick.

      I hope that helps!