Burton Ruler Review

This is my review of the Burton Ruler snowboard boots.

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has been on the snow for decades. I’ve worn the Burton Ruler boots many times and see them on my students’ feet often. I have first-hand experience with how they fit, feel, and perform. 

The Ruler is a popular snowboarding boot from one of the most well-known brands in the industry. They will give you good all-around performance with a medium flex that is versatile. They are also very comfortable. 

In this post, I’ll provide you with an in-depth look at everything these boots have to offer. From the style of riding they cater to the level of comfort they offer, I’ll show you all the good and bad you can expect. 

Let’s get laced up and get out there. 

Burton Ruler Overview

The Burton Ruler is a popular and common snowboarding boot. If you take a look around on the mountain or the lift line, chances are you’ll see more than a few of these on the feet of fellow riders. They are versatile and effective for a variety of different riders. 

They have a medium flex that sits in the sweet spot for comfort and performance. They are stiff enough to give you precision and power transfer for more technical situations while still having a playful nature that comes in handy in the park or other freestyle situations. 

The flex also makes them a versatile boot that can work for many styles of riding. They aren’t a stiff freeriding boot, but they do well in just about every other condition. This makes them popular with beginner and intermediate all-mountain riders. 

The Ruler also stands out in terms of comfort. They fit and feel like a dream, and that’s an easy thing to like about a snowboarding boot. Total Comfort Construction means you can wear these boots right out of the box and be ready for everything. 

They are well-built and feature high-quality materials and innovative features that you would expect with something from Burton. A heat-moldable liner gives you a customized fit, while speed zone lacing allows you to get everything tight and secure in seconds. 

While they are very capable and comfortable, the Ruler isn’t going to win any style competitions. They look basic and plain. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as performance is much more important than looks. But I wish they looked a little cooler. 

Regardless, the Ruler makes for a good boot for a lot of riders. There is a reason why they are so popular – they get the job done and are very comfortable. They are also affordable and make for a great value boot. 

If you are looking to purchase your first set of boots or simply want an option that you know will be comfortable and capable, these are recommended. They lack high-performance in freeride terrain, but other than that are solid. 

Detailed Review

The Burton Ruler is an effective boot that can help you become or better snowboarder. They are comfortable enough to keep on all day long with a medium-flex that provides the versatility you need to get out there and explore. 


These boots are capable in a variety of on-snow situations. They make for a quality all-mountain option to pair with your one-quiver board. From the park to deep powder, these boots will offer solid performance through it all. 

I think the Ruler excels as a boot for intermediate-level riders looking to take things to the next level. Versatility is essential when developing your skillset, and these boots can allow you to handle just about anything. 

The medium flex gives you enough stability to handle pretty technical terrain. They aren’t going to provide you with the super-responsive power transfer of a stiff freeride boot, but they will give you enough rigidity to stay in control while you challenge yourself. 

At the same time, they are forgiving enough to be playful and fun in the park and other freestyle situations. They have good shock absorption and facilitate every feature and maneuver in the terrain park or half-pipe. 

The Ruler might not stand out in any one category, but they do stand out in their ability to give you quality performance all over the mountain. That’s a valuable tool for any rider.  


These boots are very comfortable. They are easy to wear and will keep your feet warm and cushioned no matter what temperature or terrain you are out riding in. 

Burton’s Total Comfort Construction sits at the center of the top-notch comfort the Ruler has to offer. This makes the boots have a broken-in feel without actually spending the time to break them in. They fit well right out of the box and are made ready to ride.

An Imprint 2 liner is heat-moldable for a customized fit that gives you plenty of support. This liner also comes with 3M Thinsulate insulation for warmth and a Velcro liner closure that adds another support element. 

The boots also come with an EVA molded footbed that helps absorb impact and keep your feet from wearing out or getting injured when you go big. This provides an effective layer of cushioning without adding very much weight at all. 

You also benefit from B3 gel in the heel that adds another layer of impact protection and shock absorption. This is especially useful for freestyle high-flyers who sometimes slam back down to earth. The gel stays soft and keeps its cushioning ability in colder temperatures.  


The Ruler boots have a lot to offer in terms of comfort and performance, but they come across as pretty bland in the style department. That’s not a massive issue for me because I like function over form, but it is something to consider. 

The boots have a traditional look that comes across as basic. The most popular colorway is the black option. It has a few red highlights and a tan toe and heel. They don’t stand out in any way but will work with many different types of outfits. 

The Speed Zone lacing also makes the boots look a little empty. Again, this doesn’t affect how they perform, but it doesn’t help them look good. I just can’t give the boots high marks with style in mind. They are a little boring. 

Additional Features

If the style isn’t essential, the Ruler has plenty of other things going on. Burton is well-known for packing on the extras in most of their gear, and this commitment to tech and innovation pays off for anyone who wears these boots. 

A 1:1 medium flex PowerUP tongue gives you a very true-to-size fit with the boot and shell. It might seem like a small thing, but getting the proper fit is the key to having a snowboard boot that will work well for your foot and match your ability. 

The boots also come with sleeping bag reflective foil that sits underneath your feet and increases warmth by deflecting body heat back up around your foot. 3M Thinsulate insulation adds another degree of warmth without adding much weight.

A DynoGRIP outsole also comes in useful when you are hiking around the resort or mountain. It’s a super-grippy material that will help limit slipping. This material also adds another layer of shock absorption and impact resistance.  


The Ruler is an affordable and effective snowboarding boot, making them an excellent value. They have an approachable price tag and performance characteristics typically found on boots that cost significantly more. 

If you are an intermediate-level rider looking for a quality all-around boot that can provide all-mountain versatility, these are a perfect choice. It’s hard to be disappointed with the blend of comfort and performance they offer.

If you are an advanced-level rider who likes to hit technical lines, these boots won’t quite live up to the task. They aren’t stiff enough to give you high-end performance. They can still make an excellent value for advanced riders; you should just know their limitations. 

The Alternatives

The Burton Ruler is a solid all-around snowboarding boot and a good option for many reasons. But it’s not the only choice you have, and all of the alternatives you’ll find below also come recommended. 

1. DC Phase

The DC Phase is another solid all-mountain boot with an even more approachable price tag than the Ruler. These boots may not be as comfortable, but if you’re on a budget, they are one of the best choices out there. 

They have a medium flex that gives you versatile performance in various situations and have a Snow Basic insole that provides decent comfort for most riders. They also look pretty dang cool. 

2. Burton Imperial

If you want similar levels of comfort and versatility but have higher expectations because you are an experienced rider, the Burton Imperial comes highly recommended. These are a great all-mountain option for intermediate and advanced riders. 

They have similar comfort levels to the Ruler thanks to Total Comfort Construction and also feature some of the same additional features of other Burton options. They just have a stiffer flex that caters more toward high-performance.

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3. Adidas Tactical ADV

The Adidas Tactical ADV is for the rider who was left unimpressed by the style of the Ruler. These give you an obviously cool look while still offering exceptional all-mountain performance. 

They are pretty expensive, so they don’t make for a great value. But if you want a boot that looks and rides awesome, these hit the mark. 

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My Verdict

The Burton Ruler is a popular all-mountain boot that will provide plenty of comfort and versatility for beginner and intermediate riders. They aren’t a high-performance option, but they make for an outstanding value.

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