Jones Mountain Twin Review

This is my review of the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard.

I’m a lifelong rider who has worked as a certified snowboarding instructor for the last decade. I’ve ridden on many different snowboards over the years, and the Mountain Twin is an easy all-mountain favorite. 

The Jones Mountain Twin is a high-end all-mountain snowboard that is more than capable in any type of terrain or condition. It gives you the perfect blend of flowing freestyle ability with a hard-charging nature that will stand up in technical lines. 

I’ll dive into details in this review and give you my first-hand opinion on how this board performs in various conditions and explain why I think it’s a terrific choice. 

Let’s get this party started. 

Jones Mountain Twin Overview

Jones isn’t entirely as well known of a brand in the snowboard industry as some other heavy hitters. But this company has been putting out quality boards for years, and the Mountain Twin represents possibly the best they have to offer.

It’s an all-mountain monster that can rip through all areas of the mountain without missing a beat. The board provides endless versatility that will allow you to go huge in the park and bomb steep and deep lines – alongside everything in between, of course. 

This is one of the most effective all-mountain boards that I’ve seen at really excelling in many different situations. Sometimes versatility means you get okay performance everywhere. With the Mountain Twin, you get exceptional performance everywhere. 

I rarely give a board a 5/5 overall rating, but I think this one deserves it. It’s fun to ride, provides you with impressive capabilities, is endlessly versatile, and lives up to all-mountain capabilities better than the competition. 

The board is also versatile in who can ride it. While it does have a stiffer flex that might keep it out of the realm of possibilities for newbies, intermediate to expert level riders can all benefit from what the Mountain Twin has to offer. 

A twin shape gives you plenty of room to explore freestyle lines in the terrain park or anywhere else you want to go huge. Aggressive flex and design elements help keep things stable and controlled when you are getting technical or pushing limits. 

Most all-mountain boards are either more focused on freestyle or freeride. It’s rare to find an option that can truly handle both at an equal level. It’s even rarer to find one that gives you outstanding performance with both of these styles in mind. 

The Jones Mountain Twin is more than recommended for any rider looking for a great all-mountain board. And seeing how every rider should have an all-mountain board in their quiver, I’m recommending this one to everyone.

It’s also a terrific value that won’t cost you a ridiculous amount of money. That’s another significant aspect of the board and makes it approachable for everyone I just recommended the board to – everyone. 

Detailed Review

The Jones Mountain Twin is a seriously solid snowboard. This is an all-mountain machine that can truly tear up terrain no matter your preference in terrain or what mother nature presents to you on any given day. 


This is one of the better performing all-mountain boards out there. It holds its own in every type of terrain and condition. You can use the Mountain Twin as your only board all winter long and not be disappointed. 

Versatility is a must for any all-mountain option worth its weight, and this board excels with that in mind. From the park to deep powder and everything in between, you will get effective performance across it all that you can rely on. 

It has a twin shape that doesn’t quite look normal. It seems like it got chopped off in the car door with a slightly rounded tip and tail. But this unique design feature helps reduce weight while increasing balance and control. 

The shape also lets you tackle freestyle runs with ease. Whether you want to spend all day in the park or just like to go huge in the air on a run or two, the Mountain Twin is more than capable on rails, features, and in the halfpipe. 

When you want to venture into more freeride-focused pursuits, you’ll be surely rewarded as well. It can stay stable and in control at high speeds and give you excellent precision and pop when you want to make technical turns. 

It also holds up in powder and gives you a floaty and bouncy feel. Powder is always fun, but some all-mountain boards cannot enhance the experience. The mountain twin can go from groomers to powder and keep you more than satisfied the entire time. 


The board is built to last, and rugged and durable construction is critical in getting amazing performance in various situations. Jones is well-known for putting out quality boards, and this one is no exception. 

A directional twin shape gives you the baseline for outstanding versatility that translates into superior performance all over the mountain. A medium-stiff flex gives you power and response while also allowing freestyle fun.

The core is made out of Paulownia and Poplar woods to give you stability and power while still being flexible and lightweight. It also utilizes a V-core design that keeps the center slightly softer to increase maneuverability with stiff ends to keep things stable. 

The board also features a progressive sidecut that helps improve performance all over the mountain. This design helps keep turning smooth and consistent, no matter what type of terrain you find yourself in. 

Traction Tech 3.0 edges are super effective and give you superior edge hold when conditions are less than ideal. This can help you turn a slippery day into another fabulous one on the mountain. The edges also use a recycled material – a nice eco-friendly touch. 

A sintered base adds durability that you can rely on, and it’s constructed out of a unique blend of polyethylene and carbon. You can expect this base to hold up well as you shred every inch of the mountain.

Additional Features

The Jones Mountain Twin also comes with some pretty outstanding additional features that are worth diving into. These all work together with other elements of its construction to give you excellent peformance. 

Much of the construction of the board is built with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind. Every Jones board uses plant-based epoxy in their construction that helps reduce oil use and carbon emission, the Mountain Twin included. 

It also comes with recycled ABS sidewalls. This plastic isn’t necessarily eco-friendly, but the fact that the company uses recycled products here is pretty sweet. A stitched fiberglass laminate helps keep everything tied together nicely. 

You also get an eco-plastic top sheet that is made from beans! You can’t eat it, but it ends up offering a very durable and scratch-resistant top layer to your snowboard. 

The Mountain Twin also comes factory de-tuned to be ready to rock as soon as you get bindings mounted. You will also get a good wax job that will be slick and sufficient to go ahead and get after it.


The Jones Mountain Twin also offers terrific value. This board is moderately priced and even cheaper than some all-mountain options with a lot less to offer. It’s not really cheap, but it’s also far from expensive. 

If you are after an all-mountain board that you know can handle anything and everything, the board is tough to beat. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to just about everyone. It’s priced right, and that makes it even more enticing. 

It’s also a very well-designed and solidly constructed option that will be durable and long-lasting. The board will easily last for many seasons and is built to take a pretty good beating without much concern.

The Alternatives

Even though I think that the Jones Mountain Twin is one of the best all-mountain snowboards you can find, there are plenty of other options to look into if it’s just not your style. All of the alternatives below are worth exploring.

1. GNU Riders Choice

This is another pretty excellent all-mountain option that will have you covered in a wide range of on-snow situations. It’s a fun board to ride that is another favorite of many intermediate and experienced level riders. 

It’s similar to the Mountain Twin because it allows you to hit freestyle lines with ease and then transition to other areas of the mountain without worry. It’s versatile and effective for many different types of riders. 

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2. Burton Custom Flying V

The Burton Custom Flying V is also an all-mountain shredder that can work well as a one-quiver option for most riders. It will give you adequate performance in various conditions, and Burton is one of the top brands in the industry in terms of reputation and customer service. 

The Custom Flying V doesn’t have as good of freestyle performance as the Mountain Twin, but you can still expect a quality ride if you want to take it into the park. It will really shine in more technical situations.

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3. Salomon Assassin

This is a solid all-mountain board for beginners. It won’t give you as good of overall performance, but it is more approachable for riders who are just learning the basics and want to get out there and explore. 

A directional twin shape enhances versatility, and the board is playful without being too limited. You can push your limits and start to explore more technical lines with this one under your feet. It’s also a more affordable option. 

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My Verdict

The Jones Mountain Twin is a great snowboard; there’s no denying that. It’s one of the best all-mountain options you can find and will give you outstanding performance and exceptional versatility. 

This board makes for a trusted one-quiver option that you can use all season long to handle everything and anything that comes your way. It’s pretty awesome.

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