Salomon Super 8 Review

This is my review of the Salmon Super 8 snowboard.

I’m a CASI-certified snowboarding instructor who has worked at ski resorts for the last ten years. I’ve had the chance to ride the Super 8 and know how it performs on the mountain in various situations. 

The Salomon Super 8 is a fun and capable all-mountain board that focuses on powder and freeride situations. It can work well for more experienced riders looking for a less stiff freeride model that allows for versatility. 

In this post, I’ll provide you with an in-depth review of this board. I’ll explain why I like it, how it handles various conditions, and critical construction elements that increase overall value. I’ll also touch on a few downsides. 

On with the show. 

Salomon Super 8 Overview

The Salomon Super 8 is a capable all-mountain snowboard that excels in freeride and powder situations. It’s not the most incredible freestyle option out there but can work well for experienced riders who like to play around off-piste. 

This is a very fun board to ride if you like to chase powder and seek out untouched lines that are harder to reach. It’s not an entirely freeride-focused option, so you will still have the benefit of versatility that comes with an all-mountain board. 

It has a fairly stiff flex – well above medium but not completely stiff. That makes it a good option for experienced riders who want precision and control. It also makes the board stable at higher speeds and during more technical situations. 

The Super 8 is also an extremely fun board to carve on, and I’m pretty sure that’s how its name came about. Picture yourself making perfect figure-8 turns down a steep and deep slope of fresh powder, and you will understand what I’m talking about. 

It has a unique profile that adds to this fun and surfy feel. Backseat camber creates an amazing level of pop in your rear foot. It makes carving a dream and helps generate a little extra fun when the snow gets deep. 

As a freeride board with benefits, the Super 8 stands out. It will remain stable at higher speeds and give you quality edge control when you need to dig in and get the most out of every inch. It’s not a fantastic crud buster but can still ease you through transition zones. 

It’s not a great beginner’s board because it’s too stiff. I wouldn’t recommend it to any rider who isn’t ready to charge hard off-piste. It also has some limitations regarding freestyle riding and won’t stand out in the terrain park. 

Solomon did a great job of building the board using high-quality materials, and it will stay durable and effective through constant use. A directional shape gives you versatility, and the quadratic sidecut helps with its serious turning capabilities. 

The Super 8 is a great deal if you are looking for a freeride-focused all-mountain board that is fun to ride. It’s priced right in the middle ground of boards with similar characteristics and cheaper than some alternatives. 

Detailed Review

The Salomon Super 8 is one of my favorite models that the brand makes. It’s an effective all-mountain snowboard that delivers excellent freeride performance in a fun and easy-to-ride package. 


This board can be a solid all-mountain option and gives you versatility in a wide range of different situations. It certainly leans towards freeriding and powder riding over freestyle and is better strapped to the feet of experienced riders. 

I like how the Super 8 blends power and playfulness. That matches my riding style nearly perfectly and will give any rider who uses this board plenty of options to take advantage of the conditions you find yourself in. 

It has a stiffer flex that allows you to generate a lot of power and response. You can expect the board to obey your commands whether you are cruising down groomers or navigating some iced-out technical line. 

Its freeride characteristics also shine when you want to venture off-piste and away from the resort crowd. I don’t think I’d use this as an exclusive backcountry board, but it will have you covered when you want to explore untouched lines. 

Powder performance is also excellent here. The backseat camber profile gives you unreal carving abilities that are just a blast to experience. A good powder day is fun on any board, but the Super 8 enhances the experience to the next level. 

The downside of powder performance and freeride capabilities is that the board will fall a little short in the terrain park or other freestyle situations. Sure, you can take it into the park, but I wouldn’t expect fantastic play or response here. 


Much of the Super 8’s stand-out freeride and powder performance comes from solid construction and design. Salomon did a great job putting this board together, and it earns high marks from me with construction in mind. 

The Backseat camber profile is probably my favorite design element. This unique profile puts a lot of camber under your rear foot to help you generate large amounts of pop. It’s at the heart of the excellent powder performance and easy-to-carve nature of the board. 

A tapered directional shape is another excellent construction feature that helps the board excel in freeride situations. The tail is more tapered than the nose, which helps increase playfulness when turning and makes it extra floaty in deep snow. 

It also has a quadratic sidecut that adds a few extra curves to the shape. This increases the transitional ability while also making for very effective edge control. This blends with the tapered shape to give the Super 8 a really unique feel. 

An Aspen Select core makes for a solid starting point that keeps the board lightweight and super strong. I like Aspen wood cores in a freeride board because they tend to hold stiffness well while also shedding ounces. 

The Super 8 comes with a sintered base that is durable, fast, and helps the board navigate various terrains and conditions. It slides easily over different types of snow and effectively holds wax, so you won’t need to give it constant tune-ups.

Additional Features

This board doesn’t come with a ton of additional features. But it has a solid starting point that doesn’t need much beefing up, so I don’t think extras are necessary. Still, there are a few features worth mentioning. 

It has a Popster core profile that varies the thickness of the board throughout its length. This works with the tapered shape to better use the natural flex of the wood to your advantage. It’s another design aspect that increases how fun the Super 8 is to ride. 

Biaxial fiberglass laminates help create even flex across both directions of the board. This allows you to have reliable performance that you can count on when conditions get harry or challenge yourself with an aggressive freeride line. 

The Super 8 also has a Damplifier tip that’s made of cork. This helps reduce vibrations and leads to a stable ride when you are up to higher speeds. It helps eliminate chatter and gives the board added strength with more flex. 

I also like the durability and strength that come from ABS sidewalls. This helps with performance but also increases the life of your board. The Super 8 can take a beating and keep rolling through anything that comes your way. 


The Salomon Super 8 is a good value for any experienced rider who wants a fun yet capable all-mountain option. It has a relatively affordable price and over-delivers with solid construction and above-average performance. 

Anyone who loves to ride powder but still wants enough power to navigate freeride lines and off-piste terrain will find the board a serious value. Its playful yet powerful nature is unique and makes for a gratifying experience. 

The board isn’t a good value for beginners due to a stiffer flex that will more than likely be too much to handle. It’s also not recommended for freestyle riders because it lacks the flex and twin shape to handle the terrain park well. 

The Super 8 isn’t an all-season one-quiver option. But it is a more than capable freeride-focused option that excels in powder. If having fun is your priority and you like hitting technical terrain, this is a good model to go with. 

The Alternatives

There are a number of quality options for all-mountain and freeride snowboards out there. Below are some of my recommended alternatives to the Salomon Super 8. 

1. Lib Tech T. Rice Pro

The T. Rice Pro is another incredible all-mountain option that has a freestyle focus. This board is capable all over the mountain and allows you to go huge in the park. It’s fun to ride and gives plenty of power and response. 

C2 hybrid camber gives you versatility with plenty of rocker underfoot and a slight camber in the tip and tail for added power. This is a board for experienced riders who like to go big. 

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2. Never Summer Ripsaw

This is a potent all-mountain ripper that has an aggressive nature that will let you charge hard anywhere and everywhere. It’s better for experienced riders but will give you reliable and powerful performance in variable conditions. 

It has a true twin shape with a stiffer flex that gives you the best of both worlds for freestyle and freeride situations. The Ripsaw also has amazing edge hold that comes in handy when conditions get hard. 

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3. Salomon Assassin

The Assassin is another quality option from Salomon. This one is a good option for beginners who want to perfect their park riding skills but not be limited to any one style. It’s a fun and forgiving all-mountain snowboard.

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My Verdict

The Salmon Super 8 is a fun and powerful all-mountain board that provides a unique riding experience in freeride and powder situations. It’s a good option for experienced riders who like to keep things playful and don’t want to spend a ton of money on an all-mountain board. 

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