Best Snowboard Boot Brands

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A good set of snowboard boots is essential for every boarder.

If you take your riding seriously and want to make the most out of every second you have in the snow, you need a great pair.

You always want to make sure your boots fit you well, provide plenty of warmth and comfort, and are able to withstand a lot of abuse.

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to snowboard boots, but not every brand is created equal.

Sure, you can find plenty of ok boots with decent performance, but if you want something special, you have to track down the best companies in the business.

This guide will help with that search by breaking down the best snowboard boot brands on the market so you only come away with great models.

1. Burton

The brand makes everything you could ever imagine, and their boots fall in line with that thanks to their premium build and solid attributes.

In addition, they have a wide variety of boots that work for any and all types of riders.

Burton makes snowboard boots for men, women, and kids. That makes them perfect if you’re looking to get the entire family geared up for the season.

Recommended options are the Photon for men and the Felix for women. Both of these come with a Boa dual dial lacing system that goes a long way in achieving customized comfort. A great option for kids is the Grom Boa.

The company has a reputation for quality. In fact, I’ve used Burton boots for many seasons of the years and they always hold up well.

The search feature on their website makes it easy to find boots and the company has great customer service. That makes it easy to return or exchange boots if you run into any issues with your pair.

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2. DC

DC is another awesome snowboard boot brand. The company makes many high-performance models that are both comfortable and strong.

DC started as a skate shoe brand before venturing into the world of snowboarding, which means they have an iconic look that many riders love.

In addition, they are always coming up with new designs and styles to offer fresh looks every new season.

I personally enjoy the look of DC snowboard boots quite a bit. They always incorporate elements of their skate shoes into their boots, which gives them a unique look that’s both subtle and cool.

By using leather in key places and always trying to innovate, DC has carved a solid niche for itself in the snowboarding boot realm. Plus, they always offer options that work well for even the most experienced riders.

For a good men’s option, check out the Scout BOA. These boots are supremely comfortable and are great for all-mountain riders.

Women boarders should take a look at the high-quality Search BOA. The brand has some options for kids as well.

3. thirtytwo

Another quality brand for snowboard boots is thirtytwo. The company has a huge selection of boots for men and women, which makes it pretty easy to find an option that works for you.

Their large inventory makes finding specific features or attributes a breeze, and you can rest assured that any boot you choose is going to provide great performance at a reasonable price.

Some thirtytwo boots can seem a little bulky but the durability, comfort, and warmth they provide more than makes up for it. I like the old-school look of the Lashed Premium boot, but riders who want a modern look are sure to love the Shifty Boa.

Whether you’re looking for an all-mountain everyday option or want something that will hold up in the backcountry or park, thirtytwo has you covered.

The company doesn’t offer kid’s boots, so you might have to look elsewhere if your groms are ready to shred. However, they do offer some smaller sizes if your kids are a bit older.

4. Salomon

Salomon is a brand that made its name in skis and ski equipment. However, they make some great snowboard gear as well.

Their boots get better and better each year, and they now have plenty of choices for both men and women riders. Their selection is fairly diverse and many of their top options rival those from snowboard specific brands.

Salomon snowboard boots have a unique look that seems a bit more sleek and athletic than similar options. That is an obvious carry-over from their days as a ski-only brand.

If you are a diehard rider and don’t want to be associated with a ski brand, these might not be for you. If you don’t mind, these boots are some of the most comfortable options around.

In particular, Salomon makes some great options for backcountry riders like the Trek S/LAB. If you are looking to venture outside of the norm and want to try a lesser-known boot brand, Salomon is well-worth looking into.

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Final Words

You don’t have to get your boots from one of the brands mentioned here. There are plenty of other choices out there that offer their own styles.

However, if you want to be sure that you get high-quality snowboard boots that have plenty of styles, the brands here are the best in the industry.

Boots are an important aspect of your setup. It’s always important to get them from a company you trust.

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