Best Places to Snowboard in Vermont

The easter regions of the US may not be as well known for big mountains and good snow as the West, but that doesn’t mean there is no place to go snowboard. Vermont is one of the top regions in the East for snowsports. 

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has been lucky enough to ride all over the world. I’ve ridden all over North America and have been to most of the major resorts in this region. 

In this post, I’ll show you some of the best places to snowboard in Vermont. If you have never been to the area before, it’s well worth exploring and offers plenty of beauty alongside quality snowboarding in the winter months. 

Time to head out and get after it. 

1. Killington

Killington is one of the top spots to ride in the entire state of Vermont. This is one of the largest resorts in the eastern US and has a well-known reputation for offering some of the best snow and terrain in the region. 

With a nickname of “The Best of the East,” Killington offers nearly 2,000 acres of rideable terrain, rivaling some of the most popular resorts in the west. The resort is made up of five different peaks, with something for every style of rider. 

The summit of Killington Peak sits at 4,241 feet above sea level, which gives you some fantastic views and allows for plenty of snow to pile up in the winter months. The resort also boasts over 3,000 feet of vertical drop for long runs.

Another reason this is one of the best places to ride in Vermont is its proximity to a major airport. It’s only about three hours away from Boston, meaning you can hop on a flight and be riding on the same day. 

There is a wide variety of terrain here that will meet the needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. The terrain is spread out, so it can take some time to navigate. Be sure to get a trail map so you can make the most of your day. 

Killington has 21 lifts that cover its five peaks. You’ll have access to every inch of terrain through these lifts. It also receives an average of 250 inches of snowfall a year, making it one of the best spots on the east coast. 

There is also plenty of lodging, food, and fun in the base areas surrounding the mountain, making it an ideal winter getaway destination.  

2. Stowe

Stowe is another one of the best places to snowboard in Vermont. This area offers classic east coast riding with some of the best technical terrains you can find in the state. If you want the most challenging riding Vermont has to offer, this is the place to be. 

Stowe has nearly 500 acres of rideable terrain. This makes it a somewhat smaller resort, but there is still plenty of room to explore. Most of the terrain is intermediate and advanced, so that helps keep the crowds down. 

The resort gets an average of 200 inches of snowfall a year. You’ll be able to enjoy quality conditions thanks to this and an extensive snowmaking operation that helps provide coverage all over the mountain. 

There are 12 main lifts here, giving you access to all of the terrain within resort boundaries. The Gondola is worth riding as it lets you explore nearly every inch of the mountain, alongside some spots that hold powder better than the rest of the mountain. 

Stowe is about an hour’s drive from Burlington, and there are several high-quality lodging options available here or more near the resort. Most of the on-mountain lodging is pretty upscale. 

3. Sugarbush

The best family-friendly place to snowboard in Vermont is Sugarbush. It has a little bit of something for every style and ability level or rider, making it an excellent option to bring the entire family so you can spread out and enjoy yourselves. 

The mountain is made up of four different peaks and two main base areas. While there is plenty of beginner terrain for newbies and kids, there is also a good amount of advanced-level terrain for more seasoned riders. 

Sugarbush has nearly 600 rideable acres and averages 250 inches of snow every winter. There are five high-speed quads and 16 total lifts that give you access to the 111 different runs spread out over the resort.

It’s not the most enormous or most technical mountain, but its variable terrain and easy access make it more than recommended. 

4. Okemo

Okemo has some of the best snowmaking of all the resorts in Vermont, making it a solid place to ride any time of the season. If you are worried about snow conditions, Okemo will almost always have coverage. 

It has over 600 rideable acres, and nearly all of this is covered by additional snowmaking. It’s a great resort in general, but knowing that you will always have plenty of snow on the ground increases its allure. 

Okemo is also close to some key transportation hubs in the northeast, making it easily accessible from several larger airports in the region. This is another reason it makes the list of best places in Vermont. 

There are 20 lifts here, giving you access to 121 trails. It gets 200 inches of annual snowfall and has 2,200 feet of vertical drop, which is good for the best in Southern Vermont. There are also some good lodging and dining options here. 

5. Bolton Valley 

Bolton Valley is a fun Vermont resort with a bit of a throwback appeal. This area hasn’t been overdeveloped, which means it often doesn’t have a big crowd. It also offers backcountry access, which is awesome for any rider hungry for powder.

The resort only has six lifts, but these give you access to a wide variety of terrain and some options to get outside of resort lines and into fresh tracks. Its smaller status also makes Bolton Valley pretty affordable compared to larger resorts in Vermont. 

The area averages over 300 inches of snow, making it one of the best locations for powder in the state. The resort gives you access to 712 different trails in-bounds and a wide range of backcountry options. 

There isn’t a lot in terms of lodging or dining at Bolton Valley. The lodges will provide you with food and a place to warm up. But this resort has the appeal of a time gone by and still comes highly recommended if you want to chase fresh snow. 

Final Thoughts

Vermont is a great place to go snowboarding. The five different resorts mentioned above are some of the best locations to ride in the state and are all worth visiting. They represent only a fraction of the areas in Vermont, so be sure to look around some more if you want more options. 

Have you ever snowboarded in Vermont? Where did you go?

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