Can You Use Candle Wax for Snowboard?

No, you cannot use candle wax on your snowboard. Candle wax is not the same as snowboarding wax and won’t provide your board with proper glide on the snow and protection for rust and other issues. 

I’ve been snowboarding for nearly my entire life, and I love everything about the sport. I also like to take care of my boards and understand the importance of wax and other essential maintenance. 

In this post, I’ll tell you why you can’t use candle wax for your snowboard while also touching on what wax you should use and why it’s so crucial for having the most fun on the snow. 

Let’s get started. 

The Importance of Wax

If you are new to snowboarding, you might think that a snowboard slides down the snow on its own. While it will slide a bit, the real key to getting top performance is a layer of wax that covers the entire bottom of the board. 

Wax serves several important purposes. It provides a thin layer that increases the board’s ability to slide effectively over the snow. It reduces the friction between the snow and the base material of your board, allowing you to slide faster down the slopes. 

Wax also helps to protect your board by blocking out moisture from the inner core. Without wax, melting water from snow can seep into the board and cause it to warp. Wax helps prevent this, so it’s a line of defense to give you good board performance. 

Why You Can’t Use Candle Wax for a Snowboard

Candle wax is not designed to be used on a snowboard. Most candles are made from beeswax or other materials that help hold a flame or prevent melting but aren’t intended to provide what you need out of snowboard wax. 

Candle wax will not give you the proper slide and glide that you need on the bottom of your board. It will rub off quickly, and this can cause damage to your board. It also won’t protect your board from moisture as snowboard-specific wax will. 

I’ve talked to some people who have tried to use candle wax on their snowboards. It didn’t go well, and I highly discourage you from trying it. While it is possible to apply candle wax to your board, it will not help you or your snowboard. 

Use Snowboard Wax

Snowboard-specific wax is the only wax you should use on your snowboard. Snowboard wax is intended for this purpose and will give you the proper slide and protection your board needs to perform well and stay dry in the core. 

There are many different brands of snowboard wax, and it’s a personal preference as to which one you want to use. You can also match a specific temperature of wax based on the conditions you’ll be riding in. 


Here are some commonly asked questions related to waxing snowboards. 

What kind of wax can I use on my snowboard?

You need to use snowboard-specific wax to wax your snowboard. This wax is available at many different online retailers and also at your local snowboarding shop. You can use a wax that matches the temperature you ride in or an all-temp wax.  

What can I use to wax my snowboard at home?

Waxing your snowboard at home isn’t that difficult if you have the right tools and equipment. You’ll need wax, an iron, a scraper, and a buffing brush. You melt the wax on your board with the iron and then scrape it until it’s smooth.  

How do you wax your snowboard with a candle? 

You don’t wax your snowboard with a candle. While this is a commonly asked question, and you might have seen a YouTube video of someone doing it, I highly discourage you from using candle wax on your snowboard. 

Can you snowboard without wax?

You won’t get very far on the snow without wax. While you might be able to slide a bit, you really aren’t going to get much glide and slide without wax. Wax helps reduce friction, and it also helps keep your board dry. 


Never use candle wax on a snowboard. While it’s technically possible, it won’t help your board slide on the snow, and you risk damaging your board or even getting injured if you try. 

Always use snowboard wax when it’s time for a new coat. It’s readily available and easy to apply. 

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