Is There Any Difference Between Ski and Snowboard Jackets?

There really isn’t any difference between ski and snowboard jackets aside from marketing. Snowboard brands make snowboard jackets, and ski brands make ski jackets. But they both are built and constructed to do the same thing – keep you warm and dry in the cold. 

I’m a lifelong snowboarder who loves everything about the sport. I’ve used many different types of cold weather equipment over the years, including both ski and snowboard jackets

This post will explain why there isn’t much difference between ski and snowboard jackets. I’ll tell you how they are essentially the same thing and are simply marketed to different people. 

Let’s get geared up and get out there.

Ski and Snowboard Jackets: The Differences

Ok, this is a question that I hear from a lot of beginner snowboards when they are getting geared up for their on-snow adventures – Is there a difference between ski and snowboard jackets? 

The answer is no, not really

They have far more similarities than differences. Then why is one called a ski jacket and one called a snowboard jacket, you ask?

Well, it’s basically all about marketing. Ski companies make ski jackets and market them to skiers. Snowboard companies make snowboard jackets and market them to snowboards. 

But any ski or snowboard jacket you see serves the same exact purpose – to keep you warm and dry in the snow and cold. 

As long as a jacket fits you how you like it and has all the features you want, it really doesn’t matter what type of jacket it is. You can wear a ski jacket as a snowboarder or a snowboard jacket as a skier. 

But there are some style and fit differences between ski and snowboard jackets. Snowboard jackets are sometimes longer or baggier because this is popular with snowboarders. But this isn’t always as true as it used to be. 

Which Type of Jacket Should You Get? 

You should get whatever jacket works best. Most snowboarders get snowboard jackets, and most skiers get ski jackets. But there are plenty of both who get both styles of jackets. It just depends on your needs and preferences. 

I have used plenty of snowboard jackets over the years. And I’ve also used a number of ski jackets. I choose a jacket based on how it fits me and the specific features I want, like warmth, durability, and comfort. 

Try different jackets on to see which one you like the most. Don’t shy away from ski jackets just because you are a snowboarder. You might leave the perfect jacket sitting on the shelf if you do that. There really isn’t a difference between the two types of jackets!  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to whether there is a difference between ski and snowboard jackets. 

Can I snowboard in a ski jacket? 

Yes, you can snowboard with no problem in a ski jacket. Ski jackets are essentially the same thing as snowboard jackets, and both will keep you warm in cold-weather situations. Just make sure to get one that fits you properly. 

How are ski jackets different? 

Ski and snowboard jackets usually come in two different styles – insulated and shell. Insulated jackets have extra material to keep you warmer in really cold weather situations. Shell jackets don’t have insulation but will still keep you dry and protected from the wind. 

Why are snowboard jackets so long? 

Long snowboard jackets are basically a style thing. Baggy jackets and pants are still a popular style choice for some riders, even though this isn’t as true as it used to be. But there are plenty of options out there if you don’t want a long jacket. 

Can you wear a regular jacket to snowboard? 

You always want to wear a waterproof jacket when you snowboard. You don’t want to wear a regular jacket made of non-waterproof material. A snowboard jacket will keep you dry and protected from wind, allowing you to ride longer.

Final Thoughts

Ski and snowboard jackets are basically the same things. You can use either of these and get the same fit and performance, no matter who the jacket is marketed to. Pick the jacket you like the most, and you’ll be just fine.   

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