Flow NX2 Hybrid Review

This is my review of the Flow NX2 Hybrid snowboarding bindings.

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor who has years of experience with many different types of equipment. I know what to look for in a good set of bindings and spoke with a few friends who have used the NX2 Hybrid on their setups. 

The NX2 Hybrid is an excellent choice for a high-performance binding to meet the needs of experienced riders. These combine a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and capability to give you the ability to tackle serious all-mountain situations. 

In this post, I’ll take a deep dive into these bindings and show you the construction and design features that make them a good choice. I’ll explain some highlights, alongside a few downsides. 

Let’s strap in and get started. 

Flow NX2 Hybrid Overview

The Flow NX2 Hybrid is a solid snowboard binding that gives you high levels of performance in a wide range of conditions. These are intended to meet the needs of experienced riders who ride hard and ride often. 

They are an all-mountain style binding and are capable nearly anywhere you want to take them. They do have some limitations in freestyle situations, mainly because they are not forgiving or playful. The NX2 is made to shred tough in more technical terrain. 

A stiff flex increases power transfer and control, which is essential for demanding conditions requiring precision. This stiffness also makes the bindings super responsive. If you want the ability to turn on a dime and watch your board obey your every command, they do just that. 

The NX2 Hybrid is a rear entry style binding, making them very easy to get into and out of at the beginning of the day or the top of the chair lift. Not every rider likes this binding style, but these may just be the best option in the category. 

In big mountain situations, these bindings will shine. They stay stable at higher speeds, and performance seems only to get better the harder you push them. I wouldn’t hesitate to strap these on a freeride or backcountry board. 

If speed is your thing, these bindings will pair well with a stiff and aggressive snowboard. You can expect excellent response and power transfer when you want to dig in for deep carves down steep slopes.

The NX2 Hybrid also has quality construction and a great design that makes them very comfortable and extends their capabilities in the snow. N-Gel cushioning gives you plenty of shock absorption, while Active Strap technology enhances convenience. 

You will pay a higher price for top-level performance, comfort, and construction. These bindings make for a good value for experienced riders who know what they are looking for but are probably too much for the average snowboarder to handle. 

Overall, the NX2 Hybrid makes for a good binding for advanced all-mountain riders who ride hard and like to tackle every challenging line that comes their way. If that sounds like you and you want rear entry bindings, these could be the perfect match. 

Detailed Review

The Flow NX2 Hybrid is a higher-end snowboard binding that will give you excellent all-mountain performance. Their innovative rear entry design and stiff flex make them a favorite model for many experienced riders. 


These bindings are ready to rip and offer high-performance levels for any rider who is up to the challenge. They are built to meet the needs of experienced snowboarders and are better suited to those with advanced and expert-level abilities. 

In technical terrain, the NX2 Hybrid stands out. These have a stiff flex that gives you outstanding power transfer and response. When the going gets tough, these bindings will keep on going. They are more than capable of living up to high standards. 

They are marketed as an all-mountain binding and have the versatility to give you quality performance in a range of conditions. Freeriding and steep conditions are the types of terrain where these bindings will always deliver.  

Don’t expect too much from them in freestyle situations. That same stiff flex that makes them great for freeriding limits what they can do in the terrain park. They are not forgiving or playful, and that aggressiveness is best in big mountain terrain. 

At higher speeds, the NX2 Hybrid will give you fantastic response and power transfer. This comes in useful when you want to turn up the throttle but keep it in control. The bindings won’t miss a beat in the speed department. 

If you have a high-performance snowboard, you really need to pair it with a high-performance set of bindings. The NX2 makes a solid choice for those riders who want to get the most out of every equipment item they own. 


In the world of snowboard bindings, sometimes you compromise performance for comfort. A stiffer flex generally leads to a more rigid feel that can take some time to get used to. 

The NX2 Hybrid isn’t the most comfortable bindings out there, but they earn high comfort marks for a high-performance option. A few innovative design features, alongside the style of binding, makes them a good choice for advanced riders who want a boost in comfort. 

The bindings have a layer of N-Gel cushioning in the baseplate. This material increases shock absorption to keep your feet from wearing out while also limiting vibrations and chatter when cruising at higher speeds. 

A strong and durable highback gives you plenty of support for your ankles and lower legs. Your legs and feet also benefit from an ATM.8 support panel, also built into the highback, that keeps the stiff response while maintaining a degree of flexibility. 

The canted BankBeds on the baseplate are another feature that helps increase the comfort and fit of the NX2 Hybrid. This also increases performance levels, but the slight angle gives you a reliable fit that is easy to dial in. 

These bindings are not a true comfort binding. The stiff flex does come with a certain level of discomfort. But sometimes, you just need to grin and bear it. However, they are comfortable for a high-performance option.  


The rear-entry style of the NX2 Hybrid makes them easy to strap into and out of while also being very easy to adjust. These bindings have a convenience of adjustability that is hard to match, and this is a trademark characteristic of any Flow binding. 

They come with Active Strap Technology that makes adjustments almost automatic. When you open up the highback to strap out or free up a foot, the straps loosen up. When you flip the highback back up, the straps tighten. 

The bindings also have a Hybrid PowerStrap that connects the ankle and toe straps. This makes for another level of adjustment that most other bindings don’t offer. It helps keep your feet secure without becoming too tight. 

A Hexo toe strap keeps your feet from sliding forward and locks everything in place. This cap-style strap sits nicely over nearly any boot and has a form-fitting material that makes for a solid fit. 

Locking slap ratchets help you make minor adjustments on the fly that will stay in place when you are riding hard. These buckles also work with the rear-entry style design to offer a ton of convenience. 


The NX2 Hybrid is a high-performance binding that features quality materials and innovative design. This means that this model comes at a higher price. They can be a good value if this is the style you are after but might not be a recommended choice for the average rider. 

If you are an experienced rider who likes rear-entry style snowboarding bindings, the NX2 makes a good value. They give you excellent performance in a wide variety of conditions while also being comfortable. 

If you are a beginner or intermediate-level rider, you should spend your money on an option that will offer a little more forgiveness. These bindings are stiff and aggressive and too expensive for the average rider to get value out of. 

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The Alternatives

While the Flow NX2 Hybrid is a good binding for more experienced riders, they aren’t for everyone. Check out some of these recommended alternatives if you want to explore other options. 

1. Burton Mission

The Mission is one of Burton’s most popular binding options and is a good choice for riders who want an option that can deliver versatile performance while providing a ton of comfort along the way. 

They have a medium flex that gives you enough response to ride challenging lines while having a more forgiving nature if you are a beginner or want to explore freestyle riding. These can work for all ability levels, which is nice if you are just learning how to ride. 

==> Read our detailed review of Burton Mission to learn more.

2. Flow Fuse

The Flow Fuse is a more approachable binding for the average rider than the NX2 Hybrid. These come with a medium flex that is still responsive and effective while giving you a little more versatility – especially in freestyle situations. 

They have many of the same features as the NX2 Hybrid, including a rear-entry style design and Active Strap Technology. They also might be a better value because of the lower price and ability to work for beginner and intermediate riders. 

3. Jones Mercury

These are another recommended choice for riders looking for a high-performance binding option. They can handle technical situations with ease and deliver high levels of comfort as well. 

The Mercury does come with a pretty hefty price tag, but they are a good alternative to the NX2 Hybrid if you want a strap-in style of binding rather than a rear-entry model. 

My Verdict

The Flow NX2 Hybrid is a good choice for any experienced rider who wants a high-performance option that offers exceptional response, control, and comfort. They are not suitable for beginners or any boarder on a budget.

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