How Much is a Snowboard?

Owning a snowboard is exciting for any rider. If you are thinking about purchasing a board for the first time, you probably are wondering how much it will cost and what to look for when buying. 

I’ve been snowboarding for nearly my entire life. I’ve purchased dozens of boards over the years, and I have plenty of firsthand experience with how much they cost. 

In this article, we will look at how much a snowboard costs. I’ll show you a range of prices you can expect and some other valuable tips to help you figure out how to make an informed purchase.

Let’s dive in.

Initial Considerations

If you are looking into purchasing your first snowboard, congratulations! 

Welcome to the club, and I hope you find exactly what you are looking for. I want to share some initial considerations about buying a board before we dive into the details. 

When you are looking at prices for a snowboard, these usually are just for the board. You’ll also need to pay for bindings and boots to complete your setup. On top of that, you’ll also need the essential warm weather gear to stay comfortable when you ride. 

In this post, we will just look at how much a board costs. If you want to look at how much it costs to go snowboarding in general, check out this post on that topic.

How Much is a Snowboard? 

New snowboards can range in cost from about $300 to $800 or more. Generally, you can find a pretty high-quality board for $500 or less. If you are just getting started and want a basic, affordable board, you can expect to pay near the low end of about $300. 

Snowboards from more prominent brands are usually a little more affordable than lesser-known brands. That doesn’t mean that they are of lesser quality. It just means that the bigger brands can keep costs down because they sell more boards.

Burton, for example, has a wide variety of options in the $300-500 range. A similar model from a smaller brand could cost you more like $500-800. Just keep in mind that the smaller brand generally needs your business more than the larger brand. 

I’ve found quality snowboards at nearly every price range on the spectrum. One of my favorite snowboards of all time only cost me about $350. I’ve also spent almost $1000 on a board and have been very happy with it. 

Buying used is an option that I’ll look at below as well. It’s a good way to find a quality board at a very reasonable price. Plus, you can often haggle down the cost to make things even more affordable.

What to Consider When Buying a Board

There are a few essential things to keep in mind when you are buying a board. You want to make sure you get a model that meets your needs and preferences with your riding style and ability level in mind. 

You’ll want to consider things such as the length, width, flex, and shape of the board. These all come into play with how a board will perform on the mountain. Different shapes are for different styles of riding, and the flex can help match your ability level.   

Don’t buy a board based on looks alone. We all want a snowboard that looks cool, but looks don’t tell you anything about how it will ride. Make sure you consider all of the factors that I just mentioned, alongside how it looks. 

Bindings, boots, and other clothing items are going to cost you money as well. You’ll need to get your board mounted with bindings before you can ride, and you’ll need good boots to strap into the bindings. If you are making a budget, keep these additional expenses in mind. 

Buying a Used Snowboard

If you are on a tight budget, buying a used snowboard can be an excellent way to save some money and get a quality board. Often, you can score a great board at a fraction of the price that it would cost brand new. 

You also need to be careful when buying a used board because pictures can be deceiving, and it may have damage that compromises the board’s performance or construction. Always look at a used board in person before buying it to make sure it’s in good condition. 

If I’m shopping for a used board, I like to look at Craiglist in the town or resort that I’ll be visiting. Some avid riders get a new board every year and then sell their old one. You can get a sweet board at a sweet price this way. 

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You can also check with snowboard retailers or rental shops because sometimes they sell used inventory at a very reasonable price. Watch for sales on new equipment here as well. There are always deals out there if you keep your eyes open for them.     


Here are a few quick answers to some common questions relating to how much a snowboard costs. 

What’s a good price for a snowboard?

You can get a brand new board of high quality for $500 or less. The low end of a new board will be around $300, and top-of-the-line models can cost $800 or more. You can also save some money by purchasing a used board. 

How expensive is it to start snowboarding?

Snowboarding can get pretty expensive. When you factor in the cost of clothing, equipment, and lift tickets, you can easily pay a few hundred dollars a day to go riding. Getting your own equipment will cost you $1000-2000 and is a good idea if you ride often. 

Is it cheaper to ski or snowboard?

It’s usually cheaper to ski. This is because ski boots can cost quite a bit more than snowboard boots. All other costs are relatively similar when you factor in equipment, clothing, and lift tickets or passes. 

Is buying a snowboard worth it?

If you are going to ride for more than a week during the season, then I think buying a snowboard is totally worth it. Rental costs can quickly add up, and you’ll end up paying more to rent than it would cost you to purchase new. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a snowboard is very exciting, but it’s not always cheap. To get the board that is best for your style and ability, make sure to keep in mind its shape, flex, and length. Asking for help at a snowboard shop is a great way to learn about what makes a good quality board. 

You don’t need the most expensive board to have a great time on the mountain. You never know when you’ll find that special snowboard that just works for you. The more boards you try, the better you’ll be at finding those gems!

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