How to Hem Snowboarding Pants

Unless you are skilled with sewing, hemming your snowboard pants is best left for the pros. You don’t want to risk damaging your pants or ruining them with a shoddy hem job. That said, it is possible to do it yourself if you want or need to. 

I’ve been an avid snowboarder for my entire life. And I know the importance of having cold weather equipment that fits you well. I’ve never hemmed my own pants, but I did some research to develop some ideas on how to make it happen. 

This post will show you how to hem snowboarding pants. I’ll provide you with some tips to keep in mind if you want to attempt to hem the pants yourself and also tell you why you most likely should have a professional do the job for you. 

Let’s dive in. 

Can You Shorten Snowboard Pants? 

You can shorten snowboard pants, but it takes some skills and know-how. If you have never done any sewing before, you probably don’t want to try to do this yourself. Your best bet is to roll them up until they are the correct size. 

If you really want to shorten your pants and do it right, you’ll need to hem them. With a sewing machine and some skills, this isn’t that difficult of a job. But left in inexperienced hands, you can ruin your pants and need to get a new pair. 

Can You Hem Snowboard Pants? 

It is possible to hem snowboard pants. But again, this isn’t a good idea for anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing. You need the proper equipment (a sewing machine) and the skills to do the job right. 

If you want to hem your snowboard pants, the best option is always to take them into a shop that specializes in such a thing. You’ll get better results, and your pants will be in much better shape afterward than trying it yourself. 

How to Hem Snowboard Pants

Ok, if you’ve read this far and don’t want to take your pants into a shop to get them hemmed, you can try the steps below to do it at home. But remember, you are risking ruining your pants if you don’t know what you are doing. 

Step 1: Fold Up the Pants (Not the Gaiters)

The first step is to fold up your pants to the desired length—professional sewers will pin the pants in the proper location. The thing with snowboarding pants is that they might have a gaiter, which helps keep snow out of your boots. 

You don’t want to shorten this part of the pants. So be careful when you are folding up the pants so that you don’t accidentally fold up the gaiters. 

Step 2: Sew the Hem

You’ll need a sewing machine for this part or need to have a pretty heavy-duty needle and thread. Take your time to sew everything in place without making excess hemlines. You don’t want to sew more than is necessary. 

Since your snowboarding pants are waterproof, it’s a better idea to simply roll them up. Every needle or pin poke potentially damages the waterproofing and will allow snow and wind to creep into your inner layers. 

Are Snowboard Pants Supposed to Be Long? 

From a functional point of view, snowboard pants should be long enough to cover your boots but not hang down onto your board from there. If they are too long, they will drag on the ground and potentially get in your way as you ride. 

Pants that are too long can also begin to fray as they are dragged along the snow as you ride. This can damage them to a point beyond repair and is difficult to fix once it’s started. A good fit is always ideal. 

Why Are Snowboard Pants so Long? 

Some snowboard pants are really long because it’s a style thing that some riders like. Long and baggy pants were all the rage for a long time, but that’s not as common these days. You’ll still see long pants on the slopes, and that’s probably a personal choice more than anything else. 

Not every type of snowboarding pants is really long. If you are looking at buying a new pair, you can choose an option that isn’t as long if you shop around. Trying on your pants before you buy them is always a good idea. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hem Snowboard Pants? 

If you want to get your snowboard pants professionally hemmed, it will cost anywhere from $20 to $60 or more, depending on where you take them. Every semester shop will have different rates, and a specialty item like snowboard pants might cost more than other items. 

If you have a friend who knows how to sew well, that might be a good option to consider if you want to save some money. You can pay them a bit and get your pants hemmed better than you could do yourself. 

Final Thoughts

You really shouldn’t try to hem your snowboard pants. While it is possible, I don’t recommend it. I don’t have many sewing skills, but I’ve also seen my friends try to hem their pants, and they got ruined pretty quickly. 

If you really want to shorten them, take them to a professional and see what they can do. The result will be much better. Really, the best way to shorten your snowboarding pants is to get a pair that fit well in the first place.

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