How to Pack a Snowboard Bag

Packing a snowboard bag isn’t rocket science. But if you know how to pack it properly, you will save space, ensure that your equipment stays safe, and have room for everything you want to bring with you to the mountains. 

I’ve been snowboarding for decades and have had the chance to go on some incredible trips over the years. I’ve packed many snowboard bags and know through first-hand experience the best ways to do it. 

This post will explain how to pack a snowboard bag. I’ll give you some tips to maximize space and keep your equipment safe. I’ll also answer a few questions relating to the topic. 

Let’s get to it. 

Should I Keep My Snowboard in a Bag? 

Before we begin with the tips on how to pack a bag, it’s important to answer this common question:

Do you even need a bag in the first place? 

If you are traveling by plane, you definitely want a snowboard bag. A bag will keep your snowboard and bindings protected through the rigors of air travel while also serving as regular luggage to help you pack all sorts of other gear. 

If you are traveling by car, you might not want or need a snowboard bag. If the vehicle you are in has a roof rack or some other type of rack, then you won’t need a bag. If the car is packed with tons of other stuff, you still might want a bag for protection. 

How to Pack a Snowboard Bag for Air Travel

Ok, since most people use a snowboard bag for air travel, it’s important to know how to pack up your bag right. 

Step 1: Pack Your Board

The first thing you’ll want to put in your snowboard bag is your board. Open the bag completely and lay the board flat with the bindings side facing up. Some people pack the board with the bindings attached and folded down, and others take the bindings off. 

Step 2: Secure and Cushion Your Board

If there are any straps to keep your board securely in place, make sure those are tightened up and properly fastened. This will help keep all your gear in place. 

Then start packing some of your soft cold-weather gear around and on top of your board to provide some cushioning. I like to roll up my clothes and cram them between the bindings. Think of this as padding and packing at the same time.

Step 3: Pack Your Boots and Helmet

Some bags have separate compartments for your boots and helmet. Take advantage of this design if so. If not, just make sure you pack them so that the hard parts of your helmet are not in direct contact with your board. 

You can also take advantage of the empty space in your boots and helmet by stuffing softer stuff inside of them. 

Step 4: Fill It and Zip It

After you have all of your essential items in the bag, you want to make sure nothing is slipping or sliding around. So fill up the empty spaces if there are any to reduce the chance of this happening. 

After you have everything packed inside and adequately secured, zip the bag up, and you are ready for action. 

The video below has some good tips and advice on how to pack a snowboard bag. 

How Do You Pack Two Snowboards in a Bag? 

If you want to pack two snowboards in a bag, you might need to take the bindings off to make this work. You also need to make sure that you have a big enough bag to accommodate two boards. 

If you get a large enough board, you can sometimes pack them with the bindings facing each other but folded down. Just make sure to put enough soft stuff in between them not to cause damage. 

If you remove the bindings, you can stack them right on top of each other like spoons in the silverware drawer. 

Can You Put Boots in a Snowboard Bag? 

The size of the bag decides whether you can put boots inside of a snowboard bag or not. If you get a large enough bag, you should be able to pack your boots inside without any issues and still have room for other items. 

But if you get a really small bag, you probably won’t have room for your boots and will have to pack them in another piece of luggage. You can get a separate boot bag or just try to pack your boots in a duffel bag or suitcase. 

I always like to get a pretty large bag to keep everything in the same bag, my boots included. This also helps to cut down on the cost of extra bags on flights, which can start to add up pretty quickly. 

Can You Pack Clothes in Snowboard Bag?

You can definitely pack clothes in a snowboard bag. Again, the amount of extra room you’ll have depends on the size of the bag you get. But nearly every bag will have a least some extra space to pack clothes. 

If you just want to pack your winter clothes, you might not need that big of a bag. But if you want to pack all of your winter clothes, gear, and everything else you need for the trip, it’s best to get a pretty large snowboard bag. 

Check out the video below for some other good tips on properly packing a snowboard bag. 

Final Thoughts

Packing a snowboard bag is pretty straightforward. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to properly secure your board to prevent it from getting damaged. And you always want a bag that is large enough to pack all of the equipment you want and need.

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