How to Wash Snowboard Gloves

Washing your snowboarding gloves is not something that many riders think of doing. And while this doesn’t need to happen often, sometimes a good clean can help your gloves smell better and clean them up. 

I’ve been snowboarding for most of my life, and I know how important it is to have good equipment. Part of this is keeping your gear clean, and I know through first-hand experience how to do this. 

This post will show you how to wash snowboard gloves. I’ll give you some tips and tricks to do this properly and provide you with other helpful information. 

Let’s dive in.

Initial Thoughts

Gloves don’t need to be cleaned all that often. Some people never wash their snowboarding gloves, and there is nothing wrong with that. I typically only wash my gloves once or twice a year. 

Even if you don’t wash them often, it’s still a good skill to know because you don’t want to ruin them when the time comes for cleaning. It’s not a difficult task, but there are a few considerations to consider to do it right. 

Can You Put Snowboard Gloves in the Washing Machine? 

I don’t recommend putting snowboard gloves in the washing machine. It’s a much better idea to hand wash them because the heat of the washing machine can cause them to lose their waterproofing or cause other damage

If your gloves have removable liners, these are usually machine washable. But you don’t want to put gloves that have leather or other nice materials into the washer. It’s always better to be cautious with your approach to cleaning gloves.  

Can You Put Snowboarding Gloves in Dryer? 

Do not put snowboarding gloves in the dryer. This will almost always damage them and can cause shrinking or cracking that will compromise your glove’s ability to keep you warm and dry when in use on the mountain. 

You always want to air dry them. You can simply hang them on a clothesline until they are dry or put them near a gentle heat source to speed the process up a bit. But always be careful not to get them too close to the source. 

How to Wash Snowboard Gloves

Here are the steps to washing your snowboard gloves. While it’s not that difficult of a task, you do want to make sure that you clean them carefully and by hand for the best results. 

Step 1: Wipe them Clean

Take a damp rag or towel and begin by wiping your gloves clean. This is especially important if they have any built-up dirt, mud, or debris on the inside or outside parts. You don’t need to go crazy here, but just do a general wipe-up to get things clean. 

Step 2: Remove Liners (If Possible)

Next, remove the liners from your gloves if they have removable liners. This will allow you to clean all areas of the gloves more effectively. And if the liners are synthetic material, you can consider throwing them in the washing machine if needed. 

Step 3: Make a Cleaning Solution

You can either fill up a sink or bucket with lukewarm water for this step. Use a very mild soap or detergent as your cleaning agent. You don’t need a lot of soap to clean a single pair of gloves, so start slow and add more if needed. 

Step 4: Dunk the Gloves

Once the cleaning mix is ready, dunk your gloves into the water and soap. You can swirl them around a bit to make sure they get completely soaked, and that soap reaches every part. 

Rub the gloves together or use another rag to continue cleaning them up. Just give them a gentle scrub until you think they are clean enough. 

Step 5: Rinse and Wring

After you have washed them, you can rinse the gloves with clean water to get rid of all the soap. You can either use cold or lukewarm water for this part. You might need several rinses to get all the soap out. 

Once the gloves are rinsed, you can wring them out gently to get rid of excess moisture. You don’t want to squeeze them like crazy and damage anything, but if you give them a good twist, it will help them dry quicker. 

Step 6: Dry

Hang your gloves on a clothesline to air dry or put them by a mild heat source to speed up the process. Do not put them in the dryer or directly on heat. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to how to wash snowboard gloves. 

How do you clean smelly snowboard gloves?

If your gloves are really smelly, you’ll want to use soap that has a strong fragrance or cleaning power. Follow the steps mentioned here but use a bit more soap. You also might need to wash them several times to remove the odor.  

Are Burton gloves washable?

Most Burton gloves are washable. The brand has many different models, so your gloves might have a different cleaning process than others. But you should be able to clean up Burton gloves just like any other.  

How to clean inside of snowboard gloves? 

You can use a thin, soft brush, like a toothbrush, to clean the inside of snowboard gloves if you can’t fit your hands in there to wash them thoroughly. You can also soak them in soap and water and let the mixture take effect. 

Final Thoughts

Washing snowboard gloves is pretty easy, and the best route is to wash them by hand. This will help them get clean and remove any odors while also preventing your gloves from any potential damage that could occur in the washing machine and dryer.

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