How to Wrap a Snowboard for Christmas

Giving a snowboard as a gift for Christmas is one of my favorite ways to play Santa Claus. But since this is a large and somewhat awkward item, wrapping it up like a regular present under the tree can be challenging. 

I’m a lifelong snowboarder, and I’ve had many different boards over the years. I’ve received a few as gifts, and I’ve also given some away. So I know how to wrap one up to make it look nice. 

This post will show you how to wrap a snowboard for Christmas. I’ll give you some step-by-step directions and provide some tips to make the process easier. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Wrap a Snowboard

Wrapping up a snowboard isn’t that different from wrapping any other Christmas gift. The main difference is that it’s larger and has sharp edges that can be difficult to wrap if you aren’t careful. 

What you’ll need: 

Step 1: Get Your Wrapping Paper

To make the entire wrapping process easier, it’s a good idea to get a larger roll of wrapping paper. You probably aren’t going to be able to find a roll that is as long as the snowboard, so you’ll need to make several wraps. 

Choose whatever wrapping paper you like here. You might want to go with something Christmas-themed. Snowflakes would probably be a nice touch, considering it’s a winter sports-themed gift. 

Step 2: Unroll the Wrapping Paper

Take the wrapping paper and unroll it enough to cover the entire way around your board. This will be twice as wide as the board if the board doesn’t have bindings. But if you have bindings on the board, you’ll need even more paper. 

Make sure that you have the design side of the wrapping paper facing the floor, or else you’ll be wrapping it up the wrong way. 

Step 3: Wrap the Snowboard in Bubble Wrap (Optional Step)

This is an optional step, but I think it makes the entire wrapping job easier. If you don’t have bubble wrap or don’t want to bother with this step, you don’t have to. 

Simply wrap the entire snowboard in bubble wrap. You’ll need to go around the board in an angular motion to get full coverage. Or you can cut the bubble wrap as you make each wrap to save a bit of material. 

Tape the bubble wrap to itself to keep it in place in several locations as you wrap up the board. If you choose not to use bubble wrap, the wrapping paper will tear much easier on the edges and bindings of the board, so just be careful.   

Step 4: Lay the Snowboard on the Wrapping Paper

Once the wrapping paper is rolled out (and the board bubble wrapped if you did that), you can lay the bottom of the snowboard on top of it. Make sure to set the board on the paper with about 6 inches or more of excess wrapping paper on the top. 

Leaving extra material at the top allows you to fold it back for additional coverage. You’ll also want to do this when you get to the bottom. 

Step 5: Start Wrapping

Now you need to start working the wrapping paper around the board. Make one complete wrap, and then cut the paper. Make sure to leave enough extra paper so you can overlap the ends and tape them in place. 

Repeat the process of rolling out the paper and cutting it the proper length as many times as needed to cover the entire board. Make sure to tape the paper to itself and not the snowboard if you can help it. 

Step 6: Secure the Ends

Once you have the entire snowboard fully wrapped, you need to fold over the edges to get that classic gift look. There is no magic formula for this, and I’m actually not that good at it. But just take your time and try to fold the ends down and tape them in place. 

Step 7: Add Ribbons or Tags (Optional Step)

Now that the snowboard is fully wrapped, you can add ribbons or tags to make it look more decorative. You can get bows that simply stick right on top of the paper, and a To/From sticker will let you address the gift. 


Here are a few quick answers to some commonly asked questions about snowboard wraps. 

Are Snowboard wraps good? 

Snowboard wraps can give you a unique look to your board. This is a good way to customize a snowboard that you like to ride but might not like the looks of. They can also add a bit of extra durability to the board. 

How much does a snowboard wrap cost? 

Snowboard wraps can vary from about $40 to $100, depending on what type of material you choose and the wrapping service. There are many different options out there, and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

Can you vinyl wrap a snowboard? 

You can vinyl wrap a snowboard. I’ve seen some of my friends do this, and the result was pretty cool. But I’ve also seen some attempts that didn’t go very well and ended badly. Just make sure you get a good product and install it correctly.  

The video below will show you how to vinyl wrap a snowboard. 

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up a snowboard for Christmas will bring a smile to someone’s face. And if you want to make sure you do a good job of wrapping it up, make sure to follow all the steps I provided in this post.

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