Is Nidecker a Good Snowboard Brand?

Nidecker is another average snowboard brand that can be good for intermediate riders on a budget but not so good for everyone else. The brand has been around for a long time, so they do have a good reputation and solid customer service. 

I love snowboarding, and I get out in the snow as often as possible. I’ve used many different types of snowboards and equipment, and I know what to look for in a quality snowboard brand. 

This post will take a look at Nidecker. I’ll explain why I think this is an average snowboard brand and provide you with some other helpful information to learn a bit more about the company. 

Let’s dive in.

History of Nidecker

Nidecker isn’t as well-known of a brand in the snowboard industry these days, but the brand has actually been around for a really long time. This means the company has a pretty decent reputation and has stood the test of time. 

The Nidecker brand was started in Switzerland way back in 1887! But they didn’t start making snowboards for about 100 years after that. Nidecker snowboards have only been around since 1984, but that’s still longer than many snowboard brands out there. 

This was a family business for a long time and was passed down through the generations. The brand saw continued success throughout it all and has been popular with snowsports lovers worldwide for the quality of products it puts out. 

In more recent years, Nidecker has purchased many popular snowboard brands to put them all under one roof. Some names that you might recognize that are now made by Nidecker include YES, Flow, Battalion, Switchback, and Rome.

Why Nidecker is an Average Snowboard Brand

Even though Nidecker has been around for a long time, I still think that they are an average snowboard brand. This is one of those companies that seems to focus more on making profits than putting out excellent snowboards. 

That doesn’t mean that they don’t have good products to offer. It just means that the snowboards they have are pretty generic. You won’t see many seasoned riders on the mountain rocking Nidecker. 

Some of their boards can be good options for intermediate riders. They have a medium to medium-stiff flex that can help you progress once you are ready to start bombing blues and slightly more technical terrain. 

But I don’t think Nidecker has great options for beginner or advanced riders. And they don’t have any boards that really stand out in any particular way either.  Again, this all aligns with being a pretty generic snowboard brand. 

The upside of Nidecker is that the brand does keep most of its snowboards at pretty affordable prices. Larger companies can usually do this, so if you are looking for a good intermediate snowboard and are on a budget, Nidecker is worth looking into.   


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Nidecker snowboards. 

Is Nidecker a good board? 

Nidecker makes pretty average snowboards. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t as well known or respected as other top brands in the industry. If you want a decent intermediate board with medium stiffness at an affordable price, Nidecker can work. 

Where are Nidecker snowboards made? 

Nidecker snowboards are made in a place far, far away from any snow. Their factory is in Dubai. That might seem pretty strange, but it’s been the main production facility for the brand for almost ten years. 

What brands does Nidecker make? 

Nidecker makes more boards than just their namesake models. The Nidecker group also makes Flow, Rome, Switchback, Rome, Bataleon, YES, and NOW snowboards. That’s quite a few brand names under one roof. 

When did Nidecker start making snowboards? 

Nidecker has been making snowboards for a long time and started manufacturing and designing them in 1984. The brand has been around for even longer than that and was more of a ski brand before beginning to make snowboards.


Nidecker is not a top snowboard brand, even though the company has been around for a long time. They make average snowboards that can work for intermediate riders, but I don’t recommend the brand to beginner or advanced snowboarders.

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