Is Ride a Good Snowboarding Brand?

Ride makes some really great snowboards, and the brand is a favorite among hardcore riders. Their boards are known for being high-quality to deliver outstanding performance in a range of different conditions. 

I’ve been on the snow for most of my life. I’ve had the chance to use many different makes and models of boards over the years, and I have first-hand experience with Ride equipment and apparel. 

This post will take a look at Ride snowboards. I’ll give you a bit of history on the brand and tell you why or why not you might want to get one of their snowboards. 

Let’s dive in. 

Ride Snowboards History

Ride was founded in 1992 in Redmond, Washington. Initially, the brand only had four different boards to choose from, but they were all pretty popular. The brand began to build from there and soon developed a good repuation in the industry. 

A few years after putting those first boards out, Ride started to develop its apparel line. This grew ride alongside the snowboards, and Ride clothing and outerwear remain popular today. Some people even like their clothing more than their equipment.  

In 1995, Ride started making snowboard bindings. The first model the brand put out was the Preston. Ride still makes snowboard bindings today, and they are good options that deliver durability and comfort. 

Ride was recently sold to a larger company as part of a merger, but that didn’t really change much in terms of what they offer or the quality of their products. They always have been a good snowboard brand and continue to be one today. 

What Makes Ride a Good Snowboard Brand

One of the main reasons I like Ride snowboards is that they are so durable. Durability goes a long way to creating value. When you have a board you know will hold up well when you push it to the limit, you don’t mind spending money on it. 

Every Ride board that I’ve been on has lived up to that durable and rugged standard. I’ve heard the same thing from many other riders. So if you want a board that can take a beating without worrying about it, Ride boards are for you. 

Another reason Ride is a good brand is that they offer an excellent apparel line. If you want to get set up with all of your winter clothing or streetwear needs to rep an awesome brand, Ride has you covered. 

Ride also has some really good snowboard bindings that you can pair with their boards or any other models you like to ride. This makes it easy to get a one-brand setup if that’s something you want to do. 

There aren’t too many negative things to say about Ride, making them one of the top snowboard brands around. You won’t be disappointed if you get one of their boards or anything else the brand offers. 


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Ride snowboards. 

Are Ride Snowboards durable? 

Yes, Ride Snowboards are known for being really high-quality and durable. While no board is indestructible, Ride boards will deliver exceptional performance under harsh conditions. They can take a beating without missing a beat. 

Who makes Ride snowboards? 

Ride started as an independent brand but was sold about five years ago to a larger company called Kohlberg & Company. This was part of a merger that included another popular wintersports brand K2. 

Is Ride a Burton brand? 

No, Ride is not a Burton brand. Ride started out independently but has since been sold and is now under the banner of a different company. But the brand still offers board and other equipment under the Ride name. 

Are Ride bindings good? 

Ride bindings are pretty good. While I don’t think they are the best of the best, they are a good middle-of-the-pack option that delivers good performance and comfort. And there is a nice selection of Ride bindings to choose from.


Ride is a really good snowboard brand that offers excellent boards, bindings, and apparel. They have a solid reputation with serious riders, and their boards are well-known for being really durable. Ride will have your back when you want to hit the mountain hard.   

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