Never Summer Snowtrooper Review

This is my review of the Never Summer Snowtrooper snowboard.

I’m a certified snowboarding instructor with years of experience on the mountain. I’ve used many different models of boards, and I know what to look for in value and performance. 

The Snowtrooper is a solid all-mountain snowboard that gives you outstanding all-mountain capabilities. It has a good blend of design and performance features that make it versatile, alongside a high-quality construction that makes for a good value. 

I’ll show you all of my favorite aspects of the board and highlight every important feature you need to know about in this post. I recommend this board but want to give you a detailed review to see if it meets your needs as a rider. 

Let’s get after it. 

Never Summer Snowtrooper Overview

The Never Summer Snowtrooper is a pretty awesome all-mountain snowboard. The brand has a good reputation for quality and performance, and this model is one of my favorites in their lineup. It will provide riders of all abilities with versatility and fun. 

The board has a directional twin shape that adds to its versatility with a freeride focus that even highly experienced riders can appreciate. It is equally as comfortable shredding big mountain lines as it is carving up corduroy inside the resort. 

A bit of a setback stance gives it a laid-back and floaty feel in deeper snow. This is achieved without compromising any response or control, a unique feature that is very easy to get used to. This board can adapt to variable conditions with ease. 

It also has a unique profile shape that caters to all-mountain versatility. The rocker camber profile provides you with the benefits of float and power at the same time. You get rocker underfoot and in the tip and tail with camber just outside of your feet. 

The result is a board that is effective just about anywhere. It’s a true all-mountain shredder that will keep you in good company no matter where or how you like to ride. This combination of outstanding performance across it all is one of my favorite aspects here. 

The Snowtropper also comes with a medium flex, making it suitable for just about any ability level. It might not be a great true beginner option, but it can still help beginners progress rapidly by giving them a tool to push their skills to the next level. 

The board is built with exceptionally high-quality materials, and Never Summer over-delivers in this regard. A Vario Power Grip sidecut helps the board perform exceptionally well all over the place, and special laminates hold it all together for long-lasting durability. 

I think the Snowtrooper is one of the better all-mountain options out there and recommend it to just about any boarder looking for the versatility and effective performance needed to tackle anything and everything that comes your way. 

It’s not a budget option but is still relatively affordable compared to other high-end boards in the category. That makes it a solid value that earns high marks across all my ranking categories. You’ll be pleased when you strap into this on and start riding. 

Detailed Review

The Never Summer Snowtrooper falls into the upper ranks of all-mountain snowboards. It has the versatility to give you room to explore with high-performance nearly everywhere to back things up. It’s also nearly bombproof and built to last. 


This board is an authentic all-mountain machine. While some models in this category tend to lean towards one end of the spectrum – whether that’s freestyle or freeriding, the Snowtrooper can very literally do it all well. 

Another fantastic attribute of this one is that it can work for nearly every ability level of rider. With a medium flex that sits in the sweet spot of being capable yet still forgiving, newbies and seasoned veterans alike can appreciate all it has to offer. 

Intermediate and advanced level riders will like what this board can do in more technical terrain. It has the power to navigate steep lines to give you excellent edge hold and response when every turn matters and there is no room for error. 

It also has a very fun nature in deeper snow that allows you to surf and float with the best of them. You can lay back and enjoy the show on a big powder day and let the Snowtrooper slice and dice through the deep stuff. 

At higher speeds, the directional profile gives you solid control and effective edge control. It remains stable when you want to turn up the throttle while giving you the power you need to dig in and make strong maneuvers. 

The Stormtrooper also does well as a freestyle board and can be a solid option in the terrain park. It performs better in the halfpipe than as a jibbing board but will still give park rats the tools they need to shred nasty lines.  


Never Summer does a great job with the construction of their snowboarders, and the Snowtroooper features some premium materials and design elements that help it stand above the competition. 

An original rocker camber profile allows for a lot of the performance attributes that I mentioned above. Rocker in the tip, tail, and underfoot areas of the board gives you a lot of float in deeper snow, while camber outside of your feet allows you to generate power and stay in control.

It also comes with a Vario Power Grip Sidecut that increases the board’s edge hold in variable snow conditions. The result is outstanding grip and response, no matter if the conditions are ice or powder. 

The NS superlight wood core utilizes a special blend of materials to create a very light but super strong foundation. This is a feature on all of the boards in the Never Summer lineup, and it is very effective at delivering outstanding performance. 

The Snowtrooper also comes with a Durasurf sintered 4501 base. This is a very strong and durable base that holds wax well while giving you a lot of glide and speed. It’s a quality design feature that enhances everything the board can do. 

I also really like the carbon VXR laminates that are used in the board’s construction. This helps increase the torsional rigidity of the board to give you response and power in all directions without becoming too stiff. It really improves and works with the medium flex.  

Additional Features

The Snowtrooper comes with a few extras that increase its already solid foundation of performance, versatility, and value. It doesn’t have as many additional features as more prominent brand names but doesn’t necessarily need them.

An RDS 2 damping system helps to decrease vibrations and increase shock absorption. This makes the board very stable at higher speeds and allows you to dominate freeride lines or just rip down groomers with ease. 

It also comes with elastomeric underfoot stabilizers built into the binding mounting areas of the board. This adds another measure of stability and shock absorption while also increasing high-speed performance. 

The tip and tail of the board have a layer of P-tex for added protection and durability. The Snowtrooper is already built to last, but this feature increases the overall strength of the base to another level entirely.   


The Snowtrooper is a board that I highly recommend to any rider who wants a very effective all-mountain option that can deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of conditions. It’s a great value for just about anyone, and I think only a few other models rival it. 

This board is a serious value for the snowboarder who wants to explore every inch of the mountain without compromising performance. If you have ever been disappointed with an all-mountain board before, it might be time to switch to the Snowtrooper. 

This is also an exceptional value for beginners or intermediate riders who want to push their limits and have a board that can help them develop. It has the ability and versatility to help you progress, and that’s a very valuable thing. 

If you are a complete beginner, this board might be just a little too much. Its medium flex and fast nature make it a lot of fun nearly everywhere, but it can overwhelm anyone who doesn’t have the basic skills down yet.

The Alternatives

While the Never Summer Snowtrooper is easily one of the best all-mountain boards in the game, there are a few other contenders worth considering. Check out the models below for some other recommended alternatives. 

1. Never Summer Ripsaw

The Ripsaw is like the Snowtrooper’s older brother. It will give you plenty of all-mountain versatility but is a little more unforgiving and aggressive. It’s a good option for riders who want another level of performance. 

This one comes with a profile shape that helps the board excel all over the mountain and a power grip sidecut for serious edge control.

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2. Jones Mountain Twin

This is another extremely capable all-mountain board. It has a directional twin shape and a blunted tip and tail that give you versatility and effective control in a wide range of situations. 

A progressive sidecut and Traction Tech 3.0 edges combine to give you superior turning response and edge control. This is another board that can help you progress as a rider.

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3. Burton Custom Flying V

The Custom Flying V is another one of the top all-mountain boards out there. This is a solid option for beginners because it’s not as aggressive as the other alternatives mentioned here. It has a solid construction and plenty of versatility.

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My Verdict

The Never Summer Snowtrooper is one of the top all-mountain boards you can buy. It will provide you with outstanding versatility and has a design that is the perfect blend of playfulness and power. This is a model I highly recommend.

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